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My cousin Tamie was a HUGE Kool & the Gang nut when I was a kid.  She is a few years older and thought these guys were HOT.  We lived together so this song is burned into my brain.  And it fits.  *laughs*

Finally done with the investment proposal.  In the larger scheme of things it’s a small output, much smaller than I thought it would be.  Now I just have to suck it up and send it to people.   Soon as I do that I can let my brain move on.

So I should do that eh?

I’m going to do a light edit of Mazrakir, no major changes, although I think maybe the narration thing could change but …well here, I’ll show you.  My goal, really, is to make it less awkward in places.  *laughs*

In the prologue we meet Caity and Lara.  They are modern day women and they are Twins at the soul.  They are bonded together.  It’s their last life in the human realm and one of very few lives they were not born to the same mother.  Lara flies from Colorado to Ontario to spend a week with Caity.   (By the way, it is no coincidence that Caity is named after me.  The Mazrakir books are based on my Coven’s history)  They are driving to Niagara Falls when Lara begins to tell the story of their first life among the humans.

So here’s the last of the prologue and the first of the first chapter:


Lara nodded, selected a CD with soft music on it, mostly female Celtic singers.  Caity had obviously selected songs for the atmosphere they would produce.  She chuckled, her Twin was the master atmosphere creator; Caity could create any mood from peace to passion to abject fear.  They were both empathic so it was not difficult for them, though Caity’s Light made it easier for her to invoke the positive emotions and harder to invoke the negative.  She was delighted that Caity had brought the music she had.  She pressed play, checked the volume to make sure it was low enough to talk over and started. 

 “We were born to the Human Realm in Mesopotamia, near the beginning of Civilization.  We lived between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, in what was known as Sumer…”



Part one:  Mesopotamia, The Beginning


 Whoever has walked with truth generates life.

Proverbs from Ki-en-gir


Chapter 1


On Earth, mankind was beginning to get a foothold, beginning to understand civility.  They were also beginning to understand war and pain and humiliation.  War upon war was fought over things small and great between neighbouring kingdoms all over the world.

 Among them was a small matriarchal kingdom ruled by a witch of great power, Queen Arielle Shenouda, and her Prince of almost equal power, Valdreth.  They ruled in a time when almost all nations were at war with each other, overseeing a Kingdom whose peasants lived in near constant fear of attack from the neighboring nations.  The Queen talked with her Prince about asking the Goddess for help. 

 “I really think She will answer, my love.” Arielle smiled gently at Valdreth though her eyes said this was no debate.

 He harrumphed, not bothering to hide his disbelief. “I am not so sure, but do as you will.”

Every now and then we break from Mesopotamia back to the present time where Lara will summarize a few years and we’ll jump back into and Ancient Egypt  (the girls live in both places).  It’s done better than I’m describing it, the transitions are smoother but I do kind of regret doing it that way.

However, it’s done.  The books that follow (there are 5) will follow mostly the same format.  All but the last, since it’s set in present day and there are no flash backs.  

O.o  Oh I just figured out why I’m having so much trouble with deciding who to send it too.  I keep thinking I should have a long list.  Really, it doesn’t have to be long, just has to be right (people who’d consider it, people who’d pass it on if they couldn’t).

Anyway,  I kind of regret the formatting for Mazrakir BUT I do like the story a lot so I’m going to leave it alone.  It works better in the second book because it’s not Lara & Caity narrating then. *zips her lips* That’s a surprise.  

Anyway, off to finish proofing the proposal then I’m going to send it.  

Have a great day!


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