Traditional Scots Dress

Hi!  I’d like to introduce you to my brain.

I think it’s around here somewhere.

Hopefully it’ll be here soon.

It went on a little vacation yesterday.

When I left off with HW3 a few days ago Anna was thinking she’d start with the men because it’s “the easiest.”  


In  Scotland men do not simply wear a tux.

NOT traditional Scottish wear

No, instead men look more like this:

Although not all are as dead sexy

There are many parts to consider. 

A sporran

The traditional knife, called a Sgian Dubh

There is also the kilt hose and flashing (the bits sticking out from under the fold at the top). Sexy legs eh?

Even the shoes! These are Ghillie Brogues

Then, of course, there’s the main portion, the all important kilt:

The kilt. The one men wear for weddings nowadays is the smaller 6 or 8 yd kilt. The one Liam Neeson here is wearing for Rob Roy is at least 12yds.

The kilt is the easiest for it displays the clan tartan.  It IS the clan tartan.  So that’s easy: Liam will wear the 

Liam has his own ideas about the  Sgian Dubh, kilt pin – oh didn’t I mention the kilt pin? – and the hose.  The jacket & waistcoat Sir Sean is wearing is what I’d like to see Liam in, he & Anna are willing to go along with that, as long as it doesn’t have diamond shaped buttons apparently.

Funny thing though…  Remember I told all of you about D, the man Liam is based on?  He is my main man for all things Scots.  I asked him if Liam should have tartan hose or solid colour ones.  He was VERY adamant about what Liam should be wearing:

“Neither, gods! White woolen hose.”   His whole attitude there was “Are you daft!?  Tartan socks indeed.”

“I was thinking Liam should have tartan hose and the rest could have the solid.”  I moved well out of reach of his internet self as I spoke, normally we’re cuddled up together.  

“He’d show up nude just to prove a point.”

And he’s right, Liam probably would show up nude just to show me up AND make Anna be nude once he got there just so he wouldn’t be alone in it.  *laughs*

Want to see what’s being touted as a traditional Scottish bridal gown?

Of course you do:

This is the only one I like. They have gowns made almost entirely from the tartan. Gowns with the bodice made from the tartan.  Gowns with a tartan shawl.

I’m sorry but I don’t want Anna wearing the tartan.  Although… maybe having some of Liam’s tartan placed on her after they’re man and wife, or during their vows, would be the way to go.  It is, as far as I know, tradition that the woman take on her husbands colours.  hmmm I could have a length of his tartan done up as a long scarf and they could pin one end to the centre of her bodice, throw it over her shoulder so that it trails down the back of her gown.  The gown is white with black embroidery in the pleats so that could work.  I’ll have to work on the imagery some, see if I can draw it out, or get someone I know who CAN draw to do it.  I’d print off the picture and work from it but I’m out of ink.  

Oh so many decisions!  Some things are now easy – the hose, the brogues – but some are so very much  not – the knife, the sporran.  Oh! Wait… I think I have an idea for the sporran.  I do think the men will wear black watch kilts though with Liam in something a touch more formal.

I think Anna’s gown & flower decisions turned out to be simpler.  *laughs*


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