Split Personalities

Violence to ….wedding plans.

I really do have a split personality today.  *laughs*

Alasdair looked at the woman in front of him and her children around her.  They aged in range from eight to fourteen, very nearly one a year, and for a brief moment, he envied the woman’s husband his large family and lusty wife and the life they had led before the events two mornings prior.  “Oh Suzy, ‘tis sorry I am for your loss.”

Suzy wailed and buried her face in his chest.  His arms went around her and he held her face to his chest as Liliya almost lovingly put the children under her spell.  “’T’were them blasted Campbells!  They were led by Robert himself.  We fed and kept them for near a fortnight and they slaughtered us in our beds!”

“Aye Suzy. I know.”  At last Liliya was done with the children.  A part of him hoped that the children would be left alive but a darker, deeper part of him truly didn’t care.  That was the part that craved power at all costs.  “Suzy, I’d like you to meet my friend Liliya.  She will help things be better.”

“Oh!”  Startled, Suzy wiped her face on what remained of her husband’s tartan and summoned a smile.  “’Tis a pleasure to be sure.”

Liliya smiled gently and laid her hand on Suzy’s shoulder.  “No need to be smiling for my sake.”  She purred the words in a soft Russian accent.  Then her eyes glowed.  “For I am sure I do not care.”  She grabbed Suzy’s jaw in her hands and turned her into a zombie.  When she let go Suzy simply stood there.  Liliya lengthened her nails and ripped the clothes from Suzy then she walked around the human and studied her.  “Hmm…  She is curvy in all the right places.”

Looking at Alasdair from the corner of her eyes, Liliya grabbed one of the woman’s breasts.  “Nice, firm breasts.”  She pinched the nipple that hand puckered almost instantly in the cold and tugged on it.  The breast sprang backwards and Liliya listened as Alasdair’s pulse quickened.  “You want this woman.”

Alasdair blinked and shook his head.  “No.  I do not.”

“You do.  How could you not? Look at her.  She has a body made for fucking.  Fuck her, Draji, do it.”  She continued her whispers and cajoling until Alasdair bent Suzy over and slid into her.

He wasn’t sure how Liliya had made him do it but his cock was snuggled in a place that was tight and hot.  He began to fuck in earnest, uncaring that she didn’t know it or consent to it.  He raped her to his heart’s content and almost didn’t notice when Liliya took his hand in hers and sunk her teeth into his wrist.  Pleasure coursed through him and he spread his feet, dug the fingers of one hand deeper into Suzy’s hip and pounded harder into her.

Liliya drained the blood from him.  At first she took her time, enjoying the dark arousal he was getting from the rape.  Then she grew bored so she pushed the pleasure into him until he roared his orgasm and in that moment, drank the fast flowing blood hard. 

Alasdair grew dizzy and sank to his knees.  Liliya followed him down, drinking still.  Then he laid down and she remained on her knees, listening as his heart beat its last.  Then she tore her veins open and fed his blood back to him.  When he returned to consciousness she fed him the youngest child through the oldest villager until his hunger was satisfied.

Chapter Three


Liam and Anna stepped through the door of the Pack’s home talking softly and smiling at each other.  They were ambushed before they closed the door behind them.

“There you are!”  Chelle MacMichael, the Gamma and third in command, popped up in front of the Alpha couple with her arms full of papers.  Dougall McCaleum, the Pack Master at Arms, was behind her.  “How was the coronation?”

Anna smiled once she got over the little fright Chelle had given her.  “It went well.  A tad repetitious, ‘I do hereby swear fealty to you’ blah blah over and over again.  But at the end!  Andre and Sascha proposed to Sarah.”   A dreamy smile crossed her lips.  “It was so romantic and the rings are beautiful!”

Liam pushed them all deeper into the house.  “Aye and I want out of these clothes.”

Chelle blinked, her purpose stalled by the news.  “Really? Rings?”

“Yep!”  Anna grinned.  “It’ll be a most unusual wedding.”  Her smile dimmed.  “Oh I’ll have to get them permission from Da to marry a human.  Well, to have a polyandry wedding to begin with then the fact that one is a human.” 

Doug nudged Chelle at the word wedding.  His arms were starting to ache.  “Oh yeah!” She said.  “Speaking of weddings, it’s time to get yours finalized.  We’re doing everything we can to get this wedding done before you have to go help Sentwali but you must help!” 

Anna grunted as Chelle shoved her load into Anna’s arms.  The Hybrid looked down.  In her arms was a pile of bridal magazines – Scottish Wedding Directory and Brides Magazine among them.   She cringed and tried to give them back. 

“Oh not a chance my Alpha.  You are going to sit down with us and do this.  Then we are going shopping for the gown and cake tasting.  The wedding is a fortnight away.  You must be making some decisions!”  Chelle put her hands on her hips. 

Liam made a funny noise that sounded suspiciously like a suppressed laugh. 

See, violence, then love.  But I’m having fun with it all.  I love telling stories.  Sometimes I forget that and it makes things difficult to do.  I get tied up in the ways of making myself a name, a business, and I forget how much I love what I do.  

Sometimes, I think, it’s important to take a step back and take a look at your life, at your career and remember what you love about it.  Why you do what you do.  

Why do I?  Because I love to make you react.  I love to make you laugh; to gasp in fear or disgust; I love to make things stir low in your body that make you look at your significant other  with interest.  I want to make you cry.  I want to make you angry.  I want to make you fall in love with my characters.  I want you to hate the bad guys.  Sometimes I want you to root for the bad guys.

And I love it when I succeed.  It fulfills something almost indefinable in me.  It brings me pleasure.  If I don’t write discontent grows.  Which, oddly, makes it more difficult to write.  So write I must.  Even if I write solely to arouse that particular day.  

Why do you do what you do?


2 thoughts on “Split Personalities

  1. First off, I love all the emotions reading your writing brings in me! Why do I do what I do? I do it because I believe in what I do wholeheartedly and I love to educate people and help people to feel better and live better.


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