I Think…

…there might be something wrong with me.  Seriously, fundamentally wrong.  *laughs*

Anna and Liam slipped into the house, shutting out the sounds of battle.  They were immediately hit by the scent of blood and death.  They picked their way through the house to Skeena’s room.  They found her in the antechamber.

Skeena’s eyes were wild and she was holding a head in one hand.  She was holding it by the length of spine sticking out from the bottom of the skull.  All the tattoos were upside down but there was only one person who had that set of tattoos on her scalp – Alice.  “Look what you made me do!” The crazed Vampire screamed the words at Anna then she lifted the head and licked the cooling blood off the still warm head.  “She was my favourite food.”

Anna dodged to one side as the head – she couldn’t bear to think of it as “Alice’s head” – came flying at her.  She tried desperately not to flinch as the head thumped against the wall, bounced off and rolled to a stop at Liam’s feet.  Anna stood straight yet relaxed in an unconscious fighter’s stance, in one hand was the first scroll.  “I did nothing to you.”   She lifted the scroll and repeated the words she’d spoken earlier.

“Skeena Macfarlane, Prince of Glasgow, you are hereby ordered to step down and vacate both your position and these premises posthaste.”

Yep.  That’s what’s in my head this morning. 

Fun isn’t it?

Oh by the way… this is post number 51.  Awesome, no?

Death. Always fun to write about.  Just ask Poe.


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