Photos in the Wind

So, as promised but a day late, here are the pictures I took on Friday.   A couple of them are standing shots (meaning we stopped the truck *laughs*) but the rest are taken at around 100-110kph.  My ex-husband has a lead foot. 😀

Oh but first…

O.O  Wow that came out large.  Well, Hi… this is me… I was playing with the settings on the camera and it has a ‘Self-portrait’ setting that allows you to take a picture of yourself while holding the camera.  Came out rather well, even if the look on my face is kinda goofy. 😀

Next more playing with the settings on my camera.  These count as photos in the wind because they were taken in the truck.  First up, my daughter:

(and it’s a really good thing she doesn’t read my blog or she’ll attempt to kill me in my sleep for this)

This is on ‘Magic’ setting number 6 – Punk.  There are 7 settings but I only played with two.  Going to have to try the rest, maybe on the same still life subject.   The next one is Magic setting #4 – Drawing.  And it is my ex-husband.

Pretty cool eh?   I just took pictures of my breakfast (which is pretty colourful) on all the Magic settings.  Some of them are…interesting.  Jam on a rice cake doesn’t translate well to either of the above two settings but the fish eye was great!

Onwards and upwards!

I have this thing for cupolas, turrets and clock towers.   I love them.  They come in some standard shapes sure – square and round mostly – but there are some surprising treatments in some cases.  I have to say, of the this and the next couple of pictures, I had more trouble getting my timing down at 60 than I did at 110.  Go figure.  This clock tower is, I believe, in Botsford.  I liked it for its austerity:  the straight, clean lines, the bland, unsurprising colours and, of course, the Roman numerals.

I love the architecture from the late 19th and the first half of the last century.  They wanted to impress and yet, in small towns, their resources were fairly limited.  It forced them to be creative in constraints.  (Ha!  Coined a new phrase!  Maybe it’ll catch on eh?)  This next building is town hall I think.  And it’s taken through the windshield, you’ll have to pardon the bug guts.  

Again straight, clean lines, the unsurprising colours (maybe this town had a boring streak eh?) , but then there’s the bright white, Greek revival columns and the round cupola on the top.  

My timing was WAY off here *laughs*  This is a Presbyterian church, I believe.  And I loved the top of the entrance, all castle-y.  (pretty sure that’s how they describe it in those architectural magazines and TV shows.  “Why yes, Babs, we do like the castle-y way you capped off your balconies here.”  *giggles*)

Not too many more, just the ones I like the best.  I took 20+ pictures on Friday.

We were heading towards Parks Blueberries and saw this: 

I took this through the driver’s side window, *almost* getting into Dennis’s line of sight.  It’s a slumbering fair!  Well, parts of it anyway.  Looks like a winter pasture for the rides.

Speaking of pastures… (almost)

We were driving past what I think is Sloan’s Nursery & Christmas Trees in Bothwell and I spotted a field of Christmas trees just waiting to grow up so they can be decorated.  There were acres upon acres of trees.

And, inspired partly by Mike again, I had to take this shot when I saw the building:

Shot through the window again, please ignore the bug guts.  At first glance, from this view, it looks like it’s a neglected building, falling apart from disrepair, but as we came up to the front of the building there was a truck and signs that seemed to indicate it’s still in use.  It’s a liquidation center for farm equipment, seeds and livestock.

I wanted to show how far along spring is coming here… and so quickly too… but apparently spring sprung a telephone pole!  I took another pic immediately after but overall, I like this one better.  I like the green of the winter wheat (I think) field and the way some of the trees are getting dressed for summer already while others are still starkly naked.

Two final pictures.  Both pictures we actually stopped for.  The second one my ex-husband turned around and stopped at without me even having to ask.  (I think he was having as much fun with the pictures as I was, though he’ll never admit it)

I’m still not entirely sure why this image appealed to me.  I think it was the juxtaposition of the old, slumbering woods and the gleaming technology behind it.  Maybe it’s the jumbled but crisp  lines of the trees against the sky vs the stark, straight lines of the windmill.  I think the windmills are beautiful in their own way.  They represent the turn around in thinking of the powers that be to create a better, more beautiful world for us and those who come after us.

Finally, the best for last…

I wish we could’ve gotten a better angle, I wish I had been able to get up close and personal with some of it.  But I love this house.  I love the history that whispers along each stone.  I love the sloped roof.  I love the sharp peaks warring with soft curves.  I loved the low stone wall out the back with the arched gate-less gateway that looks like something out of a horror movie graveyard.  The small white door gleaming from the side just calls to you to see what’s on the other side.  You can imagine the smells of baking bread and steaming stew.  *sighs happily*

I may or may not post a book blog today.  It depends on how the weather goes (so far, wet) because I have to start digging up the peonies before they get too big for their britches.

Be good and if you can’t be good, do share the stories!


7 thoughts on “Photos in the Wind

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  2. Ya…he`s wrong! It`s Castle-y for sure. I love that little stone house. It`s adorable, perfect for unique adventures to happen in and around. 🙂


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