Sunday Sundries

Well, it’s my photo-blog but I like the title.  I am a day late because I was offline yesterday due to a fairly severe reaction to one of the meds I was put on this week. My body decided to act like I’d been poisoned and…well, I won’t get into it but I’m feeling almost par today.  I am grateful I have Peter, he took wonderful care of me yesterday.  Even through last night he slept lightly, waking up each time I moved to make sure I wasn’t still sick.

Love is everywhere! From the sick bed to the launch dock at the yacht club, where we found this painted on the cement just off the ramp.

Last week I said I was going to find something else to take pictures of, besides the beach.  We didn’t really get anywhere this week, except the emergency room and I was really in no shape to go traipsing around the city to get more pictures.  However, since last week was the spring launch, we went to the marina instead of the main beach to look for interesting things to see.  

And I found a few 😀

I like structural things.  Houses, the sweep of lines – straight, curved or twisted, I don’t care, I like them.  That’s one reason I take macro photos of flowers, they’re beautiful up close.


Those flowers are from this tree, seen here with the somewhat hazy morning sun filtered through it. Difficult to get without serious overexposure, standing facing the sun as I was. I know there’s a filter out there somewhere that would fix that. Meanwhile…

The marina and yacht club offered lots of lines and contrast to photograph.  

We have no idea why they did this – the highly polished steel roof on a black building (freshly painted too) but it’s certainly a striking look.

I found a few houses along the river, facing the yacht club that I just loved.

I love the deck here! The top balcony probably leads out from the master suite. Maybe it’s a guest room, but me, I’d be selfish and that would be *my* space. I love the gazebo on the middle portion where, I imagine, the living space opens out from. And of course the lower part that leads out to the dock. Given that it faces south, I’d guess there’s not much shade there but I’d be out on it as much as possible anyway.

I LOVE the colour on this one! The contrast of the white against the slate blue is remarkable, especially in that light. The little round window is a whimsical touch in such an angular house and the chairs on the lowest deck are a fantastic addition. (and yes, I see my horizon is off)

I don’t do windows so hiring someone to clean these would be second on my spring cleaning list (behind cleaning the deck furniture so we could sit there as soon as the weather turns nice) but it is my favourite house of the day. I love the sweep of the roof over the tall, tall windows. The glass paneling around the deck is a wonderful touch. It’s a pale, sleek, modern house that contrasts beautifully with the wooden stairs and the rich, deep green of the lawn and old junipers.

I caught this out of the corner of my eye and took the shot because I like it. It’s a square, plain, blah little house with a surprising touch – a spiral staircase leading to the upper deck. I’ve had a fascination with such staircases since I was a kid. Dunno why.

But we’re at a marina, right?  That means boats!  

As I said earlier, it was the spring launch this week, something I’d have liked to watch.  So we went down to see the boats.  

Isn’t it lovely? A row of masts and sail lines (nope, no clue about the names of the ropes and lines etc. I could google but that’s cheating 🙂 ). They’re bobbing there gently, waiting for those perfect summer days and the people who love to be on the water.

Except this one: 

This guy is waiting to plunder the high seas…er… lake… with barrels of rum and a rowdy raucous crew!

I’m off to get some work done.  I have a bit of a headache now but I’m still feeling much, much better than I was yesterday!  Have a beautiful Sunday everyone! 

OH!  I forgot to mention!  I have had over a THOUSAND views on my blog already!  Yay me!


17 thoughts on “Sunday Sundries

            1. i’m writing a guest post for someone, has to do with all the “fun” i had after i divorced. i’ll give you the like when it’s posted. i think you’ll like it.


  1. I love that house in the 3rd photo too! If I ever got to live on the waters edge I’d like it to be in a house like that. And Mmmm, Johnny Depp as Cap’t Jack Sparrow…yes please! lol


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