Becoming Vampire

[Photoblog tomorrow folks, I promise, I’m just so pleased with yesterday’s writing I have to share it.]

*puts on a reality TV show host voice*  Thinking of becoming a Vampire?  You might want to ask yourself if the torment is worth it.

“Yes.  I’m sorry Sarah but I’ve had to turn you in order to save you.”

“I…what?  What happened?”  Just then she was wracked with cramps.  She groaned in pain and curled around her middle, whimpering.

Anna tried to block most of the pain for Sarah but the best she could do was dull it a bit.   “Damn,” she said softly.  “This is a bad one. I’ll be right back Sarah.”

“Don’t…fuck ow!… don’t leave me… please.”  Sarah stretched one hand out and tried to grab Anna.

“I must. I need to find some things to help you.”   She ignored Sarah’s further pleas and hurried up the stairs to Skeena’s chambers.  She grabbed a blanket and a couple sheets then looked at Jake and Liam.  “She came through the change.  Liam, do not let him down the stairs no matter what you hear.”  Just then came a shriek of pain.

Jake surged forward.  “Sarah!”

Liam grabbed him and held on, taking more than a few hits.  “Go.”  He grunted when Jake’s arm hit him in the side of the head and made his ear ring.  “I will hold him.” Liam had never witnessed a turning before but he had heard a few stories.  Anna nodded, gave him the smile she reserves for him and vanished back into the dungeon.  The door fell behind her and Liam heard the bolt slide shut.

Anna knelt beside Sarah and tore the sheet into squares.  She draped one over Sarah’s torso and fought to slide two under her hips.  Then she sat by Sarah’s head and stroked her hair.

Sarah groaned in misery then screamed again as the pain of most of her organs changing tore through her, only her heart and lungs did not yet change.  “Is it always like this?”

“Yes, I’m afraid so.  It’s one reason people hesitate to turn the ones they love.  And rightly so.  Life as an undead Vampire is no easier than one as a living Vampire.” 

Sarah started to nod and puked all over herself instead.  She heaved up everything in her stomach.  While she was doing that her bowels let loose.  Her intestines rid themselves of every solid and liquid bit of material in them that wasn’t required to maintain her body in its new incarnation.

Anna waited until the convulsing, vomiting and diarrhea stopped then she whisked the sheets out from under Sarah, cleaned up as much of the vomit as she could and then set all the squares of sheet on fire.  She wrapped Sarah in the clean sheet as she started shivering.

Sarah’s teeth chattered as she spoke.  “T-t-than-n-nk Y-y-you.  I d-d-didn’t thin-nk-k this wou-wou-would happen for a wh-wh-while y-y-et.”

“I know, Sarah.  I didn’t want to do it.  I looked to see if I could save you first but I couldn’t.  The damage Skeena inflicted was too great.”  At the mention of the dead Prince’s name Sarah’s eyes went black.  Anna put her hand on the other woman’s shoulder.  “She’s dead.  And you’ve been tapped to take her place.  Which,” Anna sighed, “is the other reason this is for the best.  As a living Vampire you’d have always been targeted for permanent death.”

Sarah started to nod then snapped out straight as every muscle in her body seized up; they were so taut that she was touching the floor with heels and the back of her head only.  She screamed long and loud.  The muscles took an eternity to rebuild and when they were done Sarah fell limply to the floor and cried.

Anna stroked her arm.  “Let me see what I can do for the pain.  You’re almost through this.”

Trying to stop the tears Sarah spoke.  “You said…. something about… Jake.”  Sarah found herself having a hard time catching her breath.  She thumped her fist and tried to draw in a deep breath.

Frowning with concern, Anna laid her hands on Sarah’s torso and spread warmth through her body, blocking the pain receptors for the muscles.  “You don’t need to breathe anymore Sarah.  You won’t do it naturally.  You’ll have to think about it when you want to do it, like when you’re trying to pass for human somewhere.”

Sarah thumped repeatedly on her chest with both fists.  “Breathe!  I need air.  Help  me!”  Her voice rose until she was screaming.  She started clawing at her chest and Anna grabbed her hands.

Anna heard a scuffle upstairs and then a new voice.  She strained to hear, to figure out who it was.  Then the voice appeared in her head.

Princess, please allow me downstairs.  Allow me to help you help Sarah through this.


Oui.  Please Princess.

One moment.

Anna fought with Sarah to get her cocooned in the sheet so she couldn’t hurt herself then raced up the stairs.   She unlocked the door and pressed herself against the wall as Andre flew past her.  Anna peered at Liam, who was holding Jake.  He nodded.  She mouthed almost done at him and locked the door again.

But the time she got back downstairs Andre was cradling the still bound Sarah against his chest.   He looked up at Anna.  “I did not undo the bindings because I believe you have reason for it.  What was it?”

“She is at the point where her lungs are changing.”  As Anna spoke, Sarah’s heartbeat once again slowed.  Then it stopped. 

Sarah panicked as she no longer felt her pulse beating in her temples.  She writhed and fought the trappings of the sheet as the only heartbeat to be heard was Anna’s.  “I can’t breathe!  I can’t hear my heart!”

“Calm yourself, ma cherié.  You are fine.  You are a full Vampire now.  Of course you have no heartbeat.  You do not need to breathe.”  He stroked her hair.  “If we release your bindings do you promise not to hurt yourself?”  When Sarah looked blindly around and continued fighting Andre grabbed her jaw in his hand and turned her face to his.  “See me, beloved.  See your Prince.”

Anna watched and marked the love he showed the new Vampire with a smile.  She sighed almost inaudibly with relief when Sarah’s eyes began to clear.

“Andre?  Andre!”  Sarah tried to reach for him.

“Do you promise not to hurt yourself if we release you?”

“Andre!  Oh Andre I’m so scared!”

“Promise me, my love, promise.”

Sarah nodded. “Yes, yes I promise.  Just please undo me.”

At Andre’s look, Anna produced her knife and carefully cut the cocoon open.  Sarah immediately lunged at Andre and wrapped herself around him.  “I didn’t want to die, Andre.”  She sobbed into his neck. 

Andre looked at Anna.  “I assume you had no choice.  Sarah and I had talked about it and decided to wait.”

“Skeena tortured her.  She beat her with a bone embedded cat-o-nine and cut her badly with a knife on top of the whip.  She was virtually dead when I found her. This was the only alternative.  Sarah has been chosen as Skeena’s successor and for that she needed to be a full Vampire anyway.”  Anna shook her head.  “I didn’t want to take her life Andre but I was left with no choice.”

He nodded and stroked Sarah’s hair.  “See, love?  There was no choice.  It is better to have this than true death.  And now you are Prince Sarah!  How wonderful!  Sascha will be delighted to hear it.  We must have a ball to celebrate.”

Sarah stilled as she listened.  Part of her brain was processing this news.  She had already heard it from Anna but she hadn’t believed it.  Andre saying it made it real.  The other part of her brain was registering a new feeling – hunger.  It wasn’t a stomach growling, hollow tummy feeling.  This hunger bloomed in her brain like a black rose opening to meet the moonlight.  Her sense of smell heightened, her hearing and eyesight both sharpened.  Her fangs dropped.

Andre didn’t have the heartbeat that Anna did.  The heartbeat was enticing.  It made the hunger bigger.  But Andre smelled like blood.  And he was right there.  Sarah moved quickly and sank her teeth into his neck.  She didn’t use the same trick Anna did and it hurt like hell.  

A shout of pain surprised both Anna and Andre for a moment before they realized it had been him.  As Sarah’s arms came around him and held fast.  He yelled.  “No Sarah!  You cannot do this!” 

Anna leapt at them and pulled Sarah’s arms from around him.  “Hold her!” Anna snapped the words at him.  Then she grabbed Sarah’s head and pressed on Sarah’s lower jaw to try and get her to loosen her grip a little.  She got her fingers hooked into the corner of Sarah’s mouth and pried her jaw apart and out of Andre’s neck.  Then she pulled the new Vampire backwards.

Andre crab walked backwards then sat and rubbed his already healed neck.  “Merde!  That hurt.”

Anna wrapped her arms and legs around the struggling Sarah.  “Go tell them to find willing donors and put them in the chambers upstairs.  Preferably living ones.”

The Prince of Edinburgh was not used to following orders but he knew the hierarchy.  He also knew that it was best for Sarah.  He leapt to his feet and raced up the stairs to tell Liam and Jake.

They’ll work through it together.  Andre will mentor Sarah in learning her new abilities and controlling that hunger.  Btw, that french in a Scottish accent… it sounds oddly sexy in my head.  *laughs*  Don’t forget Andre had a Scottish father and a French mother.

Off to get my 1100 in, despite the massive headache and back pain.  Luckily writing doesn’t take much physical effort.  😀


4 thoughts on “Becoming Vampire

    1. hehehe That’s the idea. I was a little worried about the transformation but it seems to have gone off well. A little Anne Rice influence in there – when Lestat turns Louis – and I think it works. My favourite part is the blooming hunger.


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