Production Time


I have decided I don’t like Zepplin’s Coda album.  

Shh… No arguing, it’s really not their best work.  

Anyway,  it’s Monday!  And that means it’s time to stop being so goofily giddy and manically mopey and exuberantly elated over having finished the Demon adventure and get moving with my investment proposal.  My goal today is to finish that.  There’s not a lot left to do so no excuses.  Just have to create the packages (mostly already done), match up the numbers, find the last miscellaneous costs (like stamps and envelopes for mailing query letters to agents, printer ink & paper), write up a 5 year plan and decide who to send it to.

Okay, that second last might take more than today.  It’s always in my head like this:  5 year plan?  Still be writing!  

But that was the plan 5 years ago and where has it gotten me?  Nowhere.

So this 5 year plan will detail where I want to be and how I plan to get there.  That includes my marketing.  Maybe how I plan to overcome some obstacles – like my health getting in the way or writer’s block – and make myself a professional writer.  I also need to pin down exactly what genre this is.  I believe it’s Paranormal Romance with a fairly high heat rating.   There are some BDSM aspects in many of the sexual scenes, never mind what Astrid goes through in the first book.

Tomorrow I need to pin down better character descriptions for Sarah, appearance, Vampire abilities.  And her relationship with Andre and Sascha.  And character write ups (on note cards) for those two too.

I think I need more note cards.

I have just realized that I’ve hardly written anything historical.  Mazrakir is set in 3,200 BC and book two is around 750 AD.  Both are periods were there’s not really a lot of actual recorded history.  A lot of the first is based on hieroglyphs and tombs and some ancient writings but most of it is the guesswork and suppositions of archaeologists and anthropologists.  There’s somewhat  more to base the second book on  but HW3 is being based on a well recorded event, one with a lot of anger, assumptions and arguments even now.  

People are really, really touchy about the Massacre of Glen Coe.  When I mentioned it, D (the man Liam is based on) kind of freaked out.  I’ll have to be really, really careful how I treat this.  

Not, of course, that I’m putting any pressure on myself.  Noooo.  Not at all.  

Almost time to get Girlkid up for school.

Boykid. Handsome, isn’t he? 16 now too.

The Girlkid. Pretty thing, believe it or not, she’s only 12. They’re both heartbreakers.

And now you’ve met the whole fam- OH, wait…

The ex-husband. See where my kids get their looks from? And yes, sometimes he is a horse’s patootie. lol As am I.

 NOW you’ve met the whole famn damily.  From Peter to kids to cat to ex.  Time to continue my day.  

As Pink says:  Welcome to my silly life.  

So glad to have you along for the ride. 


Oh, PS:  I read that writing for the trend is wrong, you have to anticipate it.  By the time you’ve finished a book for the current trend it’s gone. [truth]  The thing is that when I started writing the HW series books about Werewolves and Vampires and the like weren’t very popular.  Now look at the market.  Mazrakir was one of the first novels I wrote, well before HW, but it’s not very well polished and it never made it very far.  Anna is still a unique character and although Scotland isn’t exactly a unique setting I think that if I can launch Anna properly, we can go places together.   I started reading LKH, Faith Hunter and Charlaine Harris AFTER I started writing.  My genre is, in fact, why my now- deceased fiance bought the first books for me. It’ll be interesting to see where I go from here.


9 thoughts on “Production Time

    1. Pretty much what I do. *laughs* I write what I love, they way I have to write it and we’re going from there. Anna is a Vampire-Werewolf hybrid. I’m hoping to get the books out there before someone else does it.


        1. I suppose, although I hadn’t seen the movies. Anna was developed in 2006. It wasn’t until after that that a friend of mine said “hey, watch this, kinda reminds me of Anna….sort of but not really. But you might like it cuz it’s Vampires.”


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