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So today, after having cut my bike ride short because my gears are being goofy, I was at a loss as to what to write about.  I started the photography page and *almost* called it quits for the day.

I will have a poll at the end. 😀

But I gave it some thought and decided that while we wait for word from the publisher I can tell you about Anna and Liam.

Today, we’re talking about Anna.  I may go over some things we’ve discussed in previous posts.

Anna Connor, aka Princess Sadira Chalthoum, is about 34 in her current life when we meet her, though her soul is some 5, 000 years old.  She is a 5’9″ curvy girl.  Think Marilyn Monroe.  This is a woman with breasts, a waist and hips.  And she is unashamed.  Why should she be when the love of her life thinks she is sexy as hell and she turns heads in the street?  She has hair much like mine – she is based on me after all 😉 – copper and silver.  Her eyes are three colours, gold around the irises, sea green in the middle and navy blue around the rims.

She is sassy, bratty and mouthy.  She’s also intelligent, has a huge sense of humour, loves to laugh and is well read.

Anna is intense in her passions and devotions. She is driven and ferocious in her zeal to protect and defend.  She will fight to the death to protect the loved and the innocent.  It is partly because she is Cain’s daughter that she feels that way.  His laissez-faire attitude about the living affected her rebellion in her first life to such a degree that her psyche was permanently embedded within her a need to protect the living.

Perpetually positive, Anna drives everyone crazy from time to time with her constantly cheery attitude.  They don’t realize it took her years to develop and for it to be automatic.

There is, however, a core of pain in her.  A couple of years before she met Liam she had broken it off with a man she meant to marry and enter a life of permanent ownership with.  He abused her emotionally and mentally.  They are scars that don’t heal easily.  For a long time she felt that she would  never love again.  Indeed, she’d settled into a life of single-hood (though not celibacy! Anna is a very sensual person and enjoys sex to its fullest) when she met Liam.  The depth and intensity of her feelings for him shocked her to her toes.  It still does.

Anna is brilliant.  Anything she puts her mind to happens.  She pays the bills modeling for a company that sells clothes to heavier, curvier women.  Her grasp of magic and the energy around us is incomparable and she has a vast knowledge of other cultures.  She also carries all the memories of her past lives in her head.  They are sorted into filing cabinets in her mental imagery and pulled out as needed.  Five thousand years is a lot of living and it’s a lot of exposure to cultures around the world through happenstance of birth as well as travels.

As a result of all these memories, Anna is a tad absent-minded.  She pays little attention to the world around her, except when in battle (or in the bedroom).  Then her attention is hyper-sharp and she sees and hears everything that involves her fight, whether it be her enemy(s), or the things around her that could be used as weapons or the innocents involved.  Her best friends call her an absent-minded professor type.  (which is something I have in common with her *laughs*)

Anna’s Abilities:

Anna had several abilities before she was changed into a Hybrid – astral projection, bi-location (the art of being able to be conscious and in one place while astrally projecting to another), control of fire (including the creation of her own blue flame), the ability to manipulate the weather and mind-reading.

Once she was changed she was able to shift shape, her passions show beneath her skin and around her.  Anger makes fires start on her flesh (like her hands and her hair [ok, technically not  flesh]) and the angrier she gets the further away from her they start.

Finally, she can cut seam in the veil between the human realm and the astral realm, usually to her father’s home.  Small seams and so far she’s only been able to bring inanimate objects through the seams but she’s working on it.


Anna is based on me but I am not Anna.  We have similarities (and I may never share which, those who know me well know) but she is not me.  She is far more.  Fiction allows me to make her so.

I love my characters. I love that I mold the beginning of them but they leap to life in my head and begin creating themselves.  They help me create their stories and are sometimes so demanding I’d love to remove them from my head!  I write for me but I have found that bringing joy, passion, violence, angst, misery and, oh yeah, joy to other people brings me a major sense of fulfillment.  I love that my readers love the things I write.  Read on, people, read on.  And I shall continue to write.


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