Macro Mania!

It is photo blog day!  I love this day of the week.  Saturday means that I am with Peter.  It means that my kids are with their Dad (they are at some point every day but spend more time with me during the week for the school year).

And the school year is over. 😀  That’s as much a break for me as it is them.  I still work but I get more evenings to myself.  I like the end of day time best.  It’s a chance to just unwind and let go of the day, be pleased with accomplishments and figure out how to get the things you missed done the  next day.  And time to figure out how to forgive yourself for missing those to-do items.

That’s a big one for me.

So last weekend was our last at the cottage until mid-September.  I was a tad tipsy Saturday evening (first time in AGES, alcohol doesn’t like me) but I still wanted to take some pictures.  When my camera refused to focus in the late evening light Peter went and found a couple of flashlights.  I’m going to post my favourites. 

First, something that completely amazes me and it’s in my own home.  

This is my cat’s water dish. These are the ants that go from their home to the water dish and carry water back.

It helps that I keep my floor food free.  If there’s food on the floor, they’re right there.  They only touch the mess the cat makes if the food gets wet.

Why do I tolerate this?  I’m not sure.  There’s not a lot I can do about them since I can’t use Raid or something.  I don’t have any cayenne pepper right now either.  But it amazes me.  It also amazes me that I let a spider live in my stove.  It eats the ants.

And speaking of spiders….

This is a baby Ontario Garden Spider. Pretty isn’t it?

They’re only pretty when they’re babies.  The adults are creepy as hell.  I have to agree with Thereasa on this one, the contrasts between the green of the leaf and red of Peter’s tee is wonderful.  The bright spider is kind of a beacon to the eye.

This is the same spider. Patient little fella isn’t he? He’s lit with an LED flashlight from the top and a…. whaddayacallit… incandescent flashlight from the side.

Then we got tired of trying to light him up and get a good focus where he wasn’t moving.  So I moved on.  

A pretty little half bloomed rose I found in the back gardens. One of few that weren’t heat weathered. This is lit only by the evening light. I still love the colour.

And I love the texture of the petals and the varying shades of red and pink.  The little bits of white scattered throughout.  The blue of the porch rail sets it all off nicely.  Me being me, I had to try something different so I did this…

I lit this with the LED flashlight.

 It picked up the white and made it almost sparkle.  

My favourite pictures are the ones I took of the lilies.

The curl of the petals, the colours, all captured my attention with these flowers. I took this picture because of the fly. It’s a dark blotch marring the perfection of the petal.

My intention wasn’t to focus on the receptacle. I wanted the stamen. But I love the way it came out.

This is the entire lily. Look at the lines, the ruffles. The colours are phenomenal.

A little LED light held above the camera – held like a flashlight taped to the top of a gun – et voila! Lit stamen. Quite the contrast from the first time I tried to take a picture of them. They glow, don’t they?


And the last of my shots that I want to share brings us back to roses.  This one is from the same bush I took the half-bloomed one from.  We had a mini-heat wave the week before I was at the cottage.  The temps soared to 33, 34 degrees Celcius with humidexes of near 40.  

It’s heat withered. It’s also blurry, I am aware of that. *laughs* So don’t try to focus on it. I like the shapes, the colours. I like the life that’s still visible despite the death. The vibrant red, the lush green… it all appealed to me.

I will try to write more blogs.  I’m slowly figuring things out for HW3.  I wrote some porn again recently.  Debating sharing parts of it.  Debating posting it on my literotica account.  Tomorrow I will talk some about what’s coming in the book.

Have a wonderful weekend and for all you fellow Canucks – have a fantastic LONG weekend!  

Traditional Scots Dress

Hi!  I’d like to introduce you to my brain.

I think it’s around here somewhere.

Hopefully it’ll be here soon.

It went on a little vacation yesterday.

When I left off with HW3 a few days ago Anna was thinking she’d start with the men because it’s “the easiest.”  


In  Scotland men do not simply wear a tux.

NOT traditional Scottish wear

No, instead men look more like this:

Although not all are as dead sexy

There are many parts to consider. 

A sporran

The traditional knife, called a Sgian Dubh

There is also the kilt hose and flashing (the bits sticking out from under the fold at the top). Sexy legs eh?

Even the shoes! These are Ghillie Brogues

Then, of course, there’s the main portion, the all important kilt:

The kilt. The one men wear for weddings nowadays is the smaller 6 or 8 yd kilt. The one Liam Neeson here is wearing for Rob Roy is at least 12yds.

The kilt is the easiest for it displays the clan tartan.  It IS the clan tartan.  So that’s easy: Liam will wear the 

Liam has his own ideas about the  Sgian Dubh, kilt pin – oh didn’t I mention the kilt pin? – and the hose.  The jacket & waistcoat Sir Sean is wearing is what I’d like to see Liam in, he & Anna are willing to go along with that, as long as it doesn’t have diamond shaped buttons apparently.

Funny thing though…  Remember I told all of you about D, the man Liam is based on?  He is my main man for all things Scots.  I asked him if Liam should have tartan hose or solid colour ones.  He was VERY adamant about what Liam should be wearing:

“Neither, gods! White woolen hose.”   His whole attitude there was “Are you daft!?  Tartan socks indeed.”

“I was thinking Liam should have tartan hose and the rest could have the solid.”  I moved well out of reach of his internet self as I spoke, normally we’re cuddled up together.  

“He’d show up nude just to prove a point.”

And he’s right, Liam probably would show up nude just to show me up AND make Anna be nude once he got there just so he wouldn’t be alone in it.  *laughs*

Want to see what’s being touted as a traditional Scottish bridal gown?

Of course you do:

This is the only one I like. They have gowns made almost entirely from the tartan. Gowns with the bodice made from the tartan.  Gowns with a tartan shawl.

I’m sorry but I don’t want Anna wearing the tartan.  Although… maybe having some of Liam’s tartan placed on her after they’re man and wife, or during their vows, would be the way to go.  It is, as far as I know, tradition that the woman take on her husbands colours.  hmmm I could have a length of his tartan done up as a long scarf and they could pin one end to the centre of her bodice, throw it over her shoulder so that it trails down the back of her gown.  The gown is white with black embroidery in the pleats so that could work.  I’ll have to work on the imagery some, see if I can draw it out, or get someone I know who CAN draw to do it.  I’d print off the picture and work from it but I’m out of ink.  

Oh so many decisions!  Some things are now easy – the hose, the brogues – but some are so very much  not – the knife, the sporran.  Oh! Wait… I think I have an idea for the sporran.  I do think the men will wear black watch kilts though with Liam in something a touch more formal.

I think Anna’s gown & flower decisions turned out to be simpler.  *laughs*

Food Porn!

“Just what is ‘food porn’?” I hear you asking.

Well, it’s basically porn, but food rather than naked bodies.  What does porn do?  It arouses, titillates the senses, intrigues, pleases.  (or disgusts, depending on your views on such things but hey, we’re going for the positive here)

I love to cook.  I love to cook for many of the same reasons I love to write:  It’s fun to make people groan in pleasure and happiness when they put that first bite in their mouths.  It’s fun to watch as they eat steadily without saying a word because the food is just so good it doesn’t occur to them to do anything BUT eat.  (although, really, I do like the verbal praise too lol)  

I have pictures from the last few months.  Some of them aren’t very well lit.  Then I discovered the “cuisine” setting on my camera et voila! properly lit food.  I’d have more but I only recently started taking the pictures to tease my friends.  

The biggest thing that you have to understand about my cooking is that it has to be gluten/wheat, corn and soy free.  Since I also appear to be intolerant to eggs and dairy, the less I use of those the better too.  (My reactions to them are generally MUCH less violent to the first three.  Just can’t eat hard boiled eggs.  At all.  You don’t want to be around.)

Trying to figure out what to do with left over ground beef one day.  I decided I wanted to make a beefy-cheesy mac & cheese thing (I call it beefaroni but technically, I don’t think beefaroni has cheese in it).  But I didn’t have any sauce so my daughter and I went to the grocery store.  They didn’t have a single sauce I can eat in it.  My reaction was “#@$#@$%@#$!” and some serious moping.  I was having bad reactions to airborne chemicals that day and couldn’t make a decision.  Then I happened to lay eyes on a bag of basmati rice.  Yum.

My daughter helped me pick out veggies – broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, cauliflower, green pepper and green onion – and we discussed a sauce.  Mind you, she wouldn’t eat the dinner with someone else’s mouth but she wants to be a chef so she likes to help me develop meals.  The sauce she wanted involved lemons.  So I made a lemon-garlic-butter sauce and added the basmati rice.   Came out looking like this:

Yummy, no?

I will be posting older photos later in the blog so the quality will go down.  I want main dishes, then dessert types.  😀

My son had never had a Philly Cheesesteak before.  Can you believe that?  So I made him one.  I bought an inside round steak, since I couldn’t find Steak’ums (which work best).  Usual ingredients – green peppers, onion.  Added a little sweet onion & chipotle BBQ sauce.  Mine is on gluten free bread but I put his on a nice, soft Portuguese roll.  I used Swiss cheese instead of provolone and added fries on the side.

Yummy, no?

Yes I put salt & pepper on my fries.  Blame Peter.  I got to liking it.

My son is one of those stuff-his-face-omg-this-is-fantastic!  type eaters.  Had to ask him if it was good.  I should know better because if it’s not (and it does happen, though rarely) he’ll say “No Mom.  This is not food.”  *laughs*

I live in a small apartment – well, actually it’s a fair size for what it is, big open spaces, huge bedroom.  It’s a one bedroom in a really old building and I have no balcony.  That means no BBQ, which frustrates me to no end.  (And hey, really, if someone wants to send me a George Foreman Grill I wouldn’t object)  It means I have to find other ways to get that BBQ flavour.  One way I discovered is to steam chicken in BBQ sauce that’s been diluted with water.  (if you don’t add the water it cooks down really quickly into a thick sludge on the bottom of the pan)  The chicken turns out REALLY moist and just to die for, although without the smoky flavour a BBQ gives it.  Even my super picky daughter, who is not a fan of the sauce, wolfed it down the first time I fed it to her.

This week though I wanted something different.  So I decided to do chicken under the broiler.  The tricks there are to a) make sure it’s close enough but not too close; b) use chicken that isn’t frozen and c) watch it closely.  It tasted a little oven-y but I was using a garlic & herb sauce by Sensations, which is divine by the way, and that helped make me ignore the oven taste.  Then I pulled out my basmati rice again (I prefer it to brown rice and white instant rice, thanks to our friend Jude, who introduced me to to it) and some stir fry vegetables.

Looks divine doesn’t it?  It was fantastic even reheated.  I do bulk cooking when I can so that there is always a meal in the freezer when I can’t cook.  It was really good.

Now on to desserts!

Peter’s birthday is in November and he hadn’t had a birthday cake in ages.  I really wanted to do his favourite – angel food cake – but being new to gluten free baking at that point, I couldn’t see my way around tackling it (and succeeding).  So I made him one from a new discovery – Betty Crocker’s gluten free cake mixes.  The yellow one in particular.  I set aside some of the batter and added organic cocoa powder in order to make it pretty.   

The filling is whipping cream with crushed raspberries folded in.

Lousy picture.  It was eventually iced with more of the whipped cream and decorated with whole raspberries.  It was a big hit.  The BC GF cake mixes are a little dense but if you whisk/sift the mix before using it it gets to be a little lighter.  I haven’t tried the brownie or cookie mix first because… well, aside from them having corn starch in them, I prefer to do those from scratch.

Thanksgiving was last October (as it is every year for Canadians) and I wanted something that was *me*.  A new tradition.  Peter doesn’t like pumpkin pie much so I wanted something he would like, as well as the pumpkin.  Because I LOVE pumpkin.  So I made an Apple-Cranberry Streusel pie.  The crust was a bitch.  For some reason the GF flour mix I was using just lets the liquid attach itself to the outside, rather than being properly absorbed, and remains sticky.  It doesn’t work well at all for pie crust.  So I ended up pressing it into the pan and it wasn’t as good as I’d like.  

Fresh cranberries, apples and apple juice went into a pot with cinnamon, sugar, a tiny hit of nutmeg and cloves.  It was all cooked down a bit then tossed with other apple slices and put into the crust.  The topping is flour, brown sugar, a bit more cinnamon and nutmeg.   Oh lordie it was good!  My ex-husband wasn’t entirely sure he liked it but it got eaten up.

Looks good, yes?

A friend of Peter’s died last fall and there was a gathering to remember him.   People were asked to bring things.  He wouldn’t let me go because of the scents and stuff but I sent along two upside down lemon meringue pies.  

“What the hell?”


I remembered it from my teens, when I was living with my mother in Calgary.  She has Celiac Disease, which means she’s gluten free.  We didn’t think a rice flour crust would work well (read: taste right) so we used the meringue as the crust.  It’s a delicate thing but it turned out really well!  

So that’s what I did.  We’re not the only ones who are gluten free in our community of friends so it was good.  It also made sure that Peter had something sweet he could have if he wanted.

So what did I do?  I took a Pavlova recipe and used it to fill the pie plates.  Smoothed it all out with a spoon and baked it.  While it was cooling I made the filling – a Shirriff’s lemon pie filling.  My absolutely favourite.  I can’t have it anymore because it has some version of corn in it, starch I think, but that’s ok, I can make lemon curd.  Just have to get over my fear of it going wrong and do it.  


One last thing…  Triple Chocolate Cookies.   *drool*

I made these yesterday.  They have a cocoa cookie dough base, milk chocolate chips and white chocolate mini chips.  They are so good I can only make half a batch at a time.  We eat them all almost immediately.  They’re rich, not stupidly sweet and my kids don’t even care that they’re gluten free (they’ve gotten used to the GF stuff anyway).   

And now I’m hungry.  *laughs*  Time to go make some food!

Oh!  We had a visitor.

See his tail? Down by his hind feet. I’d have to name him Oreo. Peter says he must’ve smelled my brain thinking about food.

Split Personalities

Violence to ….wedding plans.

I really do have a split personality today.  *laughs*

Alasdair looked at the woman in front of him and her children around her.  They aged in range from eight to fourteen, very nearly one a year, and for a brief moment, he envied the woman’s husband his large family and lusty wife and the life they had led before the events two mornings prior.  “Oh Suzy, ‘tis sorry I am for your loss.”

Suzy wailed and buried her face in his chest.  His arms went around her and he held her face to his chest as Liliya almost lovingly put the children under her spell.  “’T’were them blasted Campbells!  They were led by Robert himself.  We fed and kept them for near a fortnight and they slaughtered us in our beds!”

“Aye Suzy. I know.”  At last Liliya was done with the children.  A part of him hoped that the children would be left alive but a darker, deeper part of him truly didn’t care.  That was the part that craved power at all costs.  “Suzy, I’d like you to meet my friend Liliya.  She will help things be better.”

“Oh!”  Startled, Suzy wiped her face on what remained of her husband’s tartan and summoned a smile.  “’Tis a pleasure to be sure.”

Liliya smiled gently and laid her hand on Suzy’s shoulder.  “No need to be smiling for my sake.”  She purred the words in a soft Russian accent.  Then her eyes glowed.  “For I am sure I do not care.”  She grabbed Suzy’s jaw in her hands and turned her into a zombie.  When she let go Suzy simply stood there.  Liliya lengthened her nails and ripped the clothes from Suzy then she walked around the human and studied her.  “Hmm…  She is curvy in all the right places.”

Looking at Alasdair from the corner of her eyes, Liliya grabbed one of the woman’s breasts.  “Nice, firm breasts.”  She pinched the nipple that hand puckered almost instantly in the cold and tugged on it.  The breast sprang backwards and Liliya listened as Alasdair’s pulse quickened.  “You want this woman.”

Alasdair blinked and shook his head.  “No.  I do not.”

“You do.  How could you not? Look at her.  She has a body made for fucking.  Fuck her, Draji, do it.”  She continued her whispers and cajoling until Alasdair bent Suzy over and slid into her.

He wasn’t sure how Liliya had made him do it but his cock was snuggled in a place that was tight and hot.  He began to fuck in earnest, uncaring that she didn’t know it or consent to it.  He raped her to his heart’s content and almost didn’t notice when Liliya took his hand in hers and sunk her teeth into his wrist.  Pleasure coursed through him and he spread his feet, dug the fingers of one hand deeper into Suzy’s hip and pounded harder into her.

Liliya drained the blood from him.  At first she took her time, enjoying the dark arousal he was getting from the rape.  Then she grew bored so she pushed the pleasure into him until he roared his orgasm and in that moment, drank the fast flowing blood hard. 

Alasdair grew dizzy and sank to his knees.  Liliya followed him down, drinking still.  Then he laid down and she remained on her knees, listening as his heart beat its last.  Then she tore her veins open and fed his blood back to him.  When he returned to consciousness she fed him the youngest child through the oldest villager until his hunger was satisfied.

Chapter Three


Liam and Anna stepped through the door of the Pack’s home talking softly and smiling at each other.  They were ambushed before they closed the door behind them.

“There you are!”  Chelle MacMichael, the Gamma and third in command, popped up in front of the Alpha couple with her arms full of papers.  Dougall McCaleum, the Pack Master at Arms, was behind her.  “How was the coronation?”

Anna smiled once she got over the little fright Chelle had given her.  “It went well.  A tad repetitious, ‘I do hereby swear fealty to you’ blah blah over and over again.  But at the end!  Andre and Sascha proposed to Sarah.”   A dreamy smile crossed her lips.  “It was so romantic and the rings are beautiful!”

Liam pushed them all deeper into the house.  “Aye and I want out of these clothes.”

Chelle blinked, her purpose stalled by the news.  “Really? Rings?”

“Yep!”  Anna grinned.  “It’ll be a most unusual wedding.”  Her smile dimmed.  “Oh I’ll have to get them permission from Da to marry a human.  Well, to have a polyandry wedding to begin with then the fact that one is a human.” 

Doug nudged Chelle at the word wedding.  His arms were starting to ache.  “Oh yeah!” She said.  “Speaking of weddings, it’s time to get yours finalized.  We’re doing everything we can to get this wedding done before you have to go help Sentwali but you must help!” 

Anna grunted as Chelle shoved her load into Anna’s arms.  The Hybrid looked down.  In her arms was a pile of bridal magazines – Scottish Wedding Directory and Brides Magazine among them.   She cringed and tried to give them back. 

“Oh not a chance my Alpha.  You are going to sit down with us and do this.  Then we are going shopping for the gown and cake tasting.  The wedding is a fortnight away.  You must be making some decisions!”  Chelle put her hands on her hips. 

Liam made a funny noise that sounded suspiciously like a suppressed laugh. 

See, violence, then love.  But I’m having fun with it all.  I love telling stories.  Sometimes I forget that and it makes things difficult to do.  I get tied up in the ways of making myself a name, a business, and I forget how much I love what I do.  

Sometimes, I think, it’s important to take a step back and take a look at your life, at your career and remember what you love about it.  Why you do what you do.  

Why do I?  Because I love to make you react.  I love to make you laugh; to gasp in fear or disgust; I love to make things stir low in your body that make you look at your significant other  with interest.  I want to make you cry.  I want to make you angry.  I want to make you fall in love with my characters.  I want you to hate the bad guys.  Sometimes I want you to root for the bad guys.

And I love it when I succeed.  It fulfills something almost indefinable in me.  It brings me pleasure.  If I don’t write discontent grows.  Which, oddly, makes it more difficult to write.  So write I must.  Even if I write solely to arouse that particular day.  

Why do you do what you do?

Traitors, Giggles and Inspirations

Sometimes they’re all rolled into one.  *laughs* I figured it out though.  I haven’t quite gotten all the hows and whys down yet but I will.  I know who betrays the  clan and I know what he gets out of it.  I haven’t decided the main motivation behind wanting the clan gone though.

I know what the history books say:  The Campbells and John Dalrymple, egged on by Lord Breadalbane (a Campbell & lifelong enemy of the MacDonalds), decided that the MacDonalds needed to be wiped out for their part in the rebellion and used as an example to the other clans.

But I don’t intend to stick so closely to historical facts.  I am going to twist the event slightly.  So for some reason John and Breadalbane want the MacDonalds gone.  I think that maybe they’re being influenced by the lovely woman talking to Alasdair the Second in chapter two.  Both or maybe just Breadalbane.

Either way, the answers will come and so far,  I think I’m setting up the answers to my questions beautifully.  Take a look:

Chapter Two


February 15, 1692, two days post massacre:

Alasdair Og MacIain MacDonald, second son of the clan Chief, stood surveying the ruins of his clan’s central village from atop his father’s grave.  The dying sun made the charred remains of the houses look as if they were on fire.  He grinned savagely.

A hand clamped down on his shoulder, cold and heavy, despite its seeming delicacy.  “Well,  Alex darling, how do you like the results of your handiwork?”

Alasdair immediately knew who it was, just from the cold hand, he hadn’t needed the soft voice in his ear.  “I’ve asked you not to call me that.”  He didn’t stop to wait for an apology.  “I love it.  Did my brother live?”

The small Russian she stepped around him to pick her fastidious way through the debris.  She fully expected Alasdair to follow him and knew that he would.  She debated lying to him then decided she would gain more pleasure with the truth.  “Nyet, your brother escaped.”  Curses rolled from Alasdair’s mouth and in a blink she was standing in front of him, eyes ablaze with fury.  “I have told you to watch your mouth around a lady!”

Alasdair rubbed his cheek.  The entire side of his face burned and his cheekbone felt like she had cracked it.  “I am sorry, Liliya.  But you did promise me that-”

“Bah!”  She slashed a hand through the air.  “I promised nothing!  I said that your family would be slaughtered.  I did not promise that none would make successful attempts to escape.”

“Aye, you are right, as always Liliya.”  He tried a charming smile on him and she snorted delicately as she turned away.  “Why did you do this for me, anyway?  Why are you willing to turn me?”

Liliya turned and bestowed a brilliant smile on him, one she knew made men melt. “Miliy moy, when the time is right, I will tell you.”

That was the answer she gave him every time she did something for him.  He was heavily indebted to her now.  Alasdair watched her prowl over the ruins of the village and gave in to the childish urge to close his eyes and do a few steps of the Highland Fling on his father’s grave.  He was grinning when he stopped and opened his eyes.  Liliya was standing there looking at him with amusement on her face.  He blushed darkly. 

Liliya laughed.  “It will be such a pleasure to drain that delicious blood from you.”  She lifted her nose and tested the air.  She could hear better than she could smell but she was making a show of things for the man-child in front of her.  “There are survivors near here.  Call to them.  Call and tell them you are alive.  Tonight we will change you.”

Alasdair wasn’t quite sure he understood the connection.  Although he knew Vampires fed on people he thought that new Vampires fed only from their makers at first.  He shrugged then climbed to the highest hillock, stepping carefully through the burned out house.  It wasn’t until he kicked aside a table that was little more than charred wood and ash and saw a scrap of fabric that he realized it was his father’s house.  “How fitting,” he murmured.  Then he lifted his voice.  “Hail all MacDonalds!  Come back!  Come home!  ‘Tis I, Alasdair!”  He deliberately left off ‘the second’ and did not use the nickname the village had give him long ago – Allie.  He repeated the call over and over until a few people crept in.

Alasdair looked around for Liliya but couldn’t see her.  He thought she must be hiding.  As beautiful as she was there was still something about her that frightened people on a very base level.  One old woman spotted him and cried out, “Alasdair!  Oh, my Chief, we thought ye were dead!”  Soon the others’ voices were added and they were heading for him.

When the old woman got closer her joy changed subtly and she almost hid it well.  “Allie, me boy! Does my heart good to see you still live!  We thought all o’ the Chief’s children died.” 

“Moira! I’ve missed the days as a boy at your knee.”  Alasdair hugged his old nursemaid and greeted others as they came up.

Moira, for her part, could feel the evil lurking nearby.  She saw the darkness in the Chief’s daughter and it broke her heart.  She slipped back through the crowd and crept off unnoticed, sticking to the shadows.

Liliya let the woman go, figuring she’d be dead before the night was out.  Liliya flitted through the crowd and touched faces to get them to look at her.  As she looked into their eyes she compelled them to remain still and not to move until she came for them again.  Soon all but the closest to Alasdair were enchanted.

And now, I’m going to go veg and work sporadically.  It’s taken me three hours to finish this blog because I simply can’t focus. I’m in far too much pain and way too toxed.  Enjoy the blurb and remember it hasn’t even had a cursory edit done yet, so be kind.  😉




That is an LMT MRP DEFENDER MODEL 16 5.56mm and it was the inspiration this afternoon. 

It’s been a difficult day for some reasons I can’t get into.  Although I CAN say that I seem to have f*cked up my shoulder again.  The right one this time and I have no goddamn clue how.  (Might’ve been the bedroom rodeo 😉 )

But I’m sitting here reading a magazine called “Special Weapons for Military & Police”  (with damp panties, imagining all the things I can do with these weapons) and it pops my into my head that if Anna is researching this centuries old feud someone doesn’t want it changed.

After all, it’s been going on for centuries for a reason, right?  So, of course, someone’s going to start attempting to assassinate either her or members of the Pack, or both.

And that’s my epiphany for the day.  On a day off meant to be being enjoyed with the recently returned boyfriend.  

I’m back to it.  Have a great rest of the day folks!

Wilson on the Beach

Good morning my lovelies!

I am in a GREAT mood!  So far it’s a perfect day. Peter is coming home today.  Got up, talked to Peter and Dad, went for a walk on the beach.  Took a few pictures…. “You gonna share, Caity?”  Of course I am! It’s Saturday isn’t it?….. The weather is perfect.    Then I came home and had a decadent – for me – breakfast of Rice Chex and strawberries and a glass of chocolate milk.  Love strawberry season.  Nummy foods.  The cereal is too expensive to buy often so I do enjoy it when I have it.

On to it!

I have introduced you to my ex-husband before, just briefly.  Dennis is my ex for several reasons, a few of which are still valid and insurmountable, no matter how good our relationship may now be.  He works for a company called Grey Ridge, they produce vast amounts of eggs for consumers. He’s generally all over the plant on a forklift and, being the talkative, flirty guy he is, he has a pretty good relationship with most of the women there.

Yes, I have a point.

Yesterday one of the women found Wilson.  It wasn’t Wilson when they gave it to Dennis.  Dennis, who is a huge fan of that movie Castaway (one of the few movies we disagree on), took a permanent marker to the egg.

Meet Wilson:

Say hi to the nice people ,Wilson

Why is Wilson at the cottage?  Because Dennis knew I’d be alone again this weekend, at least in part, and so he lent him to me to keep me company.  (Wilson feels hard boiled btw)  So me, being just as silly as my ex-husband (much to the embarrassment of our children) decided that Wilson needed an adventure.  To that end, we went for a walk.

Wilson really did enjoy the deep purple colour.

Wilson did NOT enjoy meeting Old Man Rock, who lives the next block over.

Yes, Old Man Rock is indeed a boulder, a big one.  It just so happens that when you look at him the right way, he looks like an old man.


But I digress.  Wilson and I went down to the beach.  He had a good time.

Wilson caught a few rays from the soon-to-be-setting sun.

He played at being a sand monster and king of the castle for a little while.


Then Wilson took a swim while I took some other pictures.

Silly?  Me?  Nah….

I wasn’t the only one being silly on the beach yesterday though.  Look what I found on my walk this morning.

Someone needed to write their love in stone. 😀

And someone else was wallowing in the sand.

Last night I was, of course, taking pictures of things that caught my eye with the light and texture.

I love the waves of sand below the waves. And the sun playing on the edges of the small waves looks like lightning strikes.

I love the patterns here too.

I was wading through the water about ten feet off shore taking the previous two pictures.  One thing I saw (and was very careful not to disturb) was large groups of fish eggs.  In conjunction with that I saw these clouds of material that were the same colour.  I realized, eventually, that these clouds were the remains of the fish eggs.  When I moved more slowly and watched more closely I discovered schools of small fish darting away from me.  It was really rather awesome.

And one last thing, speaking of growth and progression…

Tiny footprint beside the big. Look how tiny it is, even the gull’s prints aren’t that much smaller.

(Sunrise on the stairs) It’s a beautiful morning here, folks! I hope it is where you are. Have a great day!

Weddings and Coronations

So, starting a book is pretty intimidating, right?

But what happens when that book includes a coronation (albeit relatively small)  and a large black tie wedding?

A wedding is a stressful event to plan.  Coronations…well, I can’t even begin to imagine.  But there’s a lot of fealty swearing in such things (at least in my world here) and it could get boring, monotonous even.  A lot of “I do hereby swear to serve and obey” or in the case of  allies “I do hereby offer my sword and council in your hour of need”  blah blah blah.  Do you know how many vampires are in Glasgow?

And I think Prince of Edinburgh, Andre, may propose in front of everyone too. …Oooh that would be good.  “I do hereby offer my sword and council in your hour of need and hope that you will accept my heart, soul and hand in marriage.”  hehehe  It would totally blow Sarah away i if he and Sascha both did it together.

In the meantime…

… there are details…

…upon details…

….upon details!

Not that I’m going to TELL everything (which is a problem I discovered in Mazrakir) but I’m sure as hell going to make this an epic wedding between our two favourite characters.

Today though, I’m going to focus on the coronation.  And I’m going to try and keep my stress levels reduced by remembering it’s not a real wedding.  I don’t have to ACTUALLY book or pay for halls, caterers or photographers.  I don’t have to dress shop or do fittings.  Don’t have to worry about the weather.  None of it.  

I just have to pretend.  😀  Something almost all women did as little girls.  Ya know… this might be fun, looking at it in that light.  The most romantic, formal thing I can think of.  Wonderful!

Now, about Mazrakir.  I’ve discovered in the course of my reading that the reason I don’t like it as much is because there’s a lot of telling, not showing.  For some reason, at that point in my life, I could show while writing erotica but could only tell when working on large portions of this book.  Not sure how to fix it without a huge rewrite so for now I’ll continue with the cosmetic work and see what happens when I finish the HW series.  

I have to get my daughter up for school now.  Have a fantastic Friday folks!  

Ghosts Afire

Today is the first official day of work on Highland Wolves Three!  And I am anxious, terrified, thrilled, terrified, intimidated and, oh yeah, terrified.

Starting a new book is a major venture.  And I don’t do outlines.  My characters tend to scoff at them, then chew them up and spit them out.  But I do like to get down the major plot points.  Things I’d  like to cover, things I’d like to see happen.  

I do need to find a way to enable Anna to look into the past without it being totally stupid.  Although… the ability to kind of do that was shown in HW1 when Anna communed with the Pack house just to see what was what.  

Perhaps going to Glencoe is one of the first things they should do.  

However, there’s also the coronation of Sarah – which is where the book starts.  And there are wedding plans to be made.  Plus Liam must officially introduce Anna  to the Therianthrope (Lycans of all kinds) community.  A wedding to be held.  Which means I get to write wedding vows.  Liam’s are partially written, thanks to Dostoevsky:

“Dostoevsky said, ‘So long as a man remains free he strives for nothing so incessantly and so painfully as to find someone to worship.’  In you I found my Goddess, I found a home for my heart and my soul.  I found a love that has no equal, no boundaries.  I give my life to you as I give my heart.”

Anna’s will also have “I give my life to you” in them but other than that… I’ll write them up later.  

There will be a new character.  A woman named Jane NoLastNameYet who will fight her way through the ranks.  She will be important.  

Elsie the ghost and her husband Al will be developed further.  

This book will be taking creative license with the past while including some truths.  Like the Campbells committing the unforgivable sin of dining with the MacDonalds before slaughtering “all under 70.”   The massacre was small, only 38, (hey, by Scottish history standards, that’s wee), but it is still talked about and still arouses the passions of those in Glencoe and Clachaig.  To this day, 300+ years later, there’s an inn in Clachaig that has a prominent sign saying “No Campbell’s.”  Children are raised knowing “never trust a Campbell.”

It’s risky taking on a project with so much hatred, anger and pain involved in the research.  Risky for me personally – emotionally and mentally.  I’m very empathic, I relate well to the emotions of others.  It’s also publicly kind of risky.  It’s been done a thousand times in a thousand ways, in big works and small , so we’ll see how it goes.

For now, I’m plotting the plot and making notes on things to research.  Anyone know where I can find a good family tree site?  Besides  I need one that has historical family trees laid out.  

*starts thinking about who she can rope in as a research assistant…*


It’s done!



My cousin Tamie was a HUGE Kool & the Gang nut when I was a kid.  She is a few years older and thought these guys were HOT.  We lived together so this song is burned into my brain.  And it fits.  *laughs*

Finally done with the investment proposal.  In the larger scheme of things it’s a small output, much smaller than I thought it would be.  Now I just have to suck it up and send it to people.   Soon as I do that I can let my brain move on.

So I should do that eh?

I’m going to do a light edit of Mazrakir, no major changes, although I think maybe the narration thing could change but …well here, I’ll show you.  My goal, really, is to make it less awkward in places.  *laughs*

In the prologue we meet Caity and Lara.  They are modern day women and they are Twins at the soul.  They are bonded together.  It’s their last life in the human realm and one of very few lives they were not born to the same mother.  Lara flies from Colorado to Ontario to spend a week with Caity.   (By the way, it is no coincidence that Caity is named after me.  The Mazrakir books are based on my Coven’s history)  They are driving to Niagara Falls when Lara begins to tell the story of their first life among the humans.

So here’s the last of the prologue and the first of the first chapter:


Lara nodded, selected a CD with soft music on it, mostly female Celtic singers.  Caity had obviously selected songs for the atmosphere they would produce.  She chuckled, her Twin was the master atmosphere creator; Caity could create any mood from peace to passion to abject fear.  They were both empathic so it was not difficult for them, though Caity’s Light made it easier for her to invoke the positive emotions and harder to invoke the negative.  She was delighted that Caity had brought the music she had.  She pressed play, checked the volume to make sure it was low enough to talk over and started. 

 “We were born to the Human Realm in Mesopotamia, near the beginning of Civilization.  We lived between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, in what was known as Sumer…”



Part one:  Mesopotamia, The Beginning


 Whoever has walked with truth generates life.

Proverbs from Ki-en-gir


Chapter 1


On Earth, mankind was beginning to get a foothold, beginning to understand civility.  They were also beginning to understand war and pain and humiliation.  War upon war was fought over things small and great between neighbouring kingdoms all over the world.

 Among them was a small matriarchal kingdom ruled by a witch of great power, Queen Arielle Shenouda, and her Prince of almost equal power, Valdreth.  They ruled in a time when almost all nations were at war with each other, overseeing a Kingdom whose peasants lived in near constant fear of attack from the neighboring nations.  The Queen talked with her Prince about asking the Goddess for help. 

 “I really think She will answer, my love.” Arielle smiled gently at Valdreth though her eyes said this was no debate.

 He harrumphed, not bothering to hide his disbelief. “I am not so sure, but do as you will.”

Every now and then we break from Mesopotamia back to the present time where Lara will summarize a few years and we’ll jump back into and Ancient Egypt  (the girls live in both places).  It’s done better than I’m describing it, the transitions are smoother but I do kind of regret doing it that way.

However, it’s done.  The books that follow (there are 5) will follow mostly the same format.  All but the last, since it’s set in present day and there are no flash backs.  

O.o  Oh I just figured out why I’m having so much trouble with deciding who to send it too.  I keep thinking I should have a long list.  Really, it doesn’t have to be long, just has to be right (people who’d consider it, people who’d pass it on if they couldn’t).

Anyway,  I kind of regret the formatting for Mazrakir BUT I do like the story a lot so I’m going to leave it alone.  It works better in the second book because it’s not Lara & Caity narrating then. *zips her lips* That’s a surprise.  

Anyway, off to finish proofing the proposal then I’m going to send it.  

Have a great day!