The Best Shots of the Week

Happy Sunday, folks!

It is time for my Saturday photo blog! 

Yep, I’m aware it’s Sunday morning.  However, yesterday my daughter had a dance competition and by the time I was done there the chemical exposures had pretty much shut down any cognitive parts of my brain that would have allowed me to do this with any comprehension.

In other words:  Chemicals made me stupid.  It sucks.  I’m not feeling all that much better today.  Mostly clearer in the head, slightly cranky and I’m sore & coughing.  The last two are contributing to the cranky.  *laughs*

She did great though.  The judges docked some point for problems the stage caused, even though her team recovered really well.  They were graded about middle of the road.  We thought they should’ve gotten gold.  But her dad and I aren’t judges 😉

On to my favourite shots of the week.  Yes, we have returned to macro shots and beach shots BUT that’s because that’s what I love.  I can’t remember the name of this first flower and it’s annoying me… oh wait, let me look it up as a perennial.  HA!  See, brain IS working today!  One second please.

*plays Jeopardy theme song while we wait*

And 20 minutes later I still don’t have the answer.  I could text the woman whose garden I found it in but it’s a little early.  I’ll ask her later.

Edit: She told me this morning it’s a columbine.  😀  Good to know!

I like the focus in this one. The detail in the background. Still on the super macro setting like the previous one.

I love the combination of fragile, fleeting, flowing beauty and the enduring, everlasting stoic stiffness of the two plants cohabitating here.

The following evening we went to the beach and I got some spectacular sunset pictures.  But before the sun began it’s final descent we had some company on the shore.

This is Gill. He was our guide for a short stretch of beach. When we walked, he preceded us. When we stopped, he stopped. It was amusing. (I also happen to like the way this picture came out with the colours and contrasts in nature.)

I saw these and just had to follow them! They led me too…

…this guy. Meet The Boyfriend, Peter.

Then the sun started going down.

It’s beautiful, no? I love the sun peeking through the clouds and the reflection on the water right at the horizon. Remember you can right click > open image in new tab to get more details in my pics.

Vertical panorama. The camera focused mostly on the water and the sun is a tad over-exposed. I love the effect, the dark water and the bright sunset.

Here the focus is deliberately more to the foreground and the sunset is, again, a little over exposed. Overall, this is one of my favourites. All three of them are, of the nearly dozen sunset pics I took.

At the end of our walk, we had happy feet. Dirty feet but happy.

Even though my visit to my brother got postponed and I had to make my ex-husband take my daughter to the emergency room (“Fine! But you’re wasting my time!” then a growly hang up) it’s a good weekend.  It was a good week too.  I hope all y’all can say the same.

*clears throat*  Sorry about the “all y’all”… too many Southeners in my life I think.  Not to mention that moonshiner show on Discovery.  😉

Have a great day!


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