Thoughts, progress and number crunching

This was supposed to be published yesterday but somehow got saved as a draft instead.  Today’s blog will be posted a little later this morning.


I have decided on several giveaway milestones and on the swag to give away. I’m rather pleased with myself! (the debate can be found here) Plus I’m going to have business cards made up – once I have my own website set up for my blog and the sales side of things. And I think I’m going to have bookmarks on hand. Or maybe the bookmarks will be my business card! Ooo I like that 😀

I am considering still whether to take my Dad up on his offer to print my books (you can see the offer here) or not. I’m kind of afraid to tackle these things on my own but really, publishing through someone like leaves me on my own (for most things) anyway.

Rich said I can get a free ISBN through Amazon or Kindle so I’ll look into that.  

Marketing is important but that’s kind of up to me eh?  Have to figure out what’s too little and too much to invest in the Catherine Bowman enterprise.  

This is a LOT of work but I’m up to the challenge.  Especially since I’m cutting back on my pain meds.  Shoulder/back seems to be healing.  Mostly.  There is still the overdoing it thing and the extended range of motion stabs of pain but I’m working on that too.  

Number crunching.  Research (ISBN, webhosting, marketing, consignment selling, web selling), Reading Mazrakir.  Writing in Demon Plague.  Busy busy.  Hopefully my brain will keep up.   Not so sure after this morning…

I got my taxes done!

I think


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