Overcoming… Really.

Yesterday morning, while I could still think, I was price comparing for bulk prizes.  I came to two conclusions: 

  1. It’s a pain in the ass.
  2. Everything is cut & paste and looks exactly the same. If I want what I want, I’d better do it myself.

There are also too many additional charges (like if I want to have more than one colour in my imprint). 

I will be designing stuff for either cafepress or zazzle though, once I appear to be getting some fans.

And a book cover.  A member of my Family, kaeli, is supposed to be creating one for me.  She’s already done one, it’s beautiful…

…but a tad dark.

Maybe it’s just the fangs and the red eyes.  If the eyes were amber and the fangs were gone… hmmm.  What do you all think?

I do love it on the cover and as a concept.

And you know how Sherrilyn Kenyon has that double bow symbol for the Dark Hunter books?  It’s on the cover for the Companion book.  I think for HW1 I’m going to take the Ankh-sword from the Mazrakir cover and put it on a wolf paw print (or maybe a wolf’s head silhouette).  It needs an adjustment or two – less round on the pommel and it needs a hilt.  kaeli did a great job with this cover and the sword looks fantastic on the cover. It’s just by itself that it needs the adjustments. 

So half the swag to be given away may just be painted by hand, by me (and anyone else I can rope into it shhhhh).  I think it’s kind of cool.  It’ll be time consuming but we (those who work closely with me on stuff like this) are looking at the easiest way to do these things.  Can you imagine painting 50 t-shirts letter by letter?  Stamps and stencils seem to be the way to go.

Incidentally, I ended up in the emergency room again last night.  After seven hours, an EKG (normal), one asthma attack, a Ventolin treatment, one Pulmicort treatment, a chest x-ray and a bunch of poking and prodding it turns out that I have a bacterial infection in my lungs.  It’s not organized enough to be bronchitis or pneumonia (it’s the way the doc put it, means it’s not all in a clump but rather scattered) and needs to be treated like NOW, apparently.  So now I’m on some antibiotic or another – the kind you get two horse pills to swallow once a day for a week, prednisone for a week, symbicort and ventolin four times a day for 2 weeks, then twice thereafter until I stop coughing.

Going to be HYPED on steroids, holy crap.  But I’ll be better.  By Monday I’ll be able to talk again, I hope.  (My daughter says she’s bringing me home a white board today*laughs*) I am equally hopeful that I’ll be able to start walking with her in the mornings again.  This sitting around sucks ass. 

While I was in the ER I developed a new character that is making an appearance in HW2.  He is Prince Andre, Vampire ruler of Edinburgh and everything north of it.  It’s quite a territory and therefore we can immediately see that he is a strong Vampire.  The fact that he’s held that position for almost 400 of his 600 years of existence tells us he’s strong AND smart and a good ruler.  He has earned the trust and loyalty of not only the Vamps but all the other Supes in his territory and has peace treaties with most of the other Kisses, Packs, Pards and Prides in the UK.  

Andre is about 6’1″ and born of a French mother, with a Highlander father. He is broad of shoulder, slim waisted with a muscular chest.  He has dark red hair and striking green eyes.  With his body you’d expect a strong jawed, hawk nosed face but his mother’s influence has made his face almost delicate with a sensual mouth and a slim nose framed by high cheekbones.  In his time he has learned that love comes in many forms and from both genders.  He is poly, prefers to have one male and one female partner.  He is in love with his human aide, a man named Sascha, and has an interest in Sarah MacLean, Prince Skeena’s Vampire assistant.

He also happens to loathe Skeena.

That will be very handy.  😀  

I love how my characters come to life.  When I first thought of Andre, he was going to have a romantic interest in Skeena but Sarah and he both said “But…noooo!”  As I let him develop himself (although his appearance is the concept of Val and I)  it turns out that he is in love with the human AND Sarah.  I’ve yet to discover the true extent of his relationship with Sarah.  I don’t think it’s gone very far yet.   

Skeena thinks his interest is in her and that will play very nicely into the little coup I’m planning.

Developing these stories is so much fun!  And the Highland Wolves series amazes me.  It started as a short story to commemorate two friends who died horribly and turned into a three book series.  The fact that Liam and Anna and Marcus and Chelle are so alive pleases me to no end.  Marcus and Chelle are the two based on my fallen comrades. Liam and Anna are based on the friend they saved and myself.  We were a hell of a team while they lived and now my fictional foursome are an outstanding one.

May they rest in peace until their next life.  Then may they find each other and love and joy.

I love you guys.  *blows a kiss in their direction then blinks away tears*

It’s been almost 4 years and I miss them like it was yesterday.

Have a great day, my lovely readers.  And just to get you started (it’s a little apropos, considering 😉 ):



10 thoughts on “Overcoming… Really.

  1. still think the cover is to dark and not in color…. thats at least two characters that I read that you developed maybe 4 since I have no clue who your talking about *shrugs*


        1. Yes they are, and a little too straight. I think they’re meant to represent the Vampire in Anna. Which I appreciate. Maybe instead of eliminated they need to be tweaked. But I would prefer the amber eyes over the red.


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