My, My, My

So Peter came home yesterday after being gone for nearly two weeks.  We’re a very touchy feely couple.

There’s been a lot of touching and feeling going on most of the last 22 hours.  

As Mr. George Takei would say, “Oooh myyy.”

He’s gone from my place to his so here I am.

After the eco-friendly discussion with Val, Peter and I had a further discussion on creating the kinds of merchandise that would make people stop and go “what is that from?”  Also we continued where Val and I left off about guerrilla marketing.

“Guerrilla marketing?”

Sure.  Apparently a good example is sneaking wandering  around a big bookstore like Chapters and putting bookmarks into books in the same genre as mine.

We talked about the merch and one of the things we discussed was apparel.  T-shirts, long sleeve ones. A logo to emrboider discretely upon jackets.  An image to create into shopping bags.  

One of the other things we liked was this amazing idea I saw yesterday of notebooks with cutouts where a pen would fit in.  Awesome, right?  Never lose a pen again.  And, when the notebook is full, you still have the pen, with my name on it.  😀

In short, it was talking about turning me into a brand.  It was talking about some serious marketing to put me out there. And it showed me that I’m not alone in this, that there are people willing to help and make me a success.

Better make the writing worth it eh? 

So now I’m looking at custom printed products somewhere that the prices per item are cheaper in the long run.  New numbers to find and new numbers to crunch.

It’ll be fun.  Shopping.  Sort of.

On an amusing note….

“Let’s all stop judging people who talk to themselves. New research says that those who can’t seem to keep their inner monologues in — raving bus station denizens, for the most part, excluded — are actually more likely to stay on task, remain focused better and show improved perception capabilities.”  ~Tim Newcomb

Since I do this all the time (although I will say I’m talking to the cat) this is good news!

See you lovely people tomorrow.  


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