The Erotica

Liam pinched and twisted lightly, pulling up to use the weight of her breasts against her.  He watched as her knees spread and her hands moved back to brace herself, opening up for him. He knew the change in position was automatic and while he cursed the man who hurt her, for this alone he thanked him. 

That’s right, my wonderful readers, today we’re talking about S-E-X.  And I’m listening to fantastic music for it too – the soundtrack for Burlesque.  If you haven’t seen the movie or heard the music you truly should.   

But first… I have hit 12 followers!  Ten blog followers (6 of which are wordpress), 5 email followers and 1 comment follower.  I’m so pleased!  Not bad for just over a week.  When I hit 100 there will be a giveaway I think.  

Now, on to the topic at hand.

As I’ve said before: I write adult fiction.  I write adult scenes.  That means that portions of my books are really quite graphic. And I run the gamut from sweet and romantic to some brutal, cold BDSM.  There are three people in particular I’d like to talk about:  Anna, Liam and Astrid.


Anna comes to Liam from a M/s relationship.  M/s means Master and slave.  She is a strong, independent woman but that doesn’t take away the need, the desire, the craving to serve.  She wants to give all of herself to Liam but finds herself incapable of it because of the pain her previous Master caused.  The damage he did lasted through a couple of years of the single life while she tried to recover and even now, two years into her relationship with the man she is meant to be with.  The man whose soul is entwined with hers and who loves her with all he is.  

Service to Anna isn’t about sex, although that’s a part of it.  Service is the doing for someone.  It’s looking after them, meeting their needs before they fully realize them.  It’s about pleasing and being pleasing.  Anna’s been craving this, needing this, but she hasn’t been able to move past her baggage.

That aside, Anna is an extremely passionate woman.  She meets Liam stroke for stroke, cums for him over and over.  She is his, his Mate, his pet and his right arm.  She wants to be able to give him all of her heart and soul.  Anything he demands of her, asks of her, she gives… except that.  

Liam looked at Anna, caressing her face with his gaze before he met her eyes.  Everything he felt for her was in his eyes and he was disappointed to see her eyes were guarded.  His arms tightened around her a bit and she settled closer as her eyes drifted to his mouth.  He lifted a hand and stroked stray hairs off her face.  Her hand rose to cover his and she nuzzled his palm.

“You can’t give me all of you, can you?”  Liam’s voice was rough with pain.  Anna shook her head mutely.  Liam captured her eyes again for a moment and then dipped his head.  Just before his mouth captured hers, he whispered, “I’ll take everything you can give me.  Then I’ll make you forget and take the rest. Someday, Anna, there will come day you will be mine in entirety.”

A challenge to be sure.  One Anna rises to.

Anna is a skilled lover.  She, (and Liam) is the reason the scenes between them are erotic.  Every touch, every caress, every thrust of hips… It’s all a dance of love and desire.  They tease as they touch, deny even as they give and take.  Anna’s orgasms are wrung from her with a growl and a scream.  Her unique physiology (as half Vampire and half Wolf) lends her an equally unique …flair.  (Man that took a long time to come up with. It’s not a talent or ability, really, it’s just something that happens.)   When she becomes aroused her skin heats up.  Yes, most of us become warmer when we’re aroused, or excited, or scared.  Anything that gets our heart racing will warm us up some.  But with Anna it’s more.  

Her core temperature sky rockets and her skin begins to glow.  It looks like flames behind vellum.  It flows and slides, slithering and weaving.  It’s sensual and sinuous to look upon.  It’s hot to the touch and if you’re not the reason she’s aroused you will be burned.  Her fire can, and will, spread to the one she’s consorting with (Liam) to protect them and include them.  It makes the whole experience far more intense and far more intimate.  


Liam is fierce in his passions, devoted in his aim to wring every last orgasm from his lover.  At the same time he wants them to be as intense as possible.  He is also addicted to Anna, to her passion, the sounds of her pleasure, the heat of her, the taste and feel of her.   

Before he met Anna he was not that into BDSM.  He knew bits and pieces, had heard of it but mostly as the stereotypes that are out there.  I’m sure you know some of them:

*It’s all about leather, whips and chains.

*Dominants are cruel and abusive.

*Subs and slaves are doormats with low self esteem.

*All female Dominants are in it for the money and the gifts.

*It’s all about getting your rocks off.

*All subs are masochists.  All Dominants are Sadists.

*BDSM is only for people who like pain.

That is only a selection of them.  As with all stereotypes there is some truth to them.  Some Dominants ARE cruel and abusive.  Some subbie types are doormats.  Of course people like to cum.  And yes, there is leather, there are whips and chains and rope too.  And there are professionals who do it for the money.

But that’s not all it is.  BDSM is as unique to each individual as the individual themselves.  You get what you give.  With BDSM (I think) it’s about learning.  Learning what you do like, what you don’t, what service means, what ownership means, what each of the symbols and toys and… there is so much to learn and Liam set about learning it all when he and Anna talked about her past relationship.  

Together they worked towards him learning how to dominate her.  They were successful in making a beginning and it is something that they are still learning together.  They are still learning how to love one another, what pleases each other.  And it is to Liam’s great joy that she is beginning to leave the baggage behind. 

He is determined to have all of Anna, she is his everything and he wants the same from her.  

That aside, he too is a skilled lover.  The pack is a close knit unit and Liam wasn’t exactly one to sleep alone.  He learned well how to please a woman, how to draw her pleasure from her until she is panting with need and begging for release.  His dominance is natural and now he is using those skills on Anna.


Astrid is a secondary character.  She is a Delta.  Fourth in command in the pack but since the Alphas, Beta and Gamma are so strong and so in command it’s a big step down.  But Astrid is also a masochistic submissive.  She serves the pack in her way.  Her position means that she protects, defends and aids.  Her need to serve is almost completely fulfilled by the pack. 

However, none of those below are strong enough, nor are those above her willing, to feed and ease the urges driven by the masochist in her.

A masochist is defined as one who is aroused by pain and/or humiliation.  I’ll take that a step further and say that a masochist is not only aroused by pain but they need it.   They crave it.  They have moments where all they can think of is the pain driven orgasm and the need to be under someone’s paddle (or whatever).  

Unfortunately, this is Astrid’s greatest weakness.  And it is that weakness that I devoted two full chapters to.  It is that weakness that drives the second half of the book.  

The club was in an old Victorian house and the only way in was down a side alley to the back door.  Astrid reached the door in a hurry.  It opened before she could knock on it and a petite girl dressed in little more than three hankies draped over strategic spots opened the door.  “Astrid!”  The girl’s face lit up at the sight of her friend.

Astrid smiled warmly. “Hi Honey, how are you?  What’s traffic like?”

Honey hugged Astrid tightly.  “Oh, girlfriend!  You should see the woman who came in a half an hour ago.  She is smokin’!  And her aura breathes Domme.”

Astrid felt things inside her twist in anticipation.  “What does she look like?  Do you know her name?”

Right there, Astrid is showing her desperation.  It has been too long for the young Wolf, something she shouldn’t have allowed to happen.

Astrid…how do I put this… Astrid is, well, see for yourself: 

Then the toes of supple black leather boots appeared in her line of sight.   Slowly, her eyes traveled up the length of the boots, paused at the knees then slid up the thighs.  She took in the deep red leather skirt then traced the curves of the corset, lingered at the cleavage and moved up onto the mouth.  The lips she was staring at curved into a mocking smile.

“Haven’t you seen a mouth before, girl?”

The sultry voice caressed Astrid’s ear and she shuddered hard, panties dampening.  Astrid lifted her eyes the rest of the way and met the deep, green eyes.  “No Ma’am.”

One slim red brow winged upwards.  “You’ve never seen a mouth before?”

Astrid blinked then blushed.  “Yes Ma’am, I have. It’s just that I’ve never seen one so…” She cut herself off, mortified.

“Speak, girl.”  The command was soft but firm.

Astrid’s gaze dropped to the floor again and she forced the words out through her embarrassment.  “One so perfect.”    Her blush deepened as the object of her lust chuckled.

“You are the one the girl at the door told me about, aren’t you, girl?”

Astrid blinked; she was surprised Honey said anything about her at all.  “Perhaps so Ma’am.  Honey likes to talk as people come in.”

The woman circled Astrid, looking her up and down.  “Well, you look tasty enough to me.  Let’s go have some fun.”  She wrapped her hand around Astrid’s upper arm and pulled her along to one of the private rooms.

Astrid is smitten, yes?

Her celibacy and need, combined with the sexy and dangerous aura of this woman, lead to Astrid’s downfall.  She goes willingly, happily to her doom. 

But the chapters following are graphic depictions of some aspects of BDSM.  There is a great deal of pain inflicted and some humiliation.  It is not for everyone.  I realize that.  However, I do believe that if you choose to pick up my book and read it then you are open minded enough to accept what you’re reading, regardless of your own views on what is sensual, sexual and arousing.  

This blog didn’t go as I had hoped and I pray it makes sense.  I’ve been exhausted and sick the last couple of days (today included).  Yesterday I was barely able to keep my eyes open, much less put together more than three words in a comprehensive way.  I spent the day sleeping and gaming.  

Today I am determined to accomplish two things:  my blog and the first half of the book I am reviewing (there will be a review of the blog up in a couple of days).  Now I’m done the one, I’m going to move to a more comfortable spot, one more conducive to reading than my desk, and work on the other.  

Enjoy your day! 😀


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