Supero Omnia

I surpass everything.  

And I shall. I shall surpass this damn illness.  I shall surpass all obstacles in my way.  

hmmm… that reminds me of a song.  


Rain forest on Vancouver Island

So Val went to visit family on Vancouver Island this weekend.  One of the most awesome things about the Island is this rain forest.  She showed me a busload of pictures she took of their tourist-kitsch day trip but this one struck a chord in me.  It made me want to write a spooky, creepy little story. A spooky, creepy little horror story.  A spooky, creepy, little erotic horror story.  

I think I’m going to have to write it before I completely lose the drive but it’s still percolating.

Speaking of writing, I wrote almost a thousand words yesterday. This was the best part though:

(Background: Anna was infected with Demon that changed her on the same level that the Wolf bite did.  Now she is Vampire, Wolf and Demon. She ran, scared, and when Liam brought her back he made her make apologies.  At this point she is also telling the pack that they are preparing to take down an enemy.)

Anna opened her mouth to speak then closed it again.  She was stuck finding the opening words until Chelle patted her on the thigh and smiled at her.  “I was scared. I have a new thing inside of me, a demon.  That means I live with three monsters now…” she held up a hand to quiet the denials that started.

“Yes, they are monsters. I am a monster and so is each of you.  But that doesn’t mean we have to be big and bad and scary, does it?”  Anna didn’t bother to wait for an answer to an obviously rhetorical question before she moved on.  “It just means that in purely human terms we have the potential to be big and bad and scary…” She trailed off, her mouth hanging open as she stared at Liam.

He nodded with a gentle smile and her face bloomed with joy and light before she spoke again.  “It doesn’t mean I have to be anything I don’t choose to be.” Smile and murmurs of agreement were coming from the Wolves around her.  “With your help I will learn about this demon within.  And quickly!  There is something we must do.”  The tips of her hair began to spark with tiny flames.  “We have learned who set fire to the house.”  She gestured at the renovations going on around them.  “We will be seeking justice.”

“Who!?”  The word was shouted by no less than a dozen people.  Other angry shouts mingled with growls of fury.

“Prince Skeena had some of her thralls do it.”  Liam raised his voice to be heard above the angry, hurt people in his kitchen.  “Our mission here is to remove that leech from power and put someone we can trust in her place.”

Someone muttered, “Is there such a thing as a leech we can trust?”

Anna cleared her throat and an apology quickly followed.  “I am a leech you can trust.”

“No you’re not; you’re a blood-sucking, black winged puppy we can trust!” The voice sounded suspiciously like Chelle but no one was quite sure.

Anna stood there with her mouth hanging open for a second then she burst out laughing.  “Alright, I’m a blood-sucking, black-winged puppy you can trust.”

Have I mentioned it gets tricky writing this stuff without losing the reader’s suspension of disbelief?  I think I need to send an update to my regular readers, the ones who tell me whether things make sense as I go.  They’re the ones who will go “OMGWTFBBQ!?” if necessary.  (Yeah, I’ve been wanting to use that for several days now *laughs*)

I think Anna’s going to learn about her new powers and it will be fun incorporating them in as she needs them but I think mostly she will remain about her Wolf, as she has been.  She was born a Vampire but her life is now among the Wolves that made her what she is.

And now that my taxes are filed, lunch is started and my journal is done I can perhaps get to work on planning their battle.  

Have a great day everyone!  


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