Odds and Ends and Photography

Good Saturday morning my fellow readers and writers!  

Not to forget you lovers of photography! 😉

Today I have to say:

ARGH!  They STILL haven’t answered!  

Oh my Gods the wait is killing me!   I know that “you will receive an answer within two weeks” is better than “it can take us as long as 6 months to get back to you” but holy crap.  I think I could deal with that better than the compulsive email checking I’ve been doing the last few days.

Thank the Gods for getting out of the house last night!  It was my son’s last hockey game of the season and I can’t usually go to the games but I promised I’d be there last night.  So off Peter and I went.  It was a good game and, I think, it was Peter’s first non-Pro game.  He enjoyed it.   The boys tied the game at 2 and Ben played well.  Lordy he’s tall!  I mean he’s got 2 or 3 inches on me now but put him on skates and he’s over 6 feet.  I suppose that coming from tall parents it’s to be expected but I do think it’s amusing watching my ex-husband out there (coach) among all these teenage boys and being dwarfed by some of them, including his son.  

If we hadn’t left George (my laptop, yes he has a name, maybe I’ll tell you why some day) wrapped up nice and snug in his bag, I’d have been checking compulsively all night long.  Even when we got home I deliberately left him off.  That was a spend-time-with-Peter thing but it was a saving grace.

So, I wait still, even a rejection would be nice at this point.  With an explanation would be good.  I know my style isn’t for everyone but someone will see it and scoop it because they know people will love it… right?

Last night we had some weather but nothing like they promised.  It left some *nearly* frozen water droplets on the windshield of the car, just outside of the arc of the wipers.  Me, being me, I have my camera ever present and I thought this was a perfect opportunity to play with the ‘sparkle’ feature.  I took half a dozen pictures, trying to capture the drops with the light…as we were driving.  Can you imagine what the drivers of the oncoming cars thought every time the flash went off?  😀  Might’ve been a tad inconsiderate of me but I did try not to take the pics when any were too close. 

In any case, here are my favourites:

I got my timing down et voila!  Captured the street light!

And another beauty of a shot:

This was as we were coming up to our first intersection.  I wanted to capture a traffic light, to see what the different lamp would do.  Not a lot as it turns out, *points at the red*  BUT the clarity of the traffic light with its back to us is awesome.  *adopts Dharma’s (Dharma & Greg, TV show) father’s voice*  It’s far OUT, man!  Peter said it almost looks like an alien invasion, space lights and stars.  It’s a beautiful picture in an odd kind of way.  *laughs*

Now, on to my favourite macros:

Last fall we put out peanuts for the squirrels.  This spring we’re digging up the pita quartz “mulch” and found some still intact shells.  I put it on an old white sweater (one my Gramma used to wear!) and snapped a photo.  I love the detail, the mountains and valleys, the scraps of dirt.  

My bedspread was hanging on the line (we’re trying to air it out, it’s somewhat toxic.  Not easy to do just on the weekends) and we love the colours in it so it just made sense to see what happened with the macro setting.  I like the way the focus fades in and out here and there and the sunlight on the fabric.  It doesn’t look quite as gold this close up though.  

This is the inside of a Toronto Maple Leafs toque.  The colour is amazing!  Which is the same reason I took the next picture…

Purple!  LOVE the purple!  Guess what it is.  😀




Did you get it right?  hehehe   This part of the towel was more in shadow than the first part.  

Switching to the more natural elements of my life.  There are some DAMN interesting things to photograph.

I’ve been picking up rocks since I was a kid.  Kept a few, got rid of a couple metric tonnes I’m sure.  But this is one of the strangest, coolest ones I have EVER seen.  I love the fossils.  I love the lines and shapes.  I love the shadows and light.   Even the texture (and I’m a massive texture snob, I can’t help it) is phenomenal.

And speaking of texture, that’s the sand on the beach at Grand Bend.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  Peter calls it little teeny tiny bits of glass.

believe this is quartz.  It shows most of the properties of a sedimentary rock but there’s, overall, a lot of quartz in it.  (And some research shows that quartz appears in metamorphic, sedimentary, and igneous rocks. So I’m right on both counts *laughs*)

This one had an unexpected visual when I took the photo – it sparkles!  It looked like a dull, ringed stone.  I think it’s an intrusive rock but I’m not entirely sure.  

And the last picture is the most visually interesting piece of limestone I’ve seen in a long time.

Way cool eh?

Anyway, Peter’s wandering around waiting to take me for a walk so off I go.  Have a gre- Oh yeah!

I reached the end of my re-read of Demon Plague and now I can get back to writing!  It left off at the beginning of a one-on-one battle so I get to write a whack of violence.


Muah! Have a wonderful weekend.


6 thoughts on “Odds and Ends and Photography

  1. Awesome photos! For some reason I don’t have the patience for photography even if all I have to do is take a pic of that stone on the beach, lol.


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