The books.

Good day my happy readers!

Well, I’m golden.  It’s a beauty day here… oh dear, is my Canadian showing?  *checks her clothes and tugs her shirt back down*… and I rode almost 4km on my bike AND managed to carry my bike down then back up the stairs.  Up was a challenge but hey, I got it done.  

Good on me, eh?  

Silly me, just figured out how to change my font colour.  Who knew font commands would be labelled “kitchen sink”?

And it would be nice if it STAYED that way.  *clicks button again*

Before I talk about my books let’s talk a little about the author.

As my quick ‘About Me’ blurb says I am a mother, a girlfriend, a Pagan and a writer.  And they are all on an even keel as far as general priorities go.  

I am currently 38 years old and I love my birthdays.  I love the silver streaks in my hair that mixes with the copper.  All natural thank you.  And yes, it’s silver, it sparkles. 😀 

I am also disabled.  I live with not one or two chronic health conditions but eight.  Most of them are degenerating and cause me a great deal of pain.   I don’t let that stop me from living life though, even if sometimes I have to do it vicariously through characters like my own Anna, LKH’s Anita Blake or Merry Gentry or Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan (I just finished the last book!  It was GREAT!)

Staying positive is key and I do my best.  My boyfriend, the wonderful Peter, gets me moving and now that we’re having almost summer like weather here in Southwestern Ontario we got the bicycles out and we are moving hard.  Again for him but finally for me.  I’ve been ordered to strengthen my core and joints in order to slow down the degeneration of my spine and I have to say this HURTS but I’m getting better.  Between the walking and cycling the past 4 days I’ve covered 25km or so.  And I’m loving it.

The Books:

We have three books in the works.  

  • Witch Hitlist
  • Demon Plague
  • and Ghosts Afire


Witch Hitlist has just been submitted to publishing to Firefly & Wisp Publishing.  Their auto-response says that they’ll let me know within two weeks so we should know by… *consults calendar*…April 3rd.  Cross your fingers!

In this first book we are introduced to the characters, Anna and Liam, as well as their posse.  Anna, we learn, is a Canadian Vampire, the daughter of Cain, Father/King of all the Vampires.  In the prologue she and the Wolf pack are in the astral realm for a ceremony.  They bite her and she becomes a hybrid of Vampire and Wolf.  It makes her pretty damn powerful on any realm and if she had enemies before that (and she did) they almost doubled in number then.  She makes Liam’s pack exponentially stronger as her blood and life becomes tied to theirs.  And what does that mean?
Someone tries to assassinate her, of course. 
After a two year long distance relationship, Anna finally gets to Glasgow to meet them all in person and physically consummate their bond.  No sooner does she get off the plane than someone takes a shot at her.  An actual shot!  With a bullet and everything.  This pisses everyone off (even though it amuses Anna that someone gave up trying the magick and went for the mundane attempt) and they spend half the book figuring out who it was and then a very violent fight ensues.  During the fight another problem comes up – the kidnapping of one of their Wolves, Astrid –  and that problem takes us to the end of the book and the beginning of the second.
Demon Plague brings us new territory and new enemies.  It is only half complete but so far they go to the Isle of Skye, burn down part of a castle, fight at least a half a dozen demons and are currently in Hell trying to find the source of the attacks.  See, that’s why it’s a good thing Chelle would go to Hell for her pack. 😀  There’s a Celtic Giant too.  And a bunch of very angry ghosts.  And a Faerie.   Oh!  And Liam proposes.  
Does Anna accept?  Well, you’ll have to read the book!
Ghosts Afire is still in the planning stages but it involves the clan of ghosts Anna meets while trying to pull from the Glen Coe Caldera.  A caldera is basically a volcanic cauldron that sits at the mouth of a volcano.  Usually formed when the pocket of magma  below it spews into the volcano and leaves an empty space behind.  And yes, Scotland has one, a pretty big one actually.  
Glen Coe Ballachulish, beautiful isn’t it?
The Laird of the clan allows Anna to pull from their land…or rather, magma… only if she swears to find a way to bring them to peace and allow them to finally rest.  The book revolves around the tale of the Glen Coe Massacre.  Which, I am assured, is bound to piss some people off but this is the way I am.  I get inspired, it has to be.  I haven’t worked all the details out yet and it will involved a great deal of research but I am sure of two things:  There will be violence and sex.  Two, there will be a wedding.  
Depending on how the series is received and how the writing of the third book goes, there may be more.  Right now, Highland Wolves is a trilogy and I’m not planning on anymore.
So there you have it:  summaries of each book.   While I started writing it for me and D and our friends in order to keep C & G alive in our  memories – and those people have been with me every step of the way – I love that my regular readers are hooked and pushing for more.  I love that they’re spreading it around and their encouragement means the world to me, more than I can say.  
*gets all sappy*  I love you guys!
And for some reason I can’t get the spaces between the paragraphs to stick after the list.  It’s VERY annoying.  I’ve tried fixing it 6 ways and nothing’s working.  We’ll just have to live with it for now.

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