Still somewhat sick but I seem to be improving rapidly.

I have spent the last two hours crunching numbers and gathering info and I am nowhere near done but after an in-depth discussion with Val I have finally, fully, finalized my giveaway stuff.   So now I’m searching for numbers and trying to decide what… omg I still have to see about my taxes too!  Damn there are WAY too  many numbers in my head.  


Trying to decide what quantities to order.  

Everything is cheaper in bulk but honestly, what do I need 250 of anything for?  Besides slipping bookmarks into related books in Chapters.  *looks all innocent*   

I blame Val for the trouble I get into.

Nah.  She’s good.  Together we decided that posters and postcards are out.  She suggested staying as eco-friendly as possible and I agree. Instead I will be doing journals, mugs (maybe, have to look at the pricing) and other stuff.

But I am confused so I am going to go do some housework and perhaps go back to this later today.  In the meantime, I will share with you what I have FINALLY decided to do. 

Book release: Grand prize: Autographed copies of HW1 & Lizendale, thermos, journal, bookmark. For Amazon release, the same except an eReader skin (or equivalent for those without) in place of the thermos.

Second prize for book release: (and amazon release) Autographed HW1, t-shirt, bookmark.

Third places: bookmarks

For 50 blog followers: Autographed copies

100 likes: one autographed copy of HW1

100 followers: autographed book, buncha bookmarks/postcards

200 followers: autographed of hw1 and lizendale

Random because I feel like it giveaways: bags, t-shirts, journals, posters.

Ta-da!   This is what you have to look forward to.

Giveaways will be limited to blog followers and Facebook followers – if you aren’t going to follow, why would you want something?  And they will take the form of quizzes, random draws and something Krissy suggested -> hide & seek.  I will NOT be “click this, follow there, like here, follow that” in 15 different ways to get you to enter.    That drives me crazy as someone trying to enter a contest.  I happen to think that wanting to read your blog doesn’t necessarily follow that I want to be a part of your Twitter, etc.  (Of course, I hardly pay attention to mine, so maybe that’s why *laughs*)  Or maybe you’re a blog follower but don’t have Facebook.  (Don’t laugh, I know people.)  You shouldn’t be forced into trailing me around EVERYWHERE just to be a part of my celebrations.

That’s just my opinion.

But I have to go.  Peter’s coming home today – stopping here for the night 😀 😀 – and I need to clean up after my kids and me, sick days and bake sales destroy my house.  My daughter’s class is hosting a fundraising bake sale (Breast Cancer Awareness) today and we made Jello Mini-Mimosas.  Although we used Sprite instead of club soda.  

Muah!  Have a great day!


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