Macro Mania!

It is photo blog day!  I love this day of the week.  Saturday means that I am with Peter.  It means that my kids are with their Dad (they are at some point every day but spend more time with me during the week for the school year).

And the school year is over. 😀  That’s as much a break for me as it is them.  I still work but I get more evenings to myself.  I like the end of day time best.  It’s a chance to just unwind and let go of the day, be pleased with accomplishments and figure out how to get the things you missed done the  next day.  And time to figure out how to forgive yourself for missing those to-do items.

That’s a big one for me.

So last weekend was our last at the cottage until mid-September.  I was a tad tipsy Saturday evening (first time in AGES, alcohol doesn’t like me) but I still wanted to take some pictures.  When my camera refused to focus in the late evening light Peter went and found a couple of flashlights.  I’m going to post my favourites. 

First, something that completely amazes me and it’s in my own home.  

This is my cat’s water dish. These are the ants that go from their home to the water dish and carry water back.

It helps that I keep my floor food free.  If there’s food on the floor, they’re right there.  They only touch the mess the cat makes if the food gets wet.

Why do I tolerate this?  I’m not sure.  There’s not a lot I can do about them since I can’t use Raid or something.  I don’t have any cayenne pepper right now either.  But it amazes me.  It also amazes me that I let a spider live in my stove.  It eats the ants.

And speaking of spiders….

This is a baby Ontario Garden Spider. Pretty isn’t it?

They’re only pretty when they’re babies.  The adults are creepy as hell.  I have to agree with Thereasa on this one, the contrasts between the green of the leaf and red of Peter’s tee is wonderful.  The bright spider is kind of a beacon to the eye.

This is the same spider. Patient little fella isn’t he? He’s lit with an LED flashlight from the top and a…. whaddayacallit… incandescent flashlight from the side.

Then we got tired of trying to light him up and get a good focus where he wasn’t moving.  So I moved on.  

A pretty little half bloomed rose I found in the back gardens. One of few that weren’t heat weathered. This is lit only by the evening light. I still love the colour.

And I love the texture of the petals and the varying shades of red and pink.  The little bits of white scattered throughout.  The blue of the porch rail sets it all off nicely.  Me being me, I had to try something different so I did this…

I lit this with the LED flashlight.

 It picked up the white and made it almost sparkle.  

My favourite pictures are the ones I took of the lilies.

The curl of the petals, the colours, all captured my attention with these flowers. I took this picture because of the fly. It’s a dark blotch marring the perfection of the petal.

My intention wasn’t to focus on the receptacle. I wanted the stamen. But I love the way it came out.

This is the entire lily. Look at the lines, the ruffles. The colours are phenomenal.

A little LED light held above the camera – held like a flashlight taped to the top of a gun – et voila! Lit stamen. Quite the contrast from the first time I tried to take a picture of them. They glow, don’t they?


And the last of my shots that I want to share brings us back to roses.  This one is from the same bush I took the half-bloomed one from.  We had a mini-heat wave the week before I was at the cottage.  The temps soared to 33, 34 degrees Celcius with humidexes of near 40.  

It’s heat withered. It’s also blurry, I am aware of that. *laughs* So don’t try to focus on it. I like the shapes, the colours. I like the life that’s still visible despite the death. The vibrant red, the lush green… it all appealed to me.

I will try to write more blogs.  I’m slowly figuring things out for HW3.  I wrote some porn again recently.  Debating sharing parts of it.  Debating posting it on my literotica account.  Tomorrow I will talk some about what’s coming in the book.

Have a wonderful weekend and for all you fellow Canucks – have a fantastic LONG weekend!  


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