Rachel’s Long Night

And I have completed the erotic horror story!  

I don’t think I’ll share it here though.  It’s a tad disturbing.

“Of course it is, Caity.  It’s erotic horror.

Well of course I know that.  That doesn’t mean that I want to post the whole thing here.  It’s not-quite 5,000 words long and a tad too long for a post.

Oh well, damn, here, have a teaser:

Rachel’s Long Night


Rachel stepped into the alley and locked the kitchen door behind her.  She’d had a good night at the restaurant but her feet ached horribly and her lower back was starting to hurt so she was glad the place closed at ten.  She slipped the envelope with her tips into her purse.  It was fat and she struggled a little trying to fit it into the already packed, small purse.  She knew she should move to a bigger one but she figured that would end in a bigger packed purse.

A rustle made her look up but since the alley held a lot of food garbage it also held a lot of rats.  After a cursory search, she went back to trying to put it in her purse.  After a moment she gave up and shoved it into her bra.  The push up bra went a long way to getting her the tips, she figured it could hold them for the fifteen minutes it would take to get to her nearest bank machine.

Rachel made sure the door was locked then dropped the keys in her purse, wedged them tightly and fought to zip the purse up.  As she worked at it her mind drifted back over the evening.  Slinging drinks was boring sometimes, when the local drunks asked for the same beer-and-shot combo over and over until she cut them off.  But tonight a bachelorette group had been in and Rachel had been kept busy making shots with names like “slow fuck up against a brick wall”, “slippery nipple” and “orgasm.” 

As she began walking down the alley the hair on the back of her neck lifted and goose bumps rippled over her flesh.  She hugged herself, looked around and saw nothing.  Nevertheless, she quickened her step and hurried towards the street.


Tall, dark and menacing, he cursed under his breath when the garbage shifted as he stepped on it.  He watched as she shrugged the noise off and tucked her keys into the ridiculously small purse.  Then he glided forward, stalking her down the alley.  She was about six feet from the road when he wrapped an arm around her throat and slapped a hand over her mouth to cover the short scream that she managed to get out.

Then he tossed her in a van and drove off sedately.


Rachel woke sometime later, naked, with her arms bound over her head.  She was lying on a cold slab of stone in a concrete room.  She looked around without moving her head.  In her limited scope of vision she saw chains and whips and meat hooks hanging from the ceiling and things she couldn’t identify but terrified her on a fundamental level.  She tried to curl up, draw her legs into the fetal position and roll on to her side but she couldn’t move her legs.  It was then that she realized that her legs here splayed open and pulled back.  They were resting on swinging arms that moved a bit when she struggled but she was stuck fast.

A scream began to build in her throat but before it could escape her a deep voice echoed through the room.  “So glad to see you are awake.  I have been waiting to be able to play.”

Rachel choked on the scream, surprised to hear someone speaking to her.  A second later she wondered why she was surprised; it was obvious someone had kidnapped her.  “Hello?”  Her voice came out as a whisper so she cleared her throat and tried again.  “Hello!  Who are you?  What have you done to me?”

“Done?  I haven’t done anything, yet.”  A soft chuckle followed and it was that sound that scared Rachel more than anything had so far.

“Yes you have!”  Strands of anger threaded through the fear in Rachel’s mind, weaving together with the fear until they bled into each other.  She struggled against the bindings. “Let me go!”    

“Oh I don’t think so, pet.  I need you and soon you will need me too.” 

“Never!” Rachel cried.  “Let me go!”

“Now see what you’ve done?  I’m going to have to gag you.  I so wanted to hear your reactions.  If you’re a good girl, maybe we can take it out later.”  The disembodied voice was sulky.

Rachel nearly leapt out of her skin as a door banged against a wall then slammed shut with a resounding clang.  She craned her head around to see if anyone actually came in.

What she saw surprised her.  The man was tall, at least six and a half feet.  His shoulders were broad, stomach a rippled washboard, hips were narrow, legs were long and lean.  He was wearing red leather pants with black motorcycle boots and nothing else.  His hands were clasped behind him. His face was every girl’s ideally gorgeous man – strong jaw, slim straight nose, sensual lips. She thought he was drop dead gorgeous.  And a potential knight in shining armour. 

“Please! Please help-“ Her plea died when he lifted his eyes to her.  The pupils were a deep, dark red, the colour of drying blood.  “No no no!  Let me go!”  It didn’t occur to her that the eyes weren’t human.  They simply scared her.

“I can’t do that pet; I told you I need you.  If you say, ‘I will be a good girl Master’ I won’t gag you.”

Rachel clamped her lips together and shook her head.  When he brought his hands from behind his back and Rachel saw a ball with leather straps coming out of it, she clenched her teeth together.

The man sighed.  “Well, I’ll just have to work to make you scream louder so I can hear you behind the gag.  Open your mouth.”  When she shook her head again his mouth lost the sulking moue and the lips thinned out in annoyance.  “Open!”  He pressed his thumb and fingers against the jaw joints, pushing them in and forcing her mouth to open.

She shook her head to try and dislodge his grip.  He let go and gave her a hard slap across the cheek.  He looked immediately regretful and stroked the now burning cheek.  “Damn, I was saving your face for last.”

There you go.  It just gets worse from there.  

And when we last left Anna and Liam they were leaning over Sarah’s nearly dead body discussing what to do about it.

Which is where I’ll be starting to write again.  Today.

Oh!  And look at THIS!  Maybe I’ll polish Rachel to a shiny, sparkly thing and submit her.  Pretty cool eh?


9 thoughts on “Rachel’s Long Night

  1. it’s minor, but why is she locking up and leaving through an alley? why wouldn’t she leave through a front door? consider this change – it’s not closing time, there’s no need to lock up. perhaps she could just step out to the alley for a break, have a cigarette, and the door accidentally locks behind her. perhaps there’s a stick or something they usually put in the door so it doesn’t close and lock, and she forgot, and she had to go down the alley to go around to the front to get back in again.

    other than that – i’m excited…


      1. oh, i know nothing about locking up a place, but i was assuming she would have a safer alternative. my first thought was “this girl is an idiot for going out into the alley that late. has to be at least 2am.” if it were an accidental door locking, i could look at her with sympathy.


        1. I guess it depends on the place but I was going with what I know. I could make it a dead end alley that services the restaurant/bar and the place on the other side, if I edit it any further.


  2. That link looks interesting! Noticed a submissions date on the bottom of 12/30/09….could it be Sept 30/12? Did someone write the date backwards, or is it actually 2009?


    1. Her website doesn’t seem to have any activity on it since ’09. Her facebook page last had writing activity around the same time (including talking about going to a Con to talk about monsters & such) but nothing else. So yes, I’m guessing it’s Dec 30, 09. Sadly. Can’t find any evidence that the anthology was published either.


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