Plans, Covers and Blocks

It’s settled!  This is the new cover, the final cover for Witch Hitlist: The first Highland Wolves novel.  That makes my book release one step closer!

Have to finish some other work and then we will have a go at setting a release date.   I’ll see if I can get that done in the next couple of days.

The deciding factor?  The Man Liam is based is on likes this cover.  His approval trumps all others (sorry Peter) so way to go kaeli!  

I’m pleased.

And I’m stuck!  I’m not entirely sure how Anna & Liam and crew are going to get into Skeena’s place.  Maybe today I’ll sit down and let them hash it out until we come up with something.  Yesterday I sat there staring at the page then gave up and did everything but.  *laughs*  I did get stuff accomplished towards the Catherine Bowman venture, just no writing.

And I have discovered that I need to reformat my book.  Which means inputting the font size and whatever other errors the template made in the formatting by hand.  Thirty-nine chapters, plus prologue, dedication and acknowledgments need to be redone page by page, chapter by chapter.  Mergh.

 I don’t think I’m going to worry about that today.  I have questions that need to be answered before I can continue with the publishing process and things that need to be discovered.  So I’ll set that aside and move on with everything else.    I have an email in to their help/service department for some questions and some research of my own to do.   Just have to remember I stopped at Chapter Thirty-Two (working from the bottom up!).

So I’m off!  (Especially since I’ve been trying to get this posted for the last hour but kept getting distracted when things popped into my head. *laughs*

Have a great day!


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