(this is Spirit of Confusion and I found it on Embracing Spirituality’s blog)

I haven’t been focussing as well as I’d like lately.  It needs to stop.  I need some discipline to get my fingers dancing across that keyboard if I’m going to be able to finish this book and work on two books at the same time in the future.  There’s no excuse, except that my attention wanders.  I think I’m going to have to eliminate the things my attention wanders too.  For instance, if facebook isn’t open then I’m not tempted to open it.  But if it IS open, I’m always looking at it. 

And since I seem to work best in the morning, maybe just not open it at all until I have 1100 words writing.  I know I can do more but I need to flex those muscles again.  If I can do 1100 words six days a week then maybe I can  take the 7th day off and reward myself with things lacking in brain power. 


In any case, it needs to get better because I’m not progressing very far and I’m starting to wonder why I’m procrastinating so much.  Perhaps I simply don’t want to finish the book?  I don’t entirely see why that would be; I’m looking forward to Ghosts Afire.  It’s going to be a challenge and a half.

I’ve been procrastinating about a lot of things about Catherine Bowman’s writing career.  It’s time to figure out why and get moving.

hmmm It used to be that I was held accountable.  There was someone(s) waiting to read what I’d written at the end of the day and I had to have a compelling reason as to why it wasn’t there.   I shouldn’t have to need that though.  I love to tell my stories.

Maybe I’m still scared of the changes becoming a business brings?

Meanwhile, with the Highland Wolves…

I managed to get Sarah turned.

I was trying to come up with an original way to do it because “I suck your blood til you die then force feed you mine” is so old hat.  But I couldn’t.  It’s truly the only way for it to work.   

I did explain my dilemma to my son Wednesday morning.  Yesterday, while I was cooking dinner, he comes back and says, “Mom, I’ve been thinking about that Vampire thing.  Maybe you could set them in a bathtub full of Vampire blood and let it absorb through their skin.”  He’s all pleased with himself.

*look of regret*  “Sorry Kid, but I already got her turned.  That’s a great idea but it wouldn’t have been fast enough.”   Plus, between you and me, can you imagine how many Vampires would have to contribute (die) to make one Vampire happen?  

He throws his hands up, mock angry.  “Well what the hell!  I spend all this time thinking about it and you’ve already done it!”  Which means he thought about it at work.  *laughs*

So I told him that would be a good way for Vampires to heal – bathtubs full of blood.

“You could do it the Underworld way too,” he says, gesturing to his arms.  “You know, all those tubes and stuff.”

“I could, yeah.”  Seems kind of proprietary to me though.  

Anyway, here’s what I did.  There is a unique touch to it, you betchyourass, because I am me.

There was a long hesitation then Jake nodded.  “Do what you must to save her.  I think she will mourn her life more than the new powers.”

“Alright then.”  Anna’s voice was soft.  “Liam, please escort Jake up the stairs, I think Sarah would like some privacy for this.  It is a disturbing process.”

“I don’t think you should be alone down here.”

“Jake, are there any other ways in or out of this place?” 

“No, Princess.”

“Is there anyone else here?”

“No, Princess.”

Anna looked at Liam.  “I’ll be fine, Wolfman, I promise.”

With a last grumble, a glare at Jake that promised retribution if anything happened to Anna and a long look at Anna that spoke of love, Liam left with Jake.

Anna listened and made sure they were all the way up the stairs and through the gate before she turned to Sarah.

“Alright Sarah, I hope you’re worth our faith in you.”  She looked Sarah over and used her power to heal anything that would leave major scars then picked up her left arm and rubbed her wrist.  “I hate doing this to a living vampire in the prime of her life.  You have at least two more centuries ahead of you.” Having lived six plus centuries herself, having had to move often before theater make up became enough to disguise her nearly ageless face, Anna knew how hard it was to live so long.

To be alive so long.

Anna bent her mouth to Sarah’s wrist and, even though she was unconscious, used the saliva borne enzymes that created peace and a pain free experience.  She began to drink.  She pulled all of Sarah’s remaining blood from her, listening closely to her heartbeat.  When she heard it slow to one every few seconds she eased up on how hard she fed.  Then, when it beat its last, she stopped.

Quickly she bit her own wrist open as she tipped Sarah’s head back until her mouth opened.  Then she let the blood flow into Sarah’s mouth.  When no swallowing happened she massaged the other woman’s throat.  The first blood trickled down.  Anna dripped more into Sarah’s mouth and used power to push it into her system.  It was only another minute before Sarah swallowed on her own.  A moment after that Sarah startled Anna by grabbing her forearm in a death grip and latching on with her mouth. 

Sarah gulped Anna’s blood and opened black eyes to stare at her.  As she got nearly half of Anna’s supply in her, with Anna peacefully allowing it, her eyes began to clear and she actually saw Anna.  She yanked her head back with a gasp. “Princess!”

“Yes.  I’m sorry Sarah but I’ve had to turn you in order to save you.”

“I…what?  What happened?”

Even in the story confusion reigns.  Nice to know life is imitating art.  

Or maybe art is imitating life.


3 thoughts on “Confusion

  1. sometimes my motivation is material. i take it a little too far and imagine the nice things i’ll buy for myself or my kids with the money i’ll make when i finish and sell the book. i know it’s too far, but it helps get to work sometimes.


  2. Just an update:

    I have completed 2,206 words today! Doubled my goal. But Sarah has gone through the change and been introduced as Prince to the people in the household. Word will spread and then there will be a coronation.

    As a bonus, I just realized that Anna’s vacation time is almost up. So now I have to figure out how many days she’s been there and send her home.

    I have no idea how many days she’s been there lol And there’s been a LOT of action packed into those few days.


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