Still Life and Moving Pictures

I didn’t take very many pictures this week.  I’m shocked.  And I didn’t even take two of the ones on my camera!   I may have to sort through the last month’s pictures to see if I can come up with something.  We’ll see how it goes.

First of all though, I have to share with you one of the things my cat insists upon doing.  Peter took this picture since I (obviously) couldn’t.

Doofy Cat here – whose name is Vagan but is affectionately known as Terror – started crawling into my lap between me and George when he was tiny and actually fit.

He’ll be a year old this month and he no longer fits!  This is a big boned cat here, one who alternatively disdains you, wages war on you and demands your affection, and he is decidedly aggravating when he does this.

Yeah, it’s cute.  I know.  But, to quote Charlie Brown, good grief!

This next picture I took for Mike of Mike’s Look at Life.  His photography is amazing and inspiring.  Because of him I am constantly on the look out for textures and architecture that appeals… yes, textures and architecture I think might appeal to him. *laughs*  What can I say, I like the older rough and tumble biker type.  Just look at Peter here, The Boyfriend.  Used to ride, used to race.  

*ahem*  Anyhoo… the picture:  [Don’t forget, you can right click > open picture in new tab to see more detail]

Soo much to see here!

And there are actually two pictures, I can’t decide between them so here:

Which one do you like better?

In both pictures, three things stand out:

  1. the old structures that show this town’s origins as a farm built community
  2. the big, new and expensive houses that show the “progress” here towards a yuppy suburb
  3. and the big, surreal quality of the sky.

It all combined to lend itself to something I just had to capture.  Ilderton is the town my orthodontist has nestled his new, modern office into.   His building itself is a low, red brick place at actually fits in the landscape, unlike the new monstrosities you see here.  I suspect that the Ilderton Co-op building is no longer in use but the silo is.

And the sky on Thursday was huge!  I know they say Montana is big sky country but we certainly rivaled that this week.  

Also on Thursday I made dinner for my son and I.  I know it doesn’t sound all that unusual but I photographed it.  I don’t do that very often.  I love to cook but it almost never occurs to me to photograph it.  Yes, there are a couple of other examples on this blog of pictures I took of food but not many, shows how often I do it *laughs*.

I wanted to make pasta and sauce.  Something easy to chew, since there’s no end insight to my facial agony at this point (my orthodontist appoint on Thurs was a bust).  Something easy to cook since I was toxed and tired.  Ended up at the grocery store looking for pasta sauce.  There wasn’t a jar or can to be had that didn’t have corn syrup in it!  (Seriously, check your labels)  Oh, there was one brand but it had soybean oil in it.  (Can’t have that either)

So I was at a loss.  I was shopping with my daughter, frustrated and near tears, and she was pulling me towards the exit when I suddenly decided to see if there was any basmati rice in my little podunk town.  Lo and behold there was!  Et voila!  A stirfry is born.  Basmati rice, ground beef, sweet onion, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms and cauliflower.  Girlkid suggested a lemon sauce (easy for her, she wasn’t going to eat it) so I made one from butter, lemon juice, water and garlic.

It was tasty.  And the veggies and meat looked so good in the pan I had to capture it too.  ….Yes, I admit it, it was mostly to tease Val with pictures of the food but hey, it was a good set of pictures.

Captured with the “Culinary” setting on my camera. It looked really yellow in the view finder but came out beautifully.

Yummy, no?   The ground beef & onion mixture was left over from taco salad with the Boykid the previous week.  Yay for freezing left overs!

Plated, on the lovely dinnerware given to me by my friend goldi, with the rice and lemon sauce added, it was beautiful. Almost too good looking to eat…


My son and I wolfed it down.  It turned out fantastically!  It was good the next day too, refried with a little new rice added to it for Peter & I.  

It’s a VW Bug someone turned into a pick up truck. It’s been in that spot for years but Peter’s been excited about it for the last few weeks so we finally stopped so he could take a picture. Unfortunately, it’s a hollowed out shell now.

And yesterday I took three pictures on the move because we had traffic behind us and we couldn’t stop so I could take them.

I took these because I loved the light and the way the greens pop out, along with row upon row of wee growth.

Yes, yes, I know my horizons are off and the trees are going to topple like dominoes. Wanna stare at it long enough to find out? 😉

I love the heaviness of the sky and the way the farm is shrouded in mist. It sits waiting for the rain that was coming.

That’s it for me folks!  The erotica is coming along nicely.  Five hundred words in it before breakfast this morning.  

Speaking of food… it’s time to make lunch!

Caio, have a great weekend!


5 thoughts on “Still Life and Moving Pictures

  1. “It sits waiting for the rain that was coming.” Or maybe it’s waiting for a [fictional] mass murderer to come along and coat the place in blood and guts!

    …That might just be me though.


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