Hell… Christian? Maybe.

Okay, so here I am, fresh from scrubbing my bathroom, about to talk about Hell and how I see it in my book, and I’m in the mood for deep, sultry, country boy voices in my music.  Travis, Toby, Tim, Randy, maybe a little Alan.  Definitely some Vince; how sad it is that I only have one song by Mr. Gill.  It’s funny that this topic makes me want country ballads about deep love and special bars where everyone from the girl next door to that girl for sale comes to drink and dance.  

Maybe it’s a safe haven, hmm?  

And I have to say, housework is its own special hell.  Especially cleaning the bathroom.  The things that go on in there… *shudders*  

But it’s done now, all sparkly and, unfortunately, smelly from the cleaner.  I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities which means that I have to be really careful about the cleaners I use and how much.  So normally, spot cleaning is done.  But my Mum says that “housework is like shoveling sand – you shift some, more comes along.”  The bathroom needed a thorough scrub down this time. 

Dishes need done but that’s after blog and during Big Bang Theory.  My inner geek is totally hard up for last night’s episode – Leonard Nimoy makes an appearance as Spock!  A vocal appearance, but it counts!

Well, as my current song says:  A little less talk and a lot more action!

On to the blog:


There are so many ways Hell is written about.  Dante had his Nine Circles; Virgil talked about the glory of Rome in The Aeneid although to Aeneas, Hell was in the journey; Sartre used one another, humans without the trapping of our outer selves, to depict true Hell in his post-WWII book No Exit. 

Dante's Inferno

Me, I see Hell as a Realm unto itself.  My imagination incorporates Dante’s Circles, to a degree.  His are labeled by sin, as you can see by this picture I found on http://hewitt.wikispaces.com.  Mine is more hierarchical.  (Yeah, I am big on hierarchy *laughs*)  The deeper you go, from the outer rings into the final (nine, I like that number, thank you Dante), the stronger the Demons get, the more intense the punishments get.  I can’t say that it gets hotter because my Hell isn’t about fire and brimstone… entirely.  

My first Circle is a copy of this world but one that’s been devastated and nearly leveled by [what appears to be] war.  It’s the image of what today’s world would look like if all the Angels and Demons clashed swords and fought their war now. In an outright way, rather than through the actions of Man.  The closest commercial visual I can think of is the movie Constantine, when Keanu’s Character visit’s Hell to see what’s what with the twin sister.

The Second is a barren, dusty wasteland.  There’s nothing but Sahara-like desert for as far as anyone can see.  Winking in the sun in the distance is the gate to the next one.  A couple football fields away, or so, it’s not so easy to get to.  This Circle is special for Supernaturals.  They are stripped of everything but their humanity.   The trick is to both stay sane AND make it to the gate.    

Oh… and have I mentioned the Minotaur?  A fun little challenge thrown in for my Wolves tossed in by the Demon behind all the attacks.l

The Third is a polar opposite: “Verdant green fields rolled gently into the distance where a large tree overlooked a small cottage.”  It’s a total mindfuck among the daisies.  In the Third Circle all your worst fears come to pass.  This Circle took a LOT of thought for me.   For most Wolves, most Lycan Supes, being wholly alone is their worst fear.   But I couldn’t do that fear for both Chelle and Liam.  And for Anna that’s secondary.  It took me days to come up with challenges for each of them.  For Liam it was the loss of Anna.  For Chelle it was not only being totally alone, totally cut off, it was the destruction of the pack and her living well past that, completely alone.  And Anna… Anna is special.  For her it was the Dark tipping the scales and plunging the world and all the people on it into destruction and horrifying chaos. 

When they hit the Fourth Circle, where their nemesis resides, and are taken directly to her bower.   It’s lush, sensual, sexy.  Of course it’s a trap.

Before they even get there though, they are discussing ways to circumvent the trip:

Chelle nodded and turned to Anna.  “The Demons.  Surely we can just kill them all.”

Anna gave Chelle an incredulous look.  “Are you mad?  Do you have any idea how many demons there are?  And if we took the Dark we’d have to do the Light, then do you know what would happen?”  She was talking with her hands moving in large gestures, her voice rising, by the end of it.

Chelle looked annoyed.  “How many can there be?  We’re going into their home, let’s just kill them.”

Anna stared at her for a moment then started ticking things off on her fingers.  “The Talmud lists more than seven million demons.  Christianity has a hundred and thirty million-plus demons.  Then there are the Jinn in Islam, the Mara in Buddhism, and the Vetalas, Yakshas, Bhutas and Pishachas in the Hindu beliefs.  As far as Angels go…There are twelve Angelic orders in Christianity and there are the ones in Judaism and let’s not even get into-“

“Okay okay!  There are too many to kill.”  Chelle threw up her hands in surrender and flung herself against the back of the seat, watching Hertfordshire pass by.

Chelle is a warrior with a, sometime, barbarian view to things: Kill the enemy, be done with it.  So, to her, it makes sense to just kill the damn (haha!) things and get past this, move on with life.  She wants to fight their way to the head.

However, Anna has a point: the numbers are staggeringly high.  So, go to the source, stop the flow of power and the rest will take care of itself.   

Or a new order will take place.

In this case, cutting off the power will stop the attacks.  


So, what is your view of Hell?  What do you think awaits those who deserve to go there?  IS there a Hell?  

Me, I’m off to do more housework.  The dishes won’t wash themselves.  While the carpets may get vacuumed while I’m away, the dirt on the linoleum won’t levitate and find its way to the trash can.

Have a great day!  I think tomorrow’s blog will be about fun with macros in my photos.  😀


2 thoughts on “Hell… Christian? Maybe.

  1. You forgot Brooks and Dunn! 😛

    I’m not sure exactly what my thoughts are on hell. I guess I’d have to say I don’t believe that people go there for enternity because I believe in reincarnation.


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