And So It Begins…….again

Anna just shook her head. “Honestly, Deumos.  Have you learned nothing over the last few days?”  Anna turned in her seat and flung the ball of energy that appeared in her hand.  Agramon was engulfed in black flames. 

He howled in pain as Deumos sat, shocked, and stared.  She was incapable of movement for a long moment then she shrieked and leapt from her chair.  It toppled backwards with a clatter as she ran for her companion.  The column of fire burned hot and fast, reducing Agramon to ashes before she reached him. 

Anna stood as a wail of despair rent the air in two.  The pretty bower started to crack and crumble.   The Wolves were forced to dodge falling debris until Anna threw a shield around the pair.  She stood there, watching as Deumos mourned the loss of her companion.  Anna watched as pain turned into fury on the Demon’s face.  Then she crouched, her face taking on a shape and aspect Liam and Chelle had never seen. Vampire, Wolf and Demon conspired to make her face uglier, more angular.  Her mouth and nose lengthened into a short snout with long canines.  Her limbs lengthened, strengthened, her hands ended in vicious looking claws. 

The two leapt at each other with matching shrieks of fury.

This is where I left off in Demon Plague.  That means this is where I get to start again.  😀

One of my comments yesterday was “*takes Mums violance pills away quickly* NO BAD Mum….”  (although she DID like the pictures).  

HA!  And may I add HAHA!  

Violence.  It’s such a joy to write.  Almost more fun than the sex.  Almost.  It’s kind of a close tie really.

I’m going to adjust Anna’s appearance here.  

Oh yes,  I can just hear you asking “Wait wait!  How did she get the demon aspect?”

Remember when I was talking about the Circles of Hell and that Three takes your greatest fears and makes them real?  For them all that meant everything that happened was real.  And when Anna found herself staring down at the world with the demon Azmodious, well, it got very real.  It wasn’t all left behind when …here, I’ll show you:

Azmodius released her and clutched his balls, groaning. He gasped, “Wife, if you ever do that again I will tie you to a spanking bench and allow you to be used by all the Lords for a week!”

Anna punched him in the side of the head.  “I. Am. Not. Your. Wife.”  Then she stilled suddenly.  A familiar howling tickled the edge of her conscience.  She grinned.  “You cannot keep me here.  This is not real.”

“It is.  This is the way of it.”  Azmodius ground his teeth and straightened up.  “You lost.  Live with it.”

“I will not.”  She called out, sure that her Mate could hear her.  “I’m coming back to you, Liam.  Catch me!”  Anna climbed to her feet and dove off the edge of the nebula before the demon could even blink.

“Sadira!  I will have you!  Eventually.” He growled and grabbed her ankle as she leapt, leaving her paused mid-jump.  “If you must go, I will give you a gift to ensure your win against Deumos.”  He hauled her back and wrapped large hands around her head.  He lowered his mouth to hers and sealed his lips around it.  He breathed into her, some of his essence flowing from him to her. 

Azmodius released her a moment later. “If I can’t have you, neither can that bitch. You will come to me to fight one day, I will have that fight.  Call upon the rage and grief within you to use my strength. Enjoy this life.  Wife.”  He shoved her off the nebula.

Azzie fed her part of his demon self.  I’m sure this will have repercussions later on and I’m not entirely sure of her new powers.  (except that black ball of completely destructive power)  What I *am* sure of is that they’ll come in handy, somewhere down the line.  

Although the more immediate situation requires she learn fast what she can do now eh?  When she thinks about it later (and is given the descriptions of what she looked like by Liam and Chelle) she may end up with a minor identity crisis.

Oooh… wow…  *makes a note*

Oh Tee is gonna hurt me when she reads that part of the story.  Val might too.

This is going to be fun.  😀

Off to write the demon fight!

Have a lovely Sunday, my friends.


6 thoughts on “And So It Begins…….again

  1. Oh fuck….. here we go…. while I do love the violence in your stories Mum, I wonder if its not a bunch of pent up anger at other things in your life that you try to use your writing as an outlet lol. poor Anna


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