Sometimes it’s yummy

And sometimes one’s innate talent (which I have) takes a vacation. Somewhere far, far away.  

Oh it’s been stress.   Combine all the things that have gone wrong with my health in the last few months, writer’s block and a HUGE fight with my best friend.  Add a sprinkle of random migraines, bake with a stressful weekend coming up (which happens to be the same one in which my boyfriend is leaving for work again)  and you get one well done Caity breakdown.  

Which was yesterday.  Peter, beautiful, wonderful Peter, picked me up and took me to the cottage for a day without George (my laptop, silly story).  

After an afternoon of reading (finished The Princess Bride, great book! and started the first Otherworld book), a walk on the beach, good company and useless TV, I came home to my kids, snuggled with my boyfriend and tried to go to sleep.  Couldn’t go to sleep of course because almost as soon as Peter left me to do so my brain went: 

“Oooh!  Swahili words for Sun, Sunlight and Serenity!”  

Fine, wrote them down.

Laid back down.

Then my brain said. “OMG!   We need a Den of Naga!  They’d be excellent allies… although I’m not sure how we’ll use them.”  

Fine, fine… Made a note on my cell phone memo pad.  “Sleep now,” I said sternly to my brain.

“Oh sure.  We’re done here.”  

Tick… tick…. tick…

“WAIT!  RUSSIAN BEAR CLAN!  Yes!  We need that too!”

“Oh for fuck sake! SHUT UP!”  Telling off the voices in my head doesn’t always work.  And sure enough…

“And a …pard? …of African Jaguars!   They’ve just emigrated to Glasgow because word of Liam & Anna is slowly working its way around and they needed to leave because….uh..I don’t know yet.”

*groan* “Oh my fucking god. SHUT UP.  If I write it down will you shut up??”


So I write it down.  Lay down again, get comfortable – not easy mind you.  Just thinking that yes, sleep is possible and…

“The Naga live on the river Clyde!   And we *think* they came from Pakistan… oooo you should ask Sam [who is from Pakistan] about the words for the list you have!… but they’ve been in Glasgow for a long time.  Almost as long as the Bears.  Or maybe longer…  I dunno.  You’ll figure it out.”  A mental pat pat on the head.  “And what about using a LARGE bird of prey as a Were?  Is that too weird?  Something that exists.  Not like a Roc or something.”

I scowl.  Write it all down, in the dark, scrawling it across my notebook.  Put in mental ear plugs.  Ignored everything else that came down the pike.  Did my little sleep trick – a descent down the stairs – and went to sleep.


(Is it just me or am I writing a number of convoluted sentences?  *laughs*)

Woke up this morning.  Started a whack of research.  Wrote 300 words and… developed another freaking migraine.  Had a friend visit this morning too, think he was a big part of it.  He’s really good about not wearing cologne and stuff but there are things people don’t think about – laundry soaps and stuff – that can still affect me.  

Long and the short of it is: Not much writing today.  Learned a lot about birds of prey (Crowned Eagles are AWESOME but Harpy Eagles are da bomb), some about bears and a bit about the geography of jaguar habitat.  Enough other work to realize what’s REALLY going to happen to end this book.  

End.   You hear that?


Yes, there’s an end in sight.  

I’m almost giddy with the idea.



6 thoughts on “Talent…

  1. Well if you’re seeing the end of this one, I hope you’re already thinking about the next one. : P
    No pressure though, lol!


    1. Oh, you mean have I given any thought to “Ghosts Afire”? Nope, none at all. I don’t know that it’s about Anna helping the ghosts of the Glen Coe Massacre get some peace. No idea that the wedding will be in there.

      Nope… no thought. 😉


  2. adore the movie “the princess bride,” haven’t read the book but i know a woman who reads it over and over, finishes, starts again, and she’s a literature teacher. so — there.


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