Wilson on the Beach

Good morning my lovelies!

I am in a GREAT mood!  So far it’s a perfect day. Peter is coming home today.  Got up, talked to Peter and Dad, went for a walk on the beach.  Took a few pictures…. “You gonna share, Caity?”  Of course I am! It’s Saturday isn’t it?….. The weather is perfect.    Then I came home and had a decadent – for me – breakfast of Rice Chex and strawberries and a glass of chocolate milk.  Love strawberry season.  Nummy foods.  The cereal is too expensive to buy often so I do enjoy it when I have it.

On to it!

I have introduced you to my ex-husband before, just briefly.  Dennis is my ex for several reasons, a few of which are still valid and insurmountable, no matter how good our relationship may now be.  He works for a company called Grey Ridge, they produce vast amounts of eggs for consumers. He’s generally all over the plant on a forklift and, being the talkative, flirty guy he is, he has a pretty good relationship with most of the women there.

Yes, I have a point.

Yesterday one of the women found Wilson.  It wasn’t Wilson when they gave it to Dennis.  Dennis, who is a huge fan of that movie Castaway (one of the few movies we disagree on), took a permanent marker to the egg.

Meet Wilson:

Say hi to the nice people ,Wilson

Why is Wilson at the cottage?  Because Dennis knew I’d be alone again this weekend, at least in part, and so he lent him to me to keep me company.  (Wilson feels hard boiled btw)  So me, being just as silly as my ex-husband (much to the embarrassment of our children) decided that Wilson needed an adventure.  To that end, we went for a walk.

Wilson really did enjoy the deep purple colour.

Wilson did NOT enjoy meeting Old Man Rock, who lives the next block over.

Yes, Old Man Rock is indeed a boulder, a big one.  It just so happens that when you look at him the right way, he looks like an old man.


But I digress.  Wilson and I went down to the beach.  He had a good time.

Wilson caught a few rays from the soon-to-be-setting sun.

He played at being a sand monster and king of the castle for a little while.


Then Wilson took a swim while I took some other pictures.

Silly?  Me?  Nah….

I wasn’t the only one being silly on the beach yesterday though.  Look what I found on my walk this morning.

Someone needed to write their love in stone. 😀

And someone else was wallowing in the sand.

Last night I was, of course, taking pictures of things that caught my eye with the light and texture.

I love the waves of sand below the waves. And the sun playing on the edges of the small waves looks like lightning strikes.

I love the patterns here too.

I was wading through the water about ten feet off shore taking the previous two pictures.  One thing I saw (and was very careful not to disturb) was large groups of fish eggs.  In conjunction with that I saw these clouds of material that were the same colour.  I realized, eventually, that these clouds were the remains of the fish eggs.  When I moved more slowly and watched more closely I discovered schools of small fish darting away from me.  It was really rather awesome.

And one last thing, speaking of growth and progression…

Tiny footprint beside the big. Look how tiny it is, even the gull’s prints aren’t that much smaller.

(Sunrise on the stairs) It’s a beautiful morning here, folks! I hope it is where you are. Have a great day!


10 thoughts on “Wilson on the Beach

  1. that was so cool. Great to see you had a great time on the beach with my friend. Glad you didnt crack too many Yokes around him. Take care for now and see you soon. Dennis


  2. Looks like Wilson had a wonderful day at the beach. I hope he gets to enjoy more adventures and that we get to see them. The sunrise on the stairs is gorgeous!


    1. Wilson has been through a lot. A long work day, then he was kidnapped by Callie and held for ransom, nearly eaten by a rock monster… It’s a good thing he got to relax on the beach at the end of it eh?


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