Sick Day #2

I really am determined to do everything I intended to do this weekend but it seems like I have bronchitis and I’m operating REALLY slowly.  Hence the blog that hasn’t happened until supper time.  I had it planned this morning but I’m slow, then my ex-husband showed up and too me to the grocery store.  Everything’s been downhill ever since.  

So here is what I had planned this morning.  🙂

I am a happy camper!  I am at the cottage.  I have my little friend:

Pholcus phalangioides. Living in the kitchen. Gods know why since I'm terrified of spiders. It's a little fuzzy, sorry.


I have food in the slow cooker (which I should get to eating):

A ham bone surrounded by chicken broth, a variety of beans and dried peas, other pieces of ham and seasonings. It's been in there for HOURS. Smells great.


I had the perfect cup of tea – the first cup from a brand new package.

The ONLY orange pekoe worth drinking. Except Tim Hortons. Dad will disagree with me.


I had toast, carefully done under the broiler like Dad used to do hot cross buns.  Why is toast important?  Because for months and months I couldn’t have yeast and now I can again!  😀  It’s progress and it means I’m healing.

The only gluten free bread worth eating. And the toaster is busted.

Banana bread is imminent! Gluten free of course.

Yesterday I got outside a little bit.  Short walk since I was breathless really quickly.  But I saw my little friend here:

Rob here has a mohawk. I thought it was kind of ironic. And apparently I'm full of fuzzy pictures.


And this pretty: 

I like flowers. I like trees. I love flowering trees.

I wanted to go for a walk on the beach yesterday (and today) but yesterday I got short of breath, as I have all week, and had to come home.  Less than halfway home (which was a short block) I was wheezing and couldn’t get it under control.  Then the coughing started.  And the pain in my chest.  I recognize bronchitis when I taste it.

And yet, I am determined to get everything done this weekend.  

Peter will be home early this week!  For this I am ecstatic!  Happiness will explode and work will go swimmingly.  Which will produce less whiny blogs and a sharing of fresh, warm banana bread. 

Have a good Saturday and Sunday, my friends.  I shall see you on Monday.  (Mandated day off now.)


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