Bouquets, Gowns, Details and Blockages

Okay, remember how I promised to keep up with my blog more?


I’m sorry, I really do need to do this more often if I want to keep my viewers.  I’m just not sure what to talk about some days, especially when I haven’t been making any progress.  

This morning my brain has been kicking stuff out though.  And on Sunday I got quite a bit of work done. Just none of it on the computer.  *laughs*  I decided a while ago that if I’m going to write a series of books I’m going to need a way to keep the characters consistent in looks, behaviours and abilities.  So I put the main characters on note cards and taped them to the wall. Well, that works, to a degree, but there are so many other details now that I need a bigger, better solution.

I bought a large, divided, spiral-bound notebook.  After I bought it and started writing things in I realized that it wasn’t going to work.  I need something I can add stuff too.  Spiral bound makes the room I have finite.  Binders, on the other hand, can be added to as the case may be.  Why do I need to add things?  Take Anna for example:


–          5’8”, voluptuous, very fluid, liquid lines

–          Copper hair with silver streaks

–          Emerald green eyes that darken with in arousal or anger; shift to pale green with sorrow, turn black with fury or Hunger and become black rimmed and forest gre when doing ambient feeding

But in HW2 after her ferocious battle with a demon her hair turned black:

Liam growled as his hands changed, the fingers thickening as fur sprouted.   His nails lengthened until they were claws.  The rest of Liam wasn’t far behind in the shift to half-Wolf.  “Let’s try some claws, then.”  He leapt at the beast, uncaring if he survived or not.   The snake smacked Liam out of the air and Liam snagged the beast by sinking the claws of one hand into a front paw.  The goat hind legs kicked at his body as the other front paw, a large lion foot, swiped for his face.

Just then the water exploded upwards and Anna reappeared.  She hovered there as the water crashed back into the ocean beneath her.  Her hair floated around her head in living flames and she was dressed from head to toe in a worn, well used set of leather armour.  She had gauntlets on her arms; the sword in one hand and a shield strapped to her other arm.  Both gleamed in the faint light.  Her eyes were black and glittering with fire.  She roared, “Come to me beast!”

The Chimaera abandoned toying with Liam, shaking the Wolf-beast off, and dashed for Anna even as the dragon head spit fire at the small group watching anxiously.  They scattered but Anna spared them no more than a glance as she screamed heavenward.  “Zeus, Ares!  Lend me your strength!  Artemis lend me your aim!  Hades, prepare to receive your creature!” She threw her sword at the heart of the Chimaera like it was a throwing knife.  It had no sooner left her hand then she was dodging to the left and pulling a bow off her back.  The shield clattered to the rocks below as she reached for an arrow.

The Chimaera caught the sword and flung it at Chelle, laughing.  “You cannot kill me with so puny a weapon!”

“No,” Anna spoke as she pulled on the bow string and shot the arrow at the goat’s head.  The beast roared as the arrow sunk deep into the skull.  “But these arrows were created in the forge of Hephaestus himself.”  She had a second arrow launched and in the snake’s head before her sentence was over.

The lion’s head roared again as the snake died.  The dragon opened its mouth and bellowed fire at Anna.  She dodged again, leaving those watching to wonder how the hell she was flying.  Anna fired another arrow, hitting the lion in the throat.  It gurgled and fought to get the arrow out.  She used that moment to do her trick with the water again, waiting until the dragon was spitting fire at her. 

Fire versus water.  The two pushed and shoved in a macabre kind of tug-of-war.  Anna braced against the wind and slowly pushed the fire back. Soon the dragon was drowning, its fire put out.  Anna swooped down to land as the Chimaera sank to the rocks, trailing three dead heads and bleeding profusely from the neck of the fourth.  Liam raced for it and grabbed it by the mane, twisting the head until it tore off, his fury and fear lending him the strength.

Five harpies, blacker than a moonless night sky, appeared and picked the corpse up, as one, they opened their mouths and the voice of Hades boomed out.  “Thank you for returning my beast to me, little one.  Rest well this night and the next for the Fates tell me another trial is coming your way on the third night.”

Anna nodded, staggered and passed out.

Marcus caught her and scooped her up as Liam shifted back.  Liam went to take his Mate but Marcus shook his head, knowing Liam would be feeling the strain of his last actions as soon as the adrenaline wore off.  “She is no burden to me, Alpha, I assure you.  Please allow me to carry the one who fought so hard to save us.”

Liam nodded, and merely walked by her head, stroking her hair and staring at the colour change.  “Her hair is black.”

Startled, all present turned to look at her and one by one, the Wolves came to touch her.  They stroked her arms and legs and her face, willing her to wake up.  Caspian’s pack and Liam’s came forward to lend their touch, moving with the small group as Caspian led them to a well appointed guest suite.

I’m still not quite sure why it did.  I think it’s the amount of power expended in that battle.  Anna can’t fly and yet somehow she remained airborne to do the fight.  She drowned in the water and yet she reappeared, dressed in battle gear and her hair was on fire.   

Then later, this happened:

Anna’s body tightened, slimmed and strengthening.   Dull silver wings sprouted from her back, startling her momentarily.  Through it all her skin turned ash grey and leathery. Her hair turned white from the roots down.  She looked both more and less animal than when she shifted to Wolf.  Liam and Chelle backed up, the shield moving with them, until they were pressed up against the door.  Neither knew what to make of this version of Anna.  

This shift happened in two blinks of an eye, without conscious thought on Anna’s part.  Deumos shifted to her demonic form at the same time, nearly identical but with red skin, horns that curled back from her forehead and no canine style snout.

The two leapt at each other with matching shrieks of fury.  Anna spared a moment to strengthen the shield around her Mate and Gamma and the moment cost her a bell ringing punch in the side of the head.  She growled deep in her chest and called on her grief and rage. 

Black fire roared into existence around the pair of demons.  It singed Deumos’ wing and she hissed in pain as Anna grinned.  The look was savage and frightening and even the devourer of souls took a step backwards.

“Sadira, what happened to you!”  Deumos held her hands up, aiming for concern, in an attempt to disarm Anna.


Chapter Thirty

They appeared on the lawn in front of the pack home with a thunderclap.  Anna let them go and rolled away, coming up on all fours with her wings draped around her.  She vomited onto the grass in front of her as Wolves came running in from all over at the sound.

Liam and Chelle struggled to their feet and stood staring in dismay and fear at Anna. 

Chelle looked from Anna to Liam.  “Do you think she’ll change back?”

“I…I don’t know.”  He mourned his Anna.  He knew she was forever changed. Shouts started them as Wolves ranged in a wide arc around the three Wolves.  Liam’s head snapped up when he heard the distinct sound of a shotgun being racked.  He found Marcus wading through the crowd and leapt between him and Anna.  “No!”

Marcus looked around Liam, even as Chelle flung herself at him, pinning the shotgun full length against his body as she wrapped her arms around him.  “What the hell is that thing!”

Their newly resident ghost appeared beside Marcus.  “Anna.  It’s  Anna.”  Elsie stared at her, hand pressed to her ample bosom.  “I’ve never seen such a thing in all my centuries!”

Marcus sagged and his hands fell from the gun.  Chelle took it gently and stepped away.  “How…what…how!”  Marcus stuttered, unable to vocalize the thousand questions that popped into his head.

“We don’t know.”  Chelle shook her head.  “It happened while we were in the fourth circle and she had to fight some bitch of a demon.”

“She hasn’t turned back yet.  I don’t even know how she got us home or if she will ever turn back.”  Liam sank to his knees beside her head and reached out to stroke her hair.  He pulled his hand back at the last second.  When she turned her head he was both gratified to see her face was more human and saddened at the heartbreak in her eyes. 

Anna willed herself to turn back to her human self.  She forced the change and tried to make the wounds heal.   Slowly her skin turned back to pale pink and the wings shrunk.  She could feel her teeth shortening as her jaw reformed into the human curve.  She pushed herself to her feet when it was done and nearly sobbed when she saw her hair was still white. 

So, I needed to add things to her details.  My lovely copper-haired Anna now is a lovely, white-haired Anna.  I’m not sure I like it and there will be some discussion about whether or not it should be dyed before the wedding.  She also has 3 paper thin scars down her face as a result of that fight.

And not only are there main character details to look after there are also:

  • Locations – both geographically and architecturally (like the Pack compound, we need to know what it looks like)
  • Weapons – Anna has a beautiful Archer’s sword but I keep forgetting what it looks like.  Plus there are others.  And it’s not just the hardware, it’s the magic too
  • The wedding.  LOTS of details there!
  • Allies
  • and as The Boyfriend reminded me, enemies.  “They can’t have a need for allies without enemies and they have lots of them.”

It’s a lot to try and fit into a spiral bound notebook!  And I’m sure there are a few things I’m forgetting.  There are characters that need more development, in regard to details, than I’ve given them on paper.  

On top of trying to do that I’m planning the wedding.  We have the bridesmaids’ dress down now.  There were two that it came down to.  One was very flowy, very pretty.  But it didn’t feel formal enough to me for the occasion and seemed a little too different.  Tee is of the opinion that the one I did choose is too close to Anna’s dress.  That’s one of the things I like about it.  It offers a level of consistency to the bride’s side of the party that is there on the groom’s side.

The groomsmen will all be wearing the tartan the groom is wearing, all in formal wear with a slightly different jacket than the groom.  I figure that the bridesmaids all need to have that same level of matchy matchy.  So, a reminder about the bride:

This is the bridesmaid gown:

The maid of honour will be in red, the rest in black, all with the white insert and ribbon.  Pretty isn’t it?

This morning I’ve been working on the bouquet.  It popped into my head, almost fully conceptualized.  I could see the colours and placement of some of the glitter but I couldn’t tell what kind of flowers they were.  So I went on a hunt.  And I’ve made several decisions about it.

This shape. Called “Teardrop”

This rose. It’s called a Papa Meilland. And will be mixed with these lilies:

Which are called Black Forest Calla Lilies.

There will be some bling.  Small gold beads set into the centers of some of the roses and Swarovski crystal picks set in.  There will be dark greens and the stems will be wrapped in gold ribbon.  

As I see it in my head it’s dark with hints of sparkle.  And it works with the colours of the wedding (red, black and gold with touches of white and blue from the tartan).

With all this detail work there hasn’t been a whole lot of writing.  And it all needs to get done.  

Oh!  I finally got interior pictures of the Duke Street Church!  I wish I’d gotten pictures from before it’s conversion into a youth hostel but the center of it still seems to be relatively the same shape (the pics are regrettably tiny):

This is the side pews of the balcony.


Lots and lots of beautiful details


Some of the ceiling plaster work.



There is lots of use of colour throughout the plaster work – most notably seems to be the blue there.





The whole thing seems to be perfect for the massive, super formal wedding that the Princess of Vampires and the Alpha of Alphas should be having.  

So because I haven’t been writing so much my brain seems to have decided that blogs aren’t appropriate.  I think though that since it’s all part of the process of creating a book and THAT is what my blog is about I should be talking about this stuff.  Getting feedback goes a long way to helping me continue writing.  If no one seems to be reading them, why on earth would I want to put the time in?  

*smiles*  Probably because I like to talk about my books, eh?  Besides, having something to read helps draw in the readers.

Back to work here folks.  Have a wonderful Fourth of July to my American readers!  


17 thoughts on “Bouquets, Gowns, Details and Blockages

  1. I love the details for the wedding so far. I can only imagine the details you have to keep track of from book to book. Don’t know if I could do it. But your binder is a great idea. I like reading your blog very much even if I don’t always leave a comment. So don’t stop. 🙂


  2. now that I see the bbridsmaids dress next to Anna’s wedding dress I see how it would work….. it just didn’t feel right but meh…. I love the detail of the place so pretty.


    1. If it was a less has-to-be-ostentatious wedding the other dress would have worked but given how political this wedding is I felt that it needed to be more formal and less fun, sadly. lol


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