That is an LMT MRP DEFENDER MODEL 16 5.56mm and it was the inspiration this afternoon. 

It’s been a difficult day for some reasons I can’t get into.  Although I CAN say that I seem to have f*cked up my shoulder again.  The right one this time and I have no goddamn clue how.  (Might’ve been the bedroom rodeo 😉 )

But I’m sitting here reading a magazine called “Special Weapons for Military & Police”  (with damp panties, imagining all the things I can do with these weapons) and it pops my into my head that if Anna is researching this centuries old feud someone doesn’t want it changed.

After all, it’s been going on for centuries for a reason, right?  So, of course, someone’s going to start attempting to assassinate either her or members of the Pack, or both.

And that’s my epiphany for the day.  On a day off meant to be being enjoyed with the recently returned boyfriend.  

I’m back to it.  Have a great rest of the day folks!


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