The bad guys!

Good morning my lovelies!

Today I didn’t get my bike ride in again.  My lower back was seized up.  I did do a 1.2km walk but I’d much rather have ridden.  Maybe I’ll make my son get his bike from his dad’s after lunch and go riding with me.  *grins evilly*  Get his should-be-at-school butt off my couch.  

I have a long to-do list today too.  So today will be a blog about the bad guys…er… gals because that’s the mood I’m in. 😀

The Bitc…erm… Witches.

“Here we go.”  Liam turned the pages, carefully, until he reached one titled “Caer Kirra” with the subtitle “Naethar Nimhe” below it.  He looked at Anna.  “They call themselves Caer Kirra – Fortress of the Dark Lady.  We call them the Naethar Nimhe – poisonous snake.  They have hunted Wolves and other Weres for centuries, trying to take us out and shake up our power base.”

A nastier bunch of bitches you will never meet!

The triumvirate that leads the group are Gladys (High Priestess), Beatrice (Elder & Maiden) and Victoria (Elder).  None of them have last names anymore.  They’re so old they’ve forgotten.   They lead a coven that includes ten other equally dark and nefarious witches.  They all share their leaders’ desire to keep living and to do so while gaining more and more power and control over the world.

Gladys is scum.  She has no morals.  All she cares about is power.  Power in the energy form, power over the Supes, power over the humans.  She is, along with most of the rest of the Coven, close to 500 years old.  Gladys no longer cares even about the members of her Coven, except in the ways they can increase her power base.  Gladys is snarly, greedy, bossy (to the nth degree) and really has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.  And her second-in-command is quite tired of her.

Beatrice is worse in many ways.  She is hiding what she is.  She allows Gladys and Victoria to believe that they are a true triumvirate in power – three whose lives and power totally depend on one another to survive.  In truth it is she who is the greatest power.  Her shields are massive and she maintains the facade at almost any cost, through any trial.  Until she meets Anna that is.  She has been around the world, with the other two and without, multiple times and learned many ways of magic.  She has brought back many souvenirs with her, all with the potential to be evil.  (Remember, a tool is only a tool until it is placed in the hands of someone.  It is their intentions that make it evil or not.)  One such tool is the Blade of Tears, the knife she uses to attempt to kill Anna even as Anna destroys her.  


“Liam.”  Her voice was smoky and sounded as if it was coming down a tunnel.  She knelt beside him and looked at her Daughter.  One hand stroked the black and silver fur as Janelle looked Anna over.  She gasped in shock as she spied the knife.  She turned to Marcus.  “You did not tell me that it was this knife!”  Emphasis on the word ‘this’ made everyone turn to her in curiousity.

“This knife is made from one of the stones in the sweat-lodge that helped create the Earth.” She rubbed her face.  “The Apache believe that Creator made the Earth with the help of several others.  Three of his twenty-eight helpers were created in a sweat-lodge.  This knife comes from a stone that is believed to have been within it.”

Marcus frowned.  “That’s a legend.”

“Yes, but as with all things, so great was the Apache belief in it, it gave the stone power.” 

Victoria is almost sweet.  She is kind of autistic in that she does not connect to the world in the way of her peers.  Her vision is entirely that of auras.  Kind of like Geordi LeForge in Star Trek: TNG.  (Trekkie, yes.)  The spectrum of colours she sees has allowed her to work a particular kind of magic better than any others.  And it is she Anna destroys first, in a spectacular display of power.  

Marcus and Liam, unused to such displays of fury, ducked and whipped around as the fire struck the shield Anna had around them and slid past them.  It hit the ground behind them and exploded, causing a small geyser of dirt to spurt upwards and rain back down on Anna and the Wolves.  Anna turned and lifted her hand, palm up and fingers splayed wide.  She focused on Victoria. 

Her Power easily slid through Victoria’s shield and grabbed the old witch around the throat and torso.  She began to squeeze, slowly closing her fingers in a very Darth Vader move; Anna was a fan of George Lucas’s work and felt the move was the perfect outward gesture of internal power.  Victoria looked surprised at the first touch of power, more so when it began to squeeze.  The surprise slowly turned to fear as her air was cut off.  She scraped at her throat, trying to loosen the grip.  When her mouth opened, desperate to suck in air, Anna moved her power into Victoria’s mouth and nose, sliding down into her lungs and gut.

Victoria’s eyes bulged as her face turned purple.  Anna’s fingers slowly curled towards her palm.  Victoria’s scream gurgled in her throat as Beatrice and Gladys tried to cut off Anna’s power.  Nothing they did could stop the Hybrid.  Anna felt their power wash over her and she shrugged it off.  Gladys sent an electric burst up the line connecting Anna to Victoria.  Anna absorbed it as her gaze turned to the Matriarch.  Her eyes were almost black and she smiled, baring sharp teeth. 

“Damn you Hybrid!  Let her go!”

Anna’s fingers closed all the way and her power filled Victoria completely, snaking through every vein, every inch of bowel, every nerve.  It got beneath her skin, between the layers of muscle.  She invaded every bit of the old woman.  Victoria’s face was purple and the light of life was dying in her eyes.  Anna flicked her fingers open and Victoria exploded.  Bits of the old witch flew through the air, covering everyone in gore.  Gladys, Beatrice and the two Wolves stared at Anna, thoroughly shocked.

Anna wiped the thicker pieces of Victoria off her face and looked at Gladys.  “Move away from this land.  Withdraw or I will destroy you.  I have given you the opportunity to leave peacefully.  I give you one last chance to leave intact.”

Gladys responded by lifting her radio.  “Kill any Wolves you see.”  The answering crackle was almost indecipherable but it was a mix of caution, dismay and glee.  Liam and Marcus turned and started running for the house.

Anna nodded.  “So be it.” She turned and followed the Alpha and Beta, albeit more sedately.  Blue flame licked over her, Liam and Marcus, startling the other two, just long enough to clean Victoria’s remains from their bodies.

Gladys stood there, glaring at the retreating Pack members, as Beatrice started to cry.  She turned as the three slipped over the edge of the shield and smacked Beatrice across the face.  Their age reversal started to slide away as their power realized that the third of their triumvirate was gone.  Gladys gasped and tried to hold on to it.

Beatrice held a hand to her face and glowered at Gladys.  “You just had to try and kill her.”

“You know very well why!”

“Oh so the Pack gained in power, we have had a treaty with them for four hundred years!  The last Maiden tried to tell me you’d be the death of this Coven but I refused to listen.”

Gladys grabbed her by the arm.  “We’re in this now and there’s no backing out.  Don’t you want revenge for Victoria’s death?”

Beatrice plucked a piece of bone… rib?… out of her hair and tossed it to the ground.  “Oh yes.  I’ll get my revenge.”  She started forward.

My friends and most loyal readers tell me I have a bit of a violent streak.  

I don’t see it.


The Vampires

Prince Skeena Macfarlane is the Vampire in charge of all the Vampires south of Stirling and east of Falkirk. (“PRince” is a title and not indicative of gender) It isn’t so much that she’s hungry for more power but she definitely wants to keep what she has.  The arrival of the Hybrid and what it does to the power base in Glasgow, hell all of Scotland, makes her nervous.  It makes her feel threatened.  Both emotions (if you can call feeling threatened an emotion) make her angry.  In a rash move, she decides to [attempt] to remove the their to “her” territory.  

This will be a fatal mistake.  But it’s not until book two that she actually gets the balls to do anything.

Anna does thicken the plot some by telling Skeena’s second in command that she doesn’t think the Prince has much life left to live.  

Lucius the Leech (Liam’s name for him) isn’t much of a bad guy but he falls into the category because he’s opportunistic.  He follows the money or power and serves those who offer him the most.  While Cain and Anna do have ultimate control over summoning and Anna has some ability to mentally…ahh… “influence” Vampires the control doesn’t always last, largely because she doesn’t want permanent ownership of someone else’s mind.  In book one, Lucius will not openly go against Anna but that may not be reality in book two.  I haven’t decided yet.  


And that’s all folks!  

In parting, I’d like to say that it’s been 5 days since I submitted my book and I occasionally have spats of compulsively checking my email and rechecking it and then checking the junk mail – even though they’re automated response came to my inbox.  

Also, unless I write one later, to post tomorrow, there will be no blog tomorrow.  My daughter has a dance competition and I will be gone most of the day.  I will probably be too toxed to even consider writing one when I get home and will resort to watching the TLC bridal night. 😀  

Be good!


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