Life Has Sprung!

Good morning, my lovelies!

Today is my daughter’s dance recital so I am charging my camera and pondering the best settings to capture her in her costumes and with her friends.  Fluorescent lighting is a bitch. I’m not allowed to take pictures while she’s on stage so I’ll have to content myself with the backstage antics.   

Meanwhile, the pictures I took this week nearly filled my camera!  Admittedly, a bunch last night had to be deleted because a) apparently I had the shakes and b) ducklings and goslings are not prone to standing still and posing.  Some of the blurriness levels made my eyes cross.  *laughs*   I DID get a bunch of good ones though and it was hard picking through everything.  

Last night’s opportunity for pictures came as a surprise and it was supposed to give me more options for today’s theme “Green.”  It’s spring, right?  Green is springing forth.  However, after spending 45 minutes taking pictures (and attempting to!) the theme has change to “Life in Spring”.  Plus a couple of pictures of something silly we chose to do.  I blame Peter for them, it was his idea.  

I will say that for the ducklings and goslings a telephoto lens and a tripod – even just the lens, it would’ve changed my hold – might’ve yeilded better results.  As it is, I don’t think I did too badly.

Wednesday evening at the pier. The colours looked so sharp I had to get a photo. But, me being me, I had to play with the “magic” settings on the camera. Here is the picture without the Pop Art setting.  Yes, I’m aware it’s crooked, that’s what I get for using the car door frame as a support.  *laughs*

And this is the “pop art” setting. The colours are phenomenal. I love the way the blue pops out in the water and off that steel roof on the other side of the river. The tint of yellow over everything else makes it all seem so warm. Of course, we did have another tint of colour that evening …

I was admiring how red the sunset was making everything (it was behind us) when I realized that I had sunglasses on. They’re not my normal dark sunglasses but ones with a rosier tint, my crap-I-lost-my-sunglasses sunglasses. It was a total “omfg DUH!” moment when I realized I had them on.

This is what the world REALLY looked like. I love the colour of the sky. But hey, it’s not all rosy. We decided to try one more “filter” on the world…

This is through the spare pair of sunglasses Peter keeps in the glove compartment. They’re an emergency pair too but I can’t wear them because they make the world brighter where I need it darker. (Yes it’s blurry, my bad, it was awkward to hold the glasses and the camera AND take the pic) It certainly makes everything look… happier.
“She sees the world thru rose coloured glasses,
Painted skys and dreams of romances.” ~Blue Rodeo’s Rose Colored Glasses

And now for something completely different:

My little buddy here was the only one who came remotely close to standing still. For some reason the geese did NOT want me taking pictures, all the pics of them came out with a modicum of blurriness somewhere, even when the damn birds were roosting.

I got a very distinct “fuck off” vibe from this one and her mate. Not sure you can see the tiny head poking out from under her wing, just in front of her. Behind her is a gosling exerting his independence. I was standing still. They were being still. I’m sure I shot the pic properly. And yet… blurriness.

On the other hand…

…this Momma Mallard had no problem with me taking pictures. The ducklings came out crisp and clear in all the pictures I took of them.

However, she did take exception to my proximity and gathered them close. She didn’t move any further away from the shore, just got them all in line.

A family came by while I was taking pictures and roused the geese by throwing food around. And my two feathered families came together. See how crisp the ducks are and how fuzzy the geese are? What’s up with that? Must be the feathers, it’s certainly not my photography 😉

And here is a lone wolf… um… mallard. I love the reflection in the water. This is the Strathroy Conservation area, part of St Clair Conservation system. They are particular interested in watershed management and conserving areas like this little park in the middle of my small city. I love the reflections in the water here, it came out not quite as I had hoped when I took it but it is beautiful.

Sunset bouncing off the trees. Almost can’t tell there’s a housing complex behind there. It’s one of my favourite places to be, this little park. Next time, food for the birds, less pictures of the water.

That’s it for me today folks!  I have to get some writing done – and oh my goodness, you just wait until my next about-my-work blog!  The things that are happening with the Four Claw Pack are awesome!  I think… *think*  I may have book four in the Highland Wolves series.  Anna & Liam might just be going to the Congo.  

Have a great weekend!



4 thoughts on “Life Has Sprung!

  1. I actually like the photos *without* any fancy filters or settings best. And Geese are snobby bitches, Duckies are more friendly, lol. But the goslings and baby ducks are both adorable.


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