Mazrakir Characters

So today I’m going to introduce to you to Mazrakir main characters.   The intros will be short because it’s been a long while since I read the book.  I like the story quite a bit though so reading it again will not be a hardship.

We have Naia/Caity, T’aalia/Lara, Jestin, Rian, Arielle and Valdreth.

There are a couple of others who play important roles like Narmer, the first Pharoah of a united Egypt.  Also there is Arwia, the twins’ Aunt and twin to their mother Arielle.

Naia: Known as Caity in the 2005 reincarnation, Naia hasn’t changed all that much through the years.  She’s become wiser, more knowledgeable and a better warrior, but she is essentially the same person.  It is still her duty, along with T’aalia, to return the world to the proper balance of Light and Dark.  She is more balanced in the Light & Dark than her sister.  She is kind, loving, compassionate and loyal to a fault to her family and kingdom.  Running away from home nearly did her in.  But she is adaptable.  Once she, T’aalia and Jestin landed she took her love of herbs and other plants and built a large garden for healing and feeding.

As a teen she fell in love with a stable boy named Rian.  Her love for him was unending and through to the soul.  He was the other piece of her heart and it broke her heart to leave him behind.  One day, when she had someone in her garden  and was convinced to go to his camp, she grew to love those people too, just as she did the people in her kingdom.  She was fierce in this devotion  and it only seemed natural that she would develop an affection for the man who led them – Sekhmet. She wasn’t in love with him and he knew it, but she is the type of woman who needs human touch to thrive and she wasn’t happy continuing to be part of a sex triangle with her sister’s man.

(Yes, these are the kind of sisters who played together.)

Naia is the rock in her family.  She is the pragmatic one.  The strong one.  The diplomat and rule-keeper.   She is the soft touch and the one who will listen before acting.  But she is also capable of taking your head off if the situation warranted it.  She is fierce in her defense of her family, but not as violent in it as her sister T’aalia.

T’aalia: Like her sister, T’aalia’s present day incarnation, Lara, hasn’t changed much, although she might be a little Darker.  She is completely devoted to her sister.  Others inspire her loyalty, like her Momma and her Mate, but it is her sister who gets the unswerving dedication.  Without Naia T’aalia succumbs to the Dark and goes mad.  She is a shoot first, ask questions later kind of gal, tempered by Naia’s insistence on finding the truth/cause of things.  She melts at the sight of Naia’s smile and her ire fades away at the touch of Naia’s hand on her arm.

Running away is her idea.  She refused to accept a man who would take her from her twin and try to change her into something she was not.  It was against her better judgment to go to Sekhmet’s village but because her ‘Twinny’ wanted it, away they went.  She wanted to kill the suitors that intended to marry them but because Naia wouldn’t, she didn’t.

As Naia shows joy in other people in her life T’aalia begins to give into the Dark within her.  She begins to heed the insidious voice in her head that guides her towards stronger, more destructive spells.  The voice convinces her to build the ultimate spell to save her sister, their children and their kingdom.

Jestin: Is a Dragon.  He is passionate, sexual, sensual, loyal and dedicated.  He loves the twins with everything he has.  T’aalia is his Mate, bound to him at the soul.  He was tasked with protecting them both and does so.  He gives up his home world to protect them and learns that the sacrifice is worth it.  He stays with them from one life to another, going into status between their lives.

Rian: Rian is only with Naia for a few centuries but he falls in love with her in that first life hard and remains that way until he is taken off the Wheel of Life.   He is a strong and true man.  He loves Naia from their first meeting and continues to love only her while she and T’aalia are gone.  He is loyal to her, faithful, for all the years they are missing.  When she returns pregnant with Sekhmet’s baby he claims both her and the baby as  his own and loves them both.

Arielle: Arielle is the second strongest female character I have ever written.  She suffers her husband’s jealousy and rage, his fists and fury, his infidelity, treachery and poisons.  She suffers the loss of her daughters.  And through it all she remains positive and determined to rule her kingdom with fairness, faith and strength.  She is a powerful witch, touched by the Goddess and the Matriarch of the most powerful Coven in Sumer and Egypt, one of thirteen in the world.  She is the head of one the covens charged with watching over the balance of Light & Dark.

Valdreth: …is a small, mean man.  He has a large amount of power of his own but he still does not compare to his wife and daughters.  The jealousy burns within him.  It makes him violent and vicious.  His death does not come soon enough.

Those are the main characters of the first Mazrakir book.  We will get into each one more as I go along.

On to business:

A quote from my facebook yesterday:

Oh my lordie I feel stupid!

It suddenly hit me, like a lightning bolt to the forehead, that I can publish with AND accept my Dad’s offer to print out copies of my books. I can take Lulu’s distribution package and NOT pay them for the copies of my own book that I want for promotional services.

So I can do EVERYTHING without having to worry about the ISBN and distribution worries.

*does the V8 smack*

It was a total facepalm moment for sure.   So I think that’s what I’m going to do.  I looked at that publishing company I mentioned last week, Carina Press, and they only do ebooks.  I want print copies as well.  So I think I will do it this way.

And, a poll:

Have a great day everyone!


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