Wild Creatures

I can’t seem to do this blog without this theme song in my head.  


One fine day with a woof and a purr
a baby was born and it cause a little stir
no blue bug
no three-eyed frog
just a feline canine little catdog

alone in the world was a little catdog

out on the road or back in town
all the little critters put catdog down
trying to be brothers
trying to get along
trying to walk together
trying to sing this song

alone in the world was a little catdog

alone in the world was a little catdog
alone in the world was a little catdog

It’s one of the silliest, weirdest cartoons I’ve ever seen and I was as hooked as my kids.  More so really, since I still love it and they look at me like I’m insane.

Today is photography day!  And I’ll get to it, sorting through my pics to find the best ones.  I’m at the cottage with Peter.  I love it here.  Three seasons of the year he lives here and now I get to spend them with him.  I love looking out the window and seeing the lake.

This is not my view.  It was taken from the upper parking lot at the public beach.   Yesterday as a matter of fact.  Little heavy on the close up and not enough on the lake.  But it’s beautiful nonetheless. They are rebuilding the natural flora here – which looks better in the summer but it’s still just turning into spring so we’ll cut them some slack.

But here it’s far less toxic than my apartment has been this week.  (we have discussed what toxic means in previous posts)  I don’t know what was up with the place but I think the apartment north of mine has painted.  There was construction noise and now awful chemical levels.  It makes sense.  Plus the apartment south of mine has been leaving their garbage in the hallway between our apartments all week.  If it’s not gone on Monday I’ll be calling the landlord.

My apartment is also where the wild things are.  (Yay!  Success!  I’ve been trying to figure out how to use that since I cobbled together the idea for today’s pictures.  hehehe)

I have a cat.  He’s huge now, 9 months old, or so.  Grew so fast and so big I had to take him off the kitten food and put him on adult food already.  He is affectionately named Terror because when he was wee, no bigger than a slice of bread, he used to attack.  Not viciously but it was funny as hell.  He’d come leaping out of places.  Pounce on you in bed just because you breathed.  When you played with him when he was that small (and really, up until about 3 months ago), that furry boy was all claws.  Now he’s all teeth.  If he gets his teeth into your arm he won’t let go.  It’s funny but really painful. 

He’s a gorgeous cat.  His fur is fascinating.  It was hard getting a macro shot of him, given that he was breathing in his sleep (I know eh, how dare he! lol)  so it’s a little blurry but it shows it well.  I wanted to try macros on him so Peter and I gave it a shot.

Well, I first had to show you this, apparently.  It’s just too cute.  

Okay, now the fur.

Closer…  You can see the stripes and such here.

Looks like a porcupine doesn’t he?  It’s crazy.  He’s a gorgeous cat.  

Except at 4 am when I’ve gotten up to pee and he’s decided it’s perfect Mommy-attention time.  He doesn’t want to get it.  Nooo.  He wants to give it.  Purr, knead, purr purr purrrrrrrrrrrr.  And curl up against my head.  Forehead butted up against my arm (up near my face) or my neck… or cheek… or temple.  


This week we had a visitor.  Can you guess what he was?

Yeah, he’s blurry but he was all twitchy.  I have a predatory aura sometimes and he thought I was going to eat him.  


Have you guessed it?  

This is Peanut, my daughter’s bunny.  He’s adorable.  Tiny little thing, he’s half the size of the cat.  An Angora, I believe.  She’s not online to ask.  He came to see us because he needed his claws clipped and I’m the one with the tools and experience.  Ever tried to clip the claws of a protesting Daschund?  Or a Mini-Pinscer for that matter?  Not fun! And not easy lol  The twitchy, scared little bunny is a cakewalk.

But as afraid as he was of me, this didn’t bother him: 

He was standing behind the door of the bunny’s cage.  Peanut didn’t give a damn.  And Terror couldn’t decide whether it was friend, foe or food.   They’ve been nose to nose and side by side but still, Terror can’t figure it out.  He couldn’t with the hamsters either.  He’d sit on top of their cages and stare at them.  

Speaking of wild life…

Last weekend we picked my 16 y/o son up from work and look what I talked him into:

Yep, got the teenage gamer flying a kite. 😀  “Don’t take my picture Mom!”  *insert evil laugh*  

We were down at the private beach and I swear there’s a kite eating tree in that hillside brush.   So of course The Kid had to get the kite as close to it as possible.  

And yes, he falls under ‘wild things’ as does this:

The afternoon turned into the adventures of the Madagascar Penguins and Bendy Blue Bunny.  TK and I had fun.   

And now that I’ve entertained you with the local fauna (very local lol) next week perhaps we’ll do the local flora.  Or whatever strikes my fancy. 

For now though, I need to get the scene with Liam and Anna done.  She *is* a little tied up…

Anna sat and watched as he once again dipped into her chest.  He pulled a blindfold out and wrapped it around her head.  “Lee… Master… please let me see you.”  She whimpered as her world turned completely black when he tied the blindfold tight.

Liam smiled, pleased with the look of the dark purple silk against her pale flesh.  Her mouth looked full, generous and inviting so he kissed her as he pushed her back on the bed.  He left her gasping for more as he adjusted her so that her behind was a few inches from the edge of the bed, just enough to support her feet as he pressed her heels to her ass. “Stay that way,” he said and pushed her knees wide.  Then he went back to the chest and brought out four lengths of rope the same colour as the blindfold. 

After Liam found the center of each rope he put one aside and looped the other, doubled, around her thigh and shin.  He slid the ends through the loop created by the fold in the rope and set about wrapping it around her legs a couple of times.  Then he twisted the ends and wrapped them around the loops, in front of her thigh and behind her calf, until the binding was nice and tight, then he tied it off.

Then he picked up another length, slid the center through the leg bondage, put the ends through the loop and tightened it.  He tied the whole thing to the headboard so she couldn’t move her leg.  When Anna whimpered and pulled, he patted her thigh.  “You’re fine, pet, don’t worry.”  Then he did the same thing to her other leg and tied it to the footboard.

Anna was spread wide open and held like that, with her feet near her ass, thighs and calves tied together with loops of dark purple rope.  Her pussy was spread wide open, every curve, every fold, every drop of moisture exposed.  She whimpered and tried to hide herself from view, taken by surprise at his sudden desire to bind her.

“Anna Marie! Do I need to tie your hands too?”

“No Master, please don’t.”

Yet Liam saw her twitch at the thought.  He found the leather cuffs he’d had her wear often when they were apart and wrapped them around each wrist then clipped them together with the carabiner that dangled from the left one.  He drew her arms over her head and leaned over to whisper in her ear.  “Leave them here.  Don’t you move them.”


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