Gobsmacked! And Springing Around

I love that word and it’s perfect to describe how I’m feeling at this moment.  Take a look at this:

Dad says

How are sales going?

Catie says

They’re not

Which is one reason I started the blog, to get more attention

Dad says

maybe send it to all the news paper book critics you can

Catie says

And why I’m trying to develop some numbers so I can find an investor.  It’s an ambitious thing to do but I have someone interested.  I just have to make decisions and put it all together. 

For that I need copies of the books

Dad says

keep at it

how many hard copies?

Catie says

I am.

Depends on how many critics I want to send it to.  I would say a minimum of a dozen though

Then I can send a couple to some reviewers I know too.

Dad says

which book and how would you like it bound?

Catie  says

And that all takes shipping costs too.

I do prefer perfect bound.  If I’m going to send books to reviewers then I would be sending Witch Hitlist.  I have someone working on a cover because I’ve pretty much decided to go through lulu again. 

Dad says

when you are ready to print books let me know.  I have a printer

Catie  says

http://www.lulu.com/shop/catherine-bowman/lizendale/paperback/product-15740395.html   This is the book she needs to replace  [My daughter’s teacher borrowed my only copy then lost it. It’s time I got it back.]

Thank you.  How would you do the cover?

Dad says

me? I would say that is up to you

you mean the art work?

Catie  says

No, I mean the paper.  And what size?  If I want to send it manuscript style, then spiral bound would work, 8×11, paper cover.  Art work is coming.  Reminds me, have to get on that girl’s ass about it.  She did a wonderful one for me but it’s too dark

Dad says

you decide what you want and let me know.  I will get prices on 10, 100 and 1,000

Catie  says

I’m gobsmacked, thank you.  I’ll do some asking around about what’s best to send to reviewers.  I’m thinking perfect bound with a glossy front and back cover probably but I’ll find out

Dad says

I do $1M+ business a year with this guy and his contract is up for renewal so I am sure I can get a good price

Catie says

Awesome!  I’ll give it some thought and ask around.

 Fuckin A!  I love my Dad.  He rocks.  😀  We have developed a better relationship over the last couple of years (largely in part because I’m finally coming into myself I think).  

A thousand!  I don’t know what I’d do with a thousand.  *laughs*  With that many I’d have to set up a storefront, figure out shipping.  Get my other books printed.  Figure out how and where to store them.  Mind-boggling.  

It’s Saturday and that means it’s Photography Day.  Today’s theme is Spring.

Spring isn’t all about the warming weather for me.  It’s about the colours and the rain and the life that’s re-emerging.

Rain. (super macro on tulip leaves)

 I love the rain drops here.  

Rain dampened forget-me-nots, pop art setting on my camera

 The April rain brings many many colours out and makes them shine.

Spring is all about the colour

 My daughter’s umbrella was necessary today.  I brought it with me to fix it and I had to use it this morning or I’d have returned a bedraggled, wet puppy.

Kind of like Buster here.

 Buster is a friend I made.  The friendship was fleeting, only last until he’d sniffed me from the waist down.  He did consent to a picture although he wouldn’t stay still long enough to get his face.

There were a few other oddities on my walk today and a few things that just struck my fancy.  I will say good-bye here, I  have lots of work to do!  Enjoy your day, you wonderful people.  

The ghost of Picasso strikes on the coast of Lake Huron!

Somebody's heart shell be missed. (yeah ok, that was BAD)



Raindrops on the lake. The individual splashes are awesome.

Colourful comfort to watch the sun set. It's not only Nature's colour that spring brings out.

My walk this morning. Forty-five minutes out that way, then back. It was lovely. Had a surreal quality to it today.


6 thoughts on “Gobsmacked! And Springing Around

  1. Well with a thousand copies i would need to order a couple or three 😀 (once i get my head out of my ass financially lol) LOVE LOVE LOVE your pictures as always and so excited about the posibilities of this journey I am honored to be a small part of 🙂


    1. All autographed of course. 😉

      I love my pictures too. They’re actually (mostly) showing up as how my brain sees them. I like that.

      And of course you’re part of the journey, you’re Family


  2. I am so jealous you et to be at the beach every weekend….. Yes I know I will be setting foot in the ocean soon but the beach every weekend.. yeah I wish

    pretty photos, love the ‘shell be missed’ lol


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