Holidays, Fantasies, Characters, and Plot Lines

 Happy Canada Day!

It is indeed Canada Day!  In 1867 Canada officially became an independently governed colony.  

Canada Day (French: Fête du Canada) is the national day of Canada, a federal statutory holiday celebrating the anniversary of the July 1, 1867, enactment of the British North America Act, 1867 (today called the Constitution Act, 1867, in Canada), which united three coloniesinto a single country called Canada within the British Empire. Originally called Dominion Day (French: Le Jour de la Confédération), the name was changed in 1982, the year the Canada Act was passed. Canada Day observances take place throughout Canada as well as by Canadians internationally.


Bonne fête Canada!  Happy Canada Day!

Now that we have that over with, let’s get on with things.

I think my brain is finally working again.  I smell smoke so I think it is.

So I wrote a little fluff piece called The Milk Man.  It’s kinda hot.  It’s not my usual fare though.  It’s a MFM threesome (male-female-male),  which is not all that unusual for me.  It involves …toys… also not that unusual.  

“So what IS unusual about it, Caity?”

I’m so glad you asked!  “Toys” should be “equipment” and Rolf drugs the girl with E.  I don’t state that explicitly in the story but he gives her a drink of water that tastes funny and shortly thereafter sensations and pleasure are amped up.  What else could it be?  *chuckles*

Second – oh, didn’t I say “first”?  Oh well – Rolf takes her for a long drive, making her masturbate in the front seat as he goes.  My favourite part of their drive is the end:  (I should say that Rolf is a ‘Daddy Dom’, something that has nothing to do with age play in this case.  It’s about nurturing and attitudes and no desire to have someone act like they’re 15 or younger.  It’s the way the term Daddy has always been in BDSM, it’s only fairly recently that it’s turned into something with littles and that’s affected the whole form of Dominance.)

Anna gasped in equal measures fear and arousal.  When the car dipped to the shoulder her fingernails and scraped against her clit.  The fear just added to everything she was feeling and when combined with the blindfold, the spectacle she was sure she was making of herself and the random bumps in the road forcing her fingers into places that she didn’t intend was driving her into subspace.

Rolf finally turned into a gravel driveway.  “Slide your fingers inside you, girl.   Keep them there until we stop. Don’t move them.”

“Yes Daddy.”  Anna slipped two fingers into her hot, wet core and pressed her palm against her clit.

As they bumped along the rutted driveway Anna’s fingers slid in and out and her palm constantly bumped her clit.  By the time they stopped in front of a large, well kept barn, she was on the edge of orgasm, nearly crying with the need for more.  “Please Daddy!  Please.”  The last word was drawn out on a whimper, turned into five syllables.

See?  A bumpy road made good.  After that he makes her squirt hard.  

The equipment?  A modified milking machine and a spanking bench made to hold someone to be milked.  And taken advantage of.

Unusual, no?  Not sure why it was in my head but now it’s on paper (so to speak) so I can get back to work.

Work for the next couple of days involves organizing details.  Character details, location details, weapons, allies, enemies.  I have two books to go through.  I’ll write as I can in HW3 but this has to be done too.  I have to keep it straight somehow.

So what does my it’s my method and by the Gods you’d better not touch it hyper-organized self do to keep it all straight?  

A binder.

With dividers.

And sub-categories.  

And different colours.

Oh and a list in the front telling me what colours are what.

Plus highlighters and different styles of writing for each part of each category.

The problem is that there is soooo much to go through.  I am glad that I didn’t wait until the end of book three.  

Also, I’m trying to decide where the wedding will be.  The Botanical Gardens?  The Pack grounds?  

Oh oh oh my!  I just found it!

The Duke Street Church:

It’s no longer used.  Might be owned by the estate Prince Sarah inherited when she stepped into Skeena’s place.  hmmm

I’m trying to find interior pictures.  If any of you have any ideas where I could (because none of my searches are showing it) please, please let me know!

So Anna has picked her dress in HW3.  And I made a decision about how it’s all getting done quickly.

The entire community was eager for this wedding and had stepped up.  The caterers, the hall, the flowers… everything was run by the Supernatural community. 

See?  So it’ll get done, one way or another.   Now that the dress will be chosen Chelle is hustling Anna through choosing bridesmaids dresses.   Oh crap, I have to pick bridesmaid dresses!   *headdesks*  Oh and I have to figure out what “the hall” is too.  

Okay, I have work to do, brunch to make and a boyfriend to wake.  Brunch means a walk to the grocery store.  

Oh, speaking of desks!  Take a look at my new work space.  Tee says it’s messy but it’s perfectly organized, thank you very much!  

That’s Wilson under the monitor, the terrifying cat behind the laptop, a tea cup AND a water bottle. The space is HUGE and I love it! Have Peter to thank for it.

Love the new space.  I need a new chair though lol   No, the tower isn’t hooked up.  The monitor is linked to my laptop.  

And speaking of Peter:

♥ Self-portrait of the two of us. I love it.

Have a great holiday weekend!  (for those in Canada and the US [July 4th] who have a holiday)



4 thoughts on “Holidays, Fantasies, Characters, and Plot Lines

  1. Nice read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing some research on that. And he just bought me lunch since I found it for him smile Thus let me rephrase that: Thank you for lunch! “Without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods.” by Aristotle.


  2. Thanks for this glorious article. Also a thing is that many digital cameras come equipped with a new zoom lens that allows more or less of the scene to generally be included by way of ‘zooming’ in and out. These kind of changes in focusing length are usually reflected from the viewfinder and on substantial display screen right at the back of the specific camera.


    1. Thanks! I have 4x zoom on mine. It works for a number of things but some of the settings on my camera don’t allow for zoom changes. The Self-portrait setting is one of them. I just needed to change the angle at which I was holding the camera for a better picture.


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