11, 15, 22, 30, 50, 55, 169, 684, 2,246, 50,000

11 – Countries I’m read in.

15 – People who follow me from Twitter

22 – Blog followers

30 – People who follow me from facebook

50 – Likes on my blogs! (This thrills me as much as the followers 😀 )

169 – Comments on my blogs

684 – Views on my blog (from 11 countries lol)

2,246 – Words I wrote today to move HW2 forward.  Yes! That means Liam & Anna achieved squirting!

50,000 – The milestone I just passed in HW2’s word count.

Thrilled?  Me?  Nah….

Mr. Happy here has it right.


Because of all these delightful numbers, I have been thinking about the giveaways – when my brain isn’t addled by pain meds.  My daughter and I were discussing it.  Chicken thinks I should have randomly odd numbers for the giveaways, like 103 Likes.  Or 52 followers.  

While I am a unique individual, that seems to be pushing it.  *laughs*

I think giveaways should show appreciation and mark milestones, right?  (In fact, if I could, I’d do a giveaway for hitting 50k in HW2 I’m so happy about it)  So I figured on the following milestones, so far:

  • 100 likes on my blog (small giveaway)
  • Book release (I’ve pretty much decided to go with Lulu)
  • Amazon release
  • 100 Likes on my new Facebook page
  • 250 Likes on both

You get the idea.  *laughs*

Now I have to decide what to give away.  Grand prizes, second prizes, lots of third place prizes.  There are a LOT of things that can be personalized, from buttons and stickers to mouse pads to flip flops and shopping bags.  My daughter wants me to make her one of these so she can show off my book every day at school.  There are even laptop, iPod and eReader skins.  

I figure the bigger things (like the skins) can come as I get more popular with readers.  *grins*  I fully intend to develop an almost cult following.  

Now, since my brain is suddenly very rapidly giving into my pain – intense, it’s like I didn’t even take any meds this morning (and the next dose is coming up) – I’m going to leave you with a teaser of the scene with Liam forcing Anna into squirting.  

Liam chuckled and curled his fingers so the pads of them pressed against that thick bundle of nerves.  He moved his other hand to her pelvic bone and held her down as he lifted and dropped the hand curled within her.  He moved slowly at first, making her writhe as he used the weight of her pelvis against her.  Fluids started to flow around his fingers, hot and sticky.  A squelching sound joined her soft cries and Liam moved faster, harder. 

Up and down, up and down! Anna didn’t know what to do with the movements.  Liam had never done this to her before.  No one had.  She’d used dildos to stimulate her G-spot but this was new.  Her juices were flowing down her ass and coating her pussy as they flowed over his hand and splattered back against her.  Heat built around his hand and fire flared under her skin.  Pleasure curled and twisted, exploded and receded and tied itself into a seething knot in her pelvis.  Need coiled in her belly along with fear.  She brought her hands down to grab his wrist.

Liam stopped cold and stared at the slim fingers circling his wrist.  “I told you to keep your hands over your head.”

Immediately, her hands flew back to their place.  “Please Master!  Please don’t.  I didn’t mean to!”  Anna whimpered.

“It’s too late for that.”  He pulled his hands from her and took care to be noisy as he moved around the room to find another length of rope..

Anna wailed with despair and need as the pleasure started to slide away and fear took its place.  The sound of tightly woven nylon slithering against itself filled her ears and Anna tried desperately not to move her hands again.   It brushed against her fingers as Liam slid it through the d-rings on the cuffs and she failed.  She jerked her hands away from him.

Liam frowned and pulled her hands back towards him.  “What are you afraid of Anna?  Do you not trust me?”

“Of course I trust you!”  Anna sounded shocked that he’d even suggest such a thing.

“Then what’s the problem?”

“I…” Anna’s voice trailed off as several things clicked in her brain.  Liam was going to hurt her, yes, but only in the name of play.  He’d never hurt her.  It was she who had changed, not him.  Liam was the same man to whom, only days ago, she’d given all of herself.  She lifted her arms and offered her wrists to him.  “Nothing Master, absolutely nothing.”


10 thoughts on “11, 15, 22, 30, 50, 55, 169, 684, 2,246, 50,000

  1. here’s the “giveaway.” you pick one male and one female follower, get together with them, and then they are lucky enough to get to act out a sex scene that you direct. perfection!

    thank me later.


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