Semper Invicta

Always Invincible.

That’s what I’m trying to tell myself this morning.

Stupid argument with my daughter.

High pain levels. 

Finally accepted that Firefly & Wisp have rejected my manuscript – although letting me know why would have been nice.

So, after a brief meditation, a dumb facebook game and some regrouping of my thoughts I have started to look for another publisher again.  The problem is that most of the bigger names don’t like unagented authors and bunches of the smaller ones don’t like writers who do not follow formula (i.e. they like closed third person and all of HW is open third person perspective and I will NOT change my writing style or the way my book is written just to be published).  

I am again considering putting Witch Hitlist on lulu.  I – and my regular readers – think it deserves a proper publisher though.

It’s not to say that self-publishers aren’t proper but there’s a reason they’re called vanity presses.  Anyone who thinks they can write a book will do so and put it up on a vanity press.  I  have seen some truly horrific books come out of that.  Usually badly edited.  It took me two years to develop Witch Hitlist into the gem it is today.  

I looked at Harlequin this morning.  That’s what put the reminder it into my head about the unagented authors again.  However, they do have a subdivision called Carina Press that publishes books that “fit[s] into a niche that has very little shelf space in a traditional bookstore.”  I am cautiously excited about this.  I am reading all their FAQs and if they’re accepting submissions right now, I will work on a submissions package.  

The package includes:

  • brief introductory query letter (gods I hate those)
  • the *full* manuscript (which is good, hate trying to figure out if the prologue counts in “first three chapters”)
  • and a 2-5 page synopsis (something I’ll go insane writing)

I loathe writing query letters.  I’ve read all the information out there – although that was a few years ago – but can never quite make a go of it.  

Oooh!  I was inspired to check out Bitten Fruit Books, the publisher of my friend Ninfa.  They too publish indie writers who (huh, I like that term, it’s a good one to apply to me I think) don’t fit into the traditional niche either but it is by invitation only.

Ah well.  For now, if I can figure out exactly what they want, I’ll focus on Carina Press and their requirements.  

As for Anna and Liam…

Liam is going to exert his dominance over Anna both as Dominant and Alpha.  This is something I will enjoy writing and it will put book two into the “Scorching” heat level of most publishers of adult fiction.  Yes, I am talking about BDSM.  Nothing too intense.  At this point, he’s engaged in a small amount of humiliation and, well, this:

“You can’t run from me Anna.  Your heart knows it.  Your soul knows it.  Your Wolf knows it.  We are one.”  He kissed her forehead, then her nose and finally her mouth.  Then he wound her hair around his hand and yanked her head back.  “It is a punishable offence, my love.” 

Tears welled up in Anna’s eyes even as he spun her by her hair and shoved her face down on the bed.  He kicked her feet apart as he let go of her hair.  “Stay.”  As Anna moved her arms down her sides and closed her eyes in fearful anticipation, Liam moved to the chest at the end of her bed.  He opened it and pulled out a wooden paddle.  It was cherry wood, the face was ten inches long, four inches across and the whole thing was close to an inch thick.  He whacked his palm with it and smiled as she jumped.

Liam stood on her left side and stroked her ass with the paddle.  “Ten for running.  Anything after that will be purely for my enjoyment.”  With the last word he started, hard.  The crack of wood on flesh echoed in the room. 

Anna flinched and gave a pained cry.  Her pale flesh immediately showed the mark.  The next one came a few seconds later on the other side, just as the burn was starting to fade.  Then the third.  Anna began to cry.  Not just because they hurt but because she had hurt him, disappointed him and angered him.

Liam paused, unsatisfied with the way things were going.  He leaned down and put his mouth to her ear.  “You will count them from now on. ‘One Master, two Master’ and so on.  Do you understand?”

Anna struggled to speak.  “Y-yes Master.” 

By the end of the ten strokes, Anna is sobbing, dep and gut-wrenching.  I think I may have to add a bit in there where he forces her to tell her what went wrong.  This was inspired by a blog by Cruel Intentions.  (The ginger thing?  Holy ow!)   Personally, I hate having to list my transgressions almost as much as I hate disappointing my Dom.  The disappointment thing…that’s worse than the anger.  

Anyway, that’s where I am with Liam & Anna today.  And I think the Master label will stick.  I will write this morning and look into the publisher thing this afternoon. hmm… Well seeing as it’s almost 10:30, I’ll write until 2 or I run out of inspiration, whichever comes first.

Have a wonderful day, my lovely readers!


10 thoughts on “Semper Invicta

  1. Being an absolute virgin to blogging, I am very thrilled that you enjoyed my story. The act of writing it out as a task from Cruel in itself was a thrill, but thinking of others enjoying the tale of our first solo encounter is very compelling. I might be hooked! 🙂



    1. Oh yes, it’s totally addicting to have people enjoy what you write. Even the criticisms are addicting because it means that people are reading what you wright… (good lord, can you tell it’s 5:30 am?) *ahem*… write and (usually) thinking about it. I do a daily journal – partly for Peter and partly for a later book – and knowing someone is reading it is kinda thrilling.


  2. @Rich Yeah, there’s a bunch I have to learn and a bunch I have to re-learn. I do have two books posted on (Lizendale and Mazrakir) because I wanted them out there. I want the Highland Wolves series out there too but I want a broader market base and a traditional publisher will guarantee that. There are lots of options for publishing out there, you just have to choose yours and go with it. (keep in mind cost though, there are lots out there who charge up the ass in order for you to publish your book)


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