Cooking, Followers, Inspiration and Migraines

I was just blessed with 300 books on food!  

Well, 298 books on food, 2 on oral sex.

Then I suppose I should take out the bodybuilding ones since I won’t be doing that.  

So….yay!  292 books on food!

I LOVE to cook!  

And this collection includes Patti LaBelle, Paula Deen, Rachel Ray, Alton Brown and, more importantly, Julia Childs and Emeril Lagasse.  Italian, Mexican, Greek, Moroccan, African, Indian, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, slow cooker… you name it it’s here.  And I am in freaking hog heaven here.  

Bouncy, happy, thrilled.  

Also completely thrilling me is my follower count!  I have 17 blog followers – 11 through WordPress and 6 email followers – and 3 comment followers.  I am so pleased!  And rather in awe that I seem to be creating a small following.  😀  There are those who click through from facebook regularly and some who click through from my IM statuses (updated automatically). I also seem to be generating an average of two dozen views a day.  There have been some record highs (55) and some record lows (6!) but I’m pleased with the overall results.  I can’t wait to see what the end of the first month brings.

Not so thrilling is the migraine I got last night.  It put the kibosh on my evening with the kids.  Pissed me off.  My daughter did go to dance, my son stayed behind and we played Lego Indiana Jones 2 until the migraine got so bad I had to put on sunglasses and stop watching the screen before I christened the living room with dinner.  I was most unhappy.  So was my ex, who had to cancel his plans.  We’ll try the movie thing again Monday I think, but I just hate it when plans go awry.

The good note about last night was the food itself (aside from the nitrates in the ham doing in my head).  Garlicky, creamy smashed taters and green beans & julienne carrots sauteed in garlic butter with a hint of salt and pepper graciously shared the plate with a mouthwatering tender, slightly sweet ham.  Man oh man I wish I measured things!  *laughs*  The glaze was impressive for a seat-of-my-pants last minute thing.

I’d been trying to decide for a week what to put on that ham.  I’m gluten intolerant, corn intolerant, sometimes soy intolerant and allergic to nuts.  Did you know that the cheap maple syrup is mostly corn syrup with a hint of maple flavour?  Even the ones that claim to be “15% real!” are still 85% corn syrup.  Gross eh?  But even up in areas where it’s produced, real maple syrup is disgustingly expensive.  

I also made “Mum’s 24K Chocolate Cake.” I have two things to say about it:  1. Don’t forget the baking soda.  It doesn’t rise.  Duh. Ew.  2. It calls for 2 cups of carrots (hence the 24K, get it? My mother has a sense of humour), do not use 2.5 cups. Ew.

Maybe it’s because I’m still not at 100% but I don’t like the cake.  Yep, had a piece with breakfast.  As dense as it is, a piece means 1.5 inches square. 

Inspiration… sometimes it’s hard to come by.  Sometimes it pops up and bites you in the nose.  (Or  the ass if you missed it the first time.)   I’ve had inspiration hit me like a shovel to the face (yup, that brought to mind Tom & Jerry, didn’t it? Or an equivalent lol).  I’ve had it hit so hard there was nothing to do but scramble to write it down.  I’ve had it come from commercials, people I see in the street, movies, music, other things I read.  It’s been the result of a problem I’ve been mulling over for days, or weeks… or months, like the case of Witch Hitlist.  

That one I was stuck on.  It was 2k words shy of 50,000 and as I was planning on marketing it as a novel, I needed to add a wee bit.  So I started editing it again, hoping I could figure out how to squeeze 2,000 words into 48,000 smoothly put together words.  (as it turned out, it needed another run through anyway).   But I was stuck because I couldn’t figure out a way around it.  

Then one day, out of the clear blue sky, after being unable to resolve it for close to 4 months, it hit me!  Anna should do the one thing I love to do most (besides write):  Cook!  

Great but yawn.  

Okay so Anna should cook and in order to cook she should have to go shopping.  It’s not easy to cook for some three dozen people on a whim.  And while shopping, since not many people want to read about just shopping, maybe she should get attacked.  

Woot!  Easy 2k right there.   

Sort of.

Where should she go shopping?   

That took another three days and some wandering around of Scottish tourist sites.  Then it became apparent that of course she should go shopping at The Barras.  (by the way, I make links open in a new tab so you can hit them and keep reading without losing your place) 

Some sleuthing on Google Earth for directions and whatnot revealed that the Botanic Gardens are nearby.  Sort of.  Maybe.  A little bit.  Kind of.  

That inspired a totally ingenious attack – if I may say so myself – the evil bi…er… witches would attack with snakes.  Hundreds of them.  Why?  Because I couldn’t get the word snake out of my head.  For days it was like a flashing neon sign: SNAKE! SNAKE!  

Drove me nuts.

Then I finally figured out that the Coven is nicknamed “Naethar Nimhe”  Or, Poisonous Snake.  

Ta-da!  That, plus the editing, turned into about 6k more words and far exceeded my expectations.  

Inspiration is a tricky, slippery little imp.  So my question to you, to the writers and artists out there, where do you most often find your inspiration?


6 thoughts on “Cooking, Followers, Inspiration and Migraines

  1. i have that indian jones game for the wii. and those oral sex books – are they picture books? instructional? fiction? either way, would love to put that in someone’s easter basket.


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