Happy Easter!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend with their families.  Me, I’m hoping the weather stays not-raining so that my ex will bring my kids to the beach this afternoon.

I’m also hoping that the sadistic little demon (or whatever) that is following me around and making me bleed gives up after today.  Earlier this week I was washing a glass, had my hand in it when it broke and sliced open the side of my hand.  It was pretty nasty.  Then Peter came and bandaged it up, now it’s almost healed.

Thursday I was sharpening a knife and it slipped.  I heard a thunk, looked at my hand and there was a small but gaping slice in my finger.  Peter kissed it better and now it’s almost healed.

This morning I was chopping an apple (following potatoes but before the onion for a slow cooker dinner with basil & thyme rubbed pork roast) when the big, super sharp knife cut into my thumb.  Sliced a lovely chunk out of the top.  Peter bandaged it up for me again.  Willing to bet that by Tuesday it’s almost all healed.

Starting to think two things:  One, Something is out to get me (might be me o.O) and two, Peter has magical healing abilities.    *laughs*

I took some lovely pictures of spring flowers yesterday and I think today is a perfect day to share one or two.

Pretty wild African violet

Striking white & yellow daffodil

And finally, I’d just like to say Happy Easter!  And I hope I find one of these in my Easter basket!

Oh wait… I have one very very similar to that in the bedroom.  😀  Better than chocolate!

Well… almost.  


18 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. What? You want to make things harder fir you?….. Me thinks I’m more an emotional healer than a body parts healer but thanks. 🙂


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