Oh The Horror!

Oh I got some serious writing done yesterday!  It was intense and as Peter put it “typety type typety” all day long.  In the end, due (or maybe that’s despite) to distractions and, well, LIFE, it was 2,400 words. 😀  I are pleased.

AND I have an exclusive (unedited) preview of some of my favourite, goriest violence to date (and I’ve written some serious gore).   Enjoy!  

Anna stood as a wail of despair rent the air in two.  The pretty bower started to crack and crumble.   The Wolves were forced to dodge falling debris until Anna threw a shield around the pair.  She stood there, watching as Deumos mourned the loss of her companion.  Anna watched as pain turned into fury on the Demon’s face.  Then she crouched, her face taking on a shape and aspect Liam and Chelle had never seen. Vampire, Wolf and Demon conspired to make her face uglier, more angular.  Her mouth and nose lengthened into a short snout with long canines.  Her limbs lengthened, strengthened, her hands ended in vicious looking claws. 

Anna’s body tightened, slimmed and strengthening.   Dull silver wings sprouted from her back, startling her momentarily.  Through it all her skin turned ash grey and leathery. Her hair turned white from the roots down.  She looked both more and less animal than when she shifted to Wolf.  Liam and Chelle backed up, the shield moving with them, until they were pressed up against the door.  Neither knew what to make of this version of Anna.  

This shift happened in two blinks of an eye, without conscious thought on Anna’s part.  Deumos shifted to her demonic form at the same time, nearly identical but with red skin, horns that curled back from her forehead and no canine style snout.

The two leapt at each other with matching shrieks of fury.  Anna spared a thought strengthen the shield around her Mate and Gamma and the moment cost her a bell ringing punch in the side of the head.  She growled deep in her chest and called on her grief and rage. 

Black fire roared into existence around the pair of demons.  It singed Deumos’ wing and she hissed in pain as Anna grinned.  The look was savage and frightening and even the devourer of souls took a step backwards.

“Sadira, what happened to you!”  Deumos held her hands up, aiming for concern, in an attempt to disarm Anna.

Anna’s first reply was guttural, almost unintelligible so she spoke telepathically.  None of your business.  Scared, Deumos?  Come and get me.  She wriggled her fingers in a bring-it-on gesture.

Deumos snarled and leapt for Anna again.  Anna dodged and brought her claws down across the other demon’s back.  Four gashes appeared.  The one from Anna’s middle finger was deep enough to expose spine and she grabbed Deumos’s wing as she drew back.  She took a two-handed grip and slung Deumos into the wall as she howled in pain.  Anna nearly tore her wing off.

Anna followed Deumos’ flight path and pounced on her as she slid down the wall.  A smear of blood cleaned a path in the ash as Anna landed with her knees in Deumos’s belly.  She straddled the demon’s waist and set about tearing into her.  Deumos fought back, bucking wildly to try and get this furious creature off her.  Anna’s claws tore into her chest, digging for her heart as Deumos screamed in pain and fury as bits of her flesh flew and splattered the wall, floor and Anna. 

Deumos got in a good swipe and left three deep gouges down Anna’s face, narrowly missing her eye and slicing her face open from cheek bone to jaw bone.  Anna snarled in fury. I will have your death!  Accept it and go out with honour.

“Never!  You are an abomination! You should not exist!”  She managed to grab Anna’s wrists and stop the woman’s attempts to get to her heart.  “Half vampire… half wolf… and now what?  You’re part demon too?  Too many monsters in one body.  You’ll go mad and have to be put down like a rabid dog.”  Deumos groaned in pain as Anna forced their arms apart and headbutted her.  She released one of Anna’s hands without thinking about it in order to press a hand gently to her now broken nose. 

As soon as her head cleared from the dazzling pain she spit a mouthful of blood at Anna and sneered.  “I’m surprised Cain hasn’t done it alrea-“ She screeched as Anna dug her free hand into her chest, tore out a massive chunk of flesh and started smashing on the sternum.

Anna was continuously growling in her fury.  It was a huge black cloud in her head with one goal: Kill the demon bitch that was killing her family.  Then get her Wolves home to safety.   She made her fingers and those vicious, nearly diamond hard claws into a point, ignoring Deumos attempts to stop her, ignoring the blood flowing from the burning pain in her face, and hammered on the sternum.   When she cracked it but still didn’t manage to make a place to grab she switched tactics and dug her fingers through the tissues between the ribs and pulled one up, bending it back until it broke.

Both Liam and Chelle, watching in awed horror, flinched at the loud snap! of bone.  Chelle looked at Liam.  “What happened to her?”

“I don’t know Michelle.  I aim to find out but…uh… I think we’ll wait until we’re home again.”

Deumos screamed again and released Anna’s other hand in order to use both to try and find her off.  Anna took the opportunity to use both hands to tear out two more ribs.  Then she grabbed the heart and squeezed a little, watching the fear flare in the Demon’s eyes with a savage pleasure.  Die, you black-hearted, dried up old cunt! She tore the heart out with a loud squelch and slight sucking noise then set both it and the corpse on fire with the new black flame.

Anna ran at Liam and Chelle, racing to get to them before Deumos’s bower fell down around them completely.  Nothing would save them if the room winked out of existence with them in it.  Her face was totally macabre with the open wounds and the blood.  She had bits of ash and Demon clinging to her and neither Wolf wanted to be afraid of her but they were.  She saw them flinch as she wrapped her arms and wings around them.  It saddened her but she had to get them out so she clung tightly to them as she willed them home.

So I am all excited about this (and what followed) and was explaining it to my 16 y/o son (who is home sick today).  He was grossed out and (he won’t admit it) interested.  But I believe his comment was  “Geez Mom!”  hehehe

Off to write some more.  And I promise: No violence today.  A plot mover and some sex.  


8 thoughts on “Oh The Horror!

  1. Explicit. In Witch Hitlist there was very little left to the imagination. In Demon Plague here there is some implied and some explicit.

    This will be of the show & tell variety. I’m trying to figure out if Anna’s powers/innate abilities will have shifted regarding her emotional state or not. So far not. She got angry and fires popped out around her with no further complications. We’ll see as I go.


  2. not clear on this sentence: Anna spared a thought strengthen the shield around her Mate and Gamma and the moment cost her a bell ringing punch in the side of the head.

    Anna followed Deumos’ flight path … the phrase “flight path” is too well associated with airplane lingo. can it just be that she “followed deumos…”?

    “Her face was totally macabre with the …” simplify it. “Her macabre face was…” if you can say the same thing but with fewer words, go with fewer words.

    “Off to write some more. And I promise: No violence today. A plot mover and some sex.” – heavy on the sex please…


    1. Ah well, when I’m on a roll I tend to skip words. Thanks for pointing that one out. I don’t do editing until I’m finished the entire book, usually. That’s when streamlining tends to happen. Need to add the missing words though.

      Oh trust me, heavy on the sex for sure. Celebration of life and all.


      1. oh, i know it’s just a first draft and will be riddled with errors. i just finished what was probably a 4th draft/revision, and there are still a few errors around i suppose. looking forward to the “heavy.” do you get explicit, or is it more implied?


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