Decisions decisions

So I was taking my walk this morning…

at this pace

…and I was trying to decide what to do.

1. How many giveaways?

2. What should I give away?

3. Should I take my Dad’s offer?

4. If I do that should I have all three books printed?

5. If I have all three books printed should I re-edit Mazrakir?  (it needs at least a surface grammatical edit) And if I edit, should I stick to jsut the grammar or should I do a more thorough edit?

*rubs her temples*

So I did come to a few conclusions.

1. Half a dozen big ones (at this point, more will come later I’m sure).

2. Posters, post cards, autographed books, a thermos, a t-shirt, an eReader skin and a pair of flip flops (although I have a feeling I’ll have to give my kids at least one of those things each *laughs*)

3.  I am still kind of undecided.  I’ll have to look into how I can get my books on places like Amazon and what it takes to get an ISBN without a publisher behind the request.

4. Yes.  Obviously.

5. Yes.  Obviously.   As far as the second half… It is an example of my earlier writing (even if it is only 3 years ago) and maybe shouldn’t be tampered with too much.  My self-editing has improved and it certainly needs that.

So walk did me some good. 🙂

Even if I did get lazy at the end of it


7 thoughts on “Decisions decisions

  1. You seem to be getting a lot of writing done. That is wonderful. It is nice when the writing bug kicks in. Question…is the video I posted about Total Control too much? It is really hard seeing myself like that.


  2. I say editi it Mum and if it happens to be more than surface grammer then so be it. I like how it is but yes it needs editing


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