Et voila!

That’s right folks!  Highland Wolves: Demon Plague is complete!   The first draft was finished last night with a decidedly awkward final paragraph but it is COMPLETE!!!   At least three edits and some months to go before I can declare it even close to publish worthy but it’s DONE!

Little happy about it.  

Okay… a LOT happy.

Now for this weekends photoblog.

I have diverse pictures this week and not that many of them.  I should get over feeling like I’m looking like a geek with my camera and start taking the pictures I see in my head in town when I walk with my daughter in the morning.  But for now we have Terror, nature, weird food.

Wow, more than I thought.

First the weird food.

So I know what you’re thinking:  “WHY does that girl have PURPLE rice for dinner?”

It was a complete accident, though post-cooking logic showed that if I cooked white basmati rice in water with a little blackberry Cabernet, it’s going to be purple.    Right?  Just didn’t actually think about it.  So when I lifted the lid to check on the rice I was surprised.  My son, whom I happened to be cooking for, gave me the “Mom is crazy” head shake. 

I do see that rather a lot really.  😀

What he didn’t seem to notice was the peas.  hehehe

Last weekend we stopped at the beach on the way home.  I was feeling truly shitty but I just had to capture what I saw, starting with this couple:

Romance. A bike ride down the strip then a sit at the beach to watch the sun go down. I don’t know who they are, besides locals, but I thought it was beautiful.

Down by the pier the waves were rushing around and dancing with each other…like a mosh pit.  I put my camera on the Sport setting and set about taking a dozen photographs trying to get just the right ones.  It really did take me that long.  Waves are fast moving creatures.

This one is my second favourite. I love the peak by the pier. It’s the result of two waves hitting each other in opposite directions.

This one is my favourite. I love the motion I captured. I love the white caps and the light on the water. The curling and crashing against each other just delights me no end.

Can you tell I love the power of nature?

Of course, I also love to be able to capture it my way. This is the Magic > Sparkle setting on my camera. The white sun on the blue water just tickled my fancy.  See the skip in light where the waves are cresting?

And now for the Terror moments in my life.

Remember Doofy Cat (aka Terror)?  Well… this is his other favourite spot.

Terror’s chair with the penguin my daughter gave me a couple years ago and his favourite sleeping partner, Gladys the Cabbage Patch doll. (Who happens to be older than both my kids. lol)

To show you his first favourite spot, I first have to show you this:

Baby Terror! He is in his Daddy’s hand, his favourite place to be. And, like he thinks he can still fit into my lap between me and the laptop….

…he thinks he STILL fits. He’s purring here. Peter’s pretty much just walked into the house and the cat doesn’t wait for me to get my greetings in before he’s demanding attention and affection. Yes, it’s a squee moment. lol

And now, I am off to do dishes (and clean the stove *laughs*) and get my laundry off the line before I write the first paragraph of HW3.

Yeah baby, that’s right: HWTHREE.  


4 thoughts on “Et voila!

  1. Love those pix girl, and hey, nothing worng with purple rice! 😉 The sun down pic with the glittering on the waves is gorgeous and my personal favourite 🙂 Also, terror, is soooo cute! Nice post, as usual 🙂 xxx


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