Well Then…

Canada Post is expensive.  Been looking at shipping costs.

And life has punched me in the chops.

A few months ago my jaw started clicking and snapping and locking up.  It hurt.  Up into my temples, behind my eyes and ears, down my neck.  

So I saw the doc. That’s what you do, right?  I know I’ve had TMJ Disorder for years. It was apparent that something was wrong.  The resident (4th year) told me it was a TMJ flare.  “Take Aleve for three days.”

Sure, because pills are the answer to everything.

But I do it.  Pain eases, clicking and snapping does not.


So I wait a few more weeks until my next monthly appointment.  “Doc *this* is what is going on.  *This* is how long it’s been going on.”

Frown of concern, long, slim, warm, well manicu- *ahem*  sorry, I’ve had a thing for my doctor for almost 20 years.  Anyway, he pressed his fingers gently to the joint on either side and had me open and close it.

“It’s dislocating when you operate it.  Soft foods, don’t open it very wide.”  Also suggested I find a dentist.


So I found a dentist.  They shunted me to an orthodontist.  

And what does the orthodontist say?

*laughs*  No, not that bad.  (That looks like an interesting BDSM scene though 😉 )

He says that it’s dislocated, locked up and the meniscus is damaged.  It’s a joint like any other.  He said “Don’t let anyone talk you into surgery!”  Which made me go “O.O!”

But he said:  Soft foods, don’t open wide, come back to get a mouth guard fitted.

I hate mouth guards.  I gag on things that hold my mouth open (which is why I don’t chew on pencils).

Have to get insurance approval for the visits and the guard.  So I wait.  

Meanwhile there’s a vice on my skull.  The muscles in my jaw, face and neck are so tight I could scream.   Focus is generally beyond me.  My ability to think coherently for very long is iffy.  (This post has taken me over an hour)

So my writing has suffered – I’ve been probably 3,000 words away from finishing the book for two weeks now.  Unforgivable!

And my blogs have suffered.  I’ve been averaging what 2.5 a week the last few weeks?  Also unforgivable.

Mergh.  I resolve to do better.

In the meantime, I would like your help!  Look:

Liam watched as Anna palmed a throwing knife then stepped forward.  He ducked under a wing and stepped between the two Vampires.  “Anna.  Kill her or don’t, but stop playing with her.”

Black eyes with fires burning in their depths turned in Liam’s direction and he took half a step back.  Slowly the fires died down and she blinked, even though her form didn’t change.  Anna opened her mouth to speak and Skeena’s voice came out.  She frowned and her wings dipped.  She cleared her throat and opened her mouth again.

Once again, Skeena’s voice seemed to emerge.  “Get away from me you DOG!  I don’t need you to protect me.”  She lashed out with her feet and the fires flared up in Anna’s eyes as Liam’s knee popped and he toppled with a yelp of pain.

Anna grabbed her sword’s hilt in both hands, pulled it out of the wall but not out of Skeena, twisted it and dragged it down through Skeena’s body.  A thick ragged cut followed the sword, along with screaming.  Then the screaming stopped and the bottom half of Skeena fell to the ground.  The top half dangled from the hand and the Alphas stared for a moment before turning away to find the entrance to the dungeon, Liam leaning on Anna.



Chapter Forty-Three


“You go ahead, find the door, I’ll be fine.”  Liam tried to put weight on the knee and sought to find the Anna he loved in the frightening visage before him. 

Anna’s wings were high in aggravation and she stopped.  “Sarah can wait a minute.”  She knelt, her concern and love for Liam beginning to override her fury at Skeena.  She knelt and put her thick-fingered, grey skinned hands around his damaged knee.   She called on the love and her power and soon soft blue light poured from her hands to surround his knee.

As heat filled his knee, Liam watched while Anna’s wings pulled into her back and disappeared.  He watched the pale porcelain skin he loved reappear and sighed softly with pleasure.  When she looked up to ask him how it felt he was relieved to see his Anna’s face.  Her eyes were still black but the change was enough to make him smile at her.  “It’s feeling much better, my love.”

With a returning smile, Anna rose to her feet.  “Good, let’s go find Sarah then.  I am willing to bet the entrance to her little dungeon is in her rooms.”

Liam put his weight on his injured leg and breathed a sigh of relief through his nostrils.  “I’d have to agree.”  They turned around, stepped over Skeena’s flaky remains and cautiously opened the doors into her chambers.

Finding nothing, they began searching the walls for a door.  With a speaking look at each other after the initial search turned up nothing they started moving paintings and wall sconces.  There was a large fireplace on one wall and Liam had a flash of a few B-movies where the fireplace wall spun.   He shook his head.  “Even she couldn’t have been that stereotypical.”

“What do you mean?”  Anna moved over to him curiously and stared at the fireplace with him.

The fireplace was big, stone chimney, hearth and surround.  There were spiral finials on the corner of the mahogany mantle and scones on the wall on either side.  Liam waved a hand at it all.  “This.  You don’t think she’d be so ridiculously obvious, do you?”

Anna snorted.  “She was fairly ridiculously obvious and a stereotype in almost every other way.  Why not this one too?”

Together they stepped to the wall sconces and pulled down on them.

Where do you think this should end?  The fireplace swing open or no?  Door hidden behind a tapestry?  Also cliché but hey, Skeena’s not known for her original thoughts.  *chuckles*

I’m going to get myself  some Lego Batman action I think.  It’s a good distraction.  It’s weird but the more my jaw hurts, the more the rest of me does.  Very strange. 

And I’m done whining.  😉


Oh by the way, I deliberately ignored the physics of the knife holding up the majority of the upper body.  The weight of the upper body would slide over the blade (whether it was vertical or not) and eventually the hand would tear open, allowing the body to hit the floor. No idea how long it would take to do so I’m ignoring it on purpose.  I don’t have a large pig to play with, not to mention a space I can get that dirty.


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