Of Wolf and Man

Yep, it’s a Metallica song.  That’s what I’m starting today’s writing with.  It seems appropriate considering I’m writing about Weres.  😀

Yesterday I was supposed to write sex.  And write a lot of it.  Unfortunately my son was home sick and he’s toxic.  

Definition of toxic: Any individual (or place) covered in scent.  Whether it’s body wash, laundry detergent, the ambient particles floating around from air fresheners sticking to your clothes, cologne etc it doesn’t much matter.  If it’s on you, you’re toxic to me (and Peter).  Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) means that I react badly to chemicals whether they’re floating in the air, on your clothes and skin or in cleaners.  

It usually affects me in the beginning by wiping my brain clean of any ability to really think.  Then the headaches, stomach issues and (in the case of air fresheners and most cleaners) the coughing begins.  So, despite making my son shower and giving him a clean shirt, he was still mildly toxic because of his pants.    

So that means, yesterday’s writing didn’t get finished.  I am particularly pleased with this though:

Liam murmured against her lips just before he possessed her mouth. “Anna… Anna, oh my Anna.  Never leave me again.”

Anna gave a minute shake of her head and slid her arms around his waist as he claimed her mouth.  Her lips parted and he sucked on her lower lip before driving his tongue into her mouth to taste her.  The Wolf in him paused at the taste of her mouth.  She wasn’t all light and strawberries and honey anymore.  Now she was light, strawberries and a sweet smoky mesquite that intrigued him.  

(ooh and now we’re on Nickelback’s S.E.X. 😀 And I have a decision:  continue with the metal/alternative or put on something softer, smoother, sexier.  ….Nah, metal. hehehe)

Today’s writing is actually inspired by LSAM.  Her blog on squirting  inspired me to have Liam make Anna do that.  As I said to LSAM in my comment Liam “seeks to re-claim her after recent events and this would show them both just how much she is capable of letting go for him and show her that letting go her control in his hands doesn’t mean that bad things will happen.”  

Although really, I can’t decide if it’ll be on purpose on his part or an accident.

Either way, she’s going to do it.  It’ll be good.  

I promise. 

P.S.  I have added this simply because I have found that if I think I have to pee I can’t let go enough to have the orgasm Peter is driving me towards:

As Anna melted into the kiss she became aware of a bodily function and started shifting from foot to foot.  Her return kissing became less intense as she started to focus on her bladder and Liam noticed.  He lifted his head.  “Is something wrong, pet?”

“I need to pee.  I feel like I haven’t gone in days.”  She blushed.

Liam chuckled softly.  “Come.”  He took her hand and led her to the bathroom.  Then he leaned against the door frame and watched her as she sat on the toilet.  “You were asleep for a full day. Twenty-four hours.  You didn’t stir when we changed your sheets and tucked you in all snug as a bug.  You didn’t notice when I slept beside you.  Do you have to pee or not?”


10 thoughts on “Of Wolf and Man

  1. i just edited a chapter for someone in which there was this nice build up of the couple getting into the bedroom, and then the sex was over in about one sentence. i told her, “oh no you don’t. you are not going to wrap that up in one sentence. you’re going to take your time, make it slow, the undressing, everything.” sometimes, writers have trouble differentiating between sex and fucking. this chapter had both. can’t have both. if it’s a long, romantic build up, you can’t end it with her yanking down his pants, jumping on top, and him finishing inside her.

    and i’ve never seen “squirting” as a wordpress tag.


    1. LOL @ the last one. Seems like everything else is, so maybe that will be too. Besides, I really like LSAM’s blog and if the tag shows people there, more power to her.

      No, you can’t have romantic and fucking in the same chapter. I believe it IS possible to intertwine them – as it is in the bedroom and off the page – but the writer has to be very, very good at it.


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