Weddings and Coronations

So, starting a book is pretty intimidating, right?

But what happens when that book includes a coronation (albeit relatively small)  and a large black tie wedding?

A wedding is a stressful event to plan.  Coronations…well, I can’t even begin to imagine.  But there’s a lot of fealty swearing in such things (at least in my world here) and it could get boring, monotonous even.  A lot of “I do hereby swear to serve and obey” or in the case of  allies “I do hereby offer my sword and council in your hour of need”  blah blah blah.  Do you know how many vampires are in Glasgow?

And I think Prince of Edinburgh, Andre, may propose in front of everyone too. …Oooh that would be good.  “I do hereby offer my sword and council in your hour of need and hope that you will accept my heart, soul and hand in marriage.”  hehehe  It would totally blow Sarah away i if he and Sascha both did it together.

In the meantime…

… there are details…

…upon details…

….upon details!

Not that I’m going to TELL everything (which is a problem I discovered in Mazrakir) but I’m sure as hell going to make this an epic wedding between our two favourite characters.

Today though, I’m going to focus on the coronation.  And I’m going to try and keep my stress levels reduced by remembering it’s not a real wedding.  I don’t have to ACTUALLY book or pay for halls, caterers or photographers.  I don’t have to dress shop or do fittings.  Don’t have to worry about the weather.  None of it.  

I just have to pretend.  😀  Something almost all women did as little girls.  Ya know… this might be fun, looking at it in that light.  The most romantic, formal thing I can think of.  Wonderful!

Now, about Mazrakir.  I’ve discovered in the course of my reading that the reason I don’t like it as much is because there’s a lot of telling, not showing.  For some reason, at that point in my life, I could show while writing erotica but could only tell when working on large portions of this book.  Not sure how to fix it without a huge rewrite so for now I’ll continue with the cosmetic work and see what happens when I finish the HW series.  

I have to get my daughter up for school now.  Have a fantastic Friday folks!  


11 thoughts on “Weddings and Coronations

  1. well…. hmm… ok first, dress is pretty *REALLY* pretty
    second flowers are pretty
    third, the cup cakes look to fancy to eat
    fourth, I think you may end up with a full rewrite cause your style has changed a LOT since you did it first, you have developed more.


    1. Yeah but that hardly seems fair, to take an older book and completely rewrite it. Maybe I’ll just leave it alone for the next couple of years and tackle it later.

      Or maybe I should tackle it now too.

      No, I think I’ll leave it until I have HW3 underway and then tackle it along side.


      1. yeah I understand how it would feel unfair but honestly its not like your taking a book that went mainstream and rewriting it…. yes its published but maybe you can get publishers to look at it more
        *shrugs* only my opinion


  2. With 10 weeks or so left until my actual wedding, I kinda wish I was only writing one at this stage! (That’s an awful thing to say, isn’t it? I don’t mean it, but I’m jealous you get to plan one without having to stick to a budget and chase up unresponsive caterers!) 🙂


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