Eclectic Collection and NaNo!

Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood morning!

[imitating Walter Cronkite]
Adrian Cronauer: I just want to begin by saying to Roosevelt E. Roosevelt, what it is, what it shall be, what it was. The weather out there today is hot and shitty with continued hot and shitty in the afternoon. Tomorrow a chance of continued crappy with a pissy weather front coming down from the north. Basically, it’s hotter than a snake’s ass in a wagon rut.

I saw a comic yesterday of two devils standing in the fires of hell reading a newspaper.  The caption read:  Yes, I was afraid of this.  America’s hotter.

Made me giggle.  

We are feeling the heat.  Didn’t leave my house for three days.  When I finally did I was in the heat ten minutes before I was struggling to keep my lunch in my stomach where it belonged and NOT all over the interior of Peter’s car.  I acclimated eventually but Gods!  This morning, the wind has shifted to the north and the weather people are promising a drop in temps and humidity some time in the next few days.  I hope so.  I would like to turn off my a/c, open some windows and let some fresh air blow through.  Let my electric bill take a small breather.

So what do I have for you today?   Pictures of trees, fish, the moon and an improbable duck.   Not necessarily in that order.  *chuckles*  And, as usual, most of my pictures were taken at a beach on Lake Huron.

Let’s get to it!

Aren’t we adorable? We are, I’m told, the kind of couple that makes people want to smack us. lol Touchy feely, ridiculously happy, sickeningly sappy. Self-portrait setting on the camera. Angle could’ve been better but I like this pic.

I took several pictures of the last sunset of the first half of the year.  I’ll share my favourites.

Yes, I deliberately offset the sun. And yes, I know it’s tilted like 10 degrees. *laughs* I liked the clouds. The colours. Everything seems to be flowing towards the sun like it’s a black hole sucking it all in. (Or, if you’re feeling contrary, you could say it’s all exploding out from the sun :Þ)

Purple majesty? Look at all the colours here (and the die-hard beach goers!), they’re wonderful. The clouds on the horizon appeared to have the promise of rain and cooling offedness. They did nothing but hover there. I like the contrasts of light and dark here, the yellows, pinks, blues and purples are all wonderful.

I don’t understand where the aura around the sun came from this week but there it is. Did offer a lovely reflection on the water (partially blocked by the “this is what the flags mean!” sign) and lit the sky on fire. But every picture of the sunset I took had this aura. Might have been the smog levels.

This view just made me smile. So I had to share it.

And there we have the end of the last day of June. I love the colours, the light and shadow. The reflections of the final rays of the sun on the clouds. It was a wonderful evening with my Peter. It’s lovely to be able to sit and watch the sunset… and the people.

There was a large family reunion of… I’d guess Armenians….on the beach.  They threw off a lot of energy, Anna would have loved them.  *laughs*    They were fun to watch.

Yesterday we made a stop at the beach to *ahem* cool our heels in the beach.  (Peter made the joke, we both thought it was quite amusing.  We were tired. 😀 )  And as we were walking from the parking lot to the water I saw a bunch of gulls clustered around something.  They kind of looked like they were eating but they were all getting along.  The two things are generally mutually exclusive.  Gulls fight over food.  

We eventually came upon the reason for their little party…

Fish food. *giggles* Fascinating though, isn’t it? Still perfect edges, the tail is still perfect, so is the head. And yet it’s all torn up in the middle. Like some alien horror flick. 😉

Yes, I’m aware it’s also really rather disgusting.  

Two last pictures.  One I took on the way home from Peter’s in the last week.  He pulled over and angled the car so I could take the picture without getting out and standing in the long, bug-and-who-knows-what-else infested grasses.  I absolutely love this photo.  It’s on the panoramic setting with the sunset at our backs.

Isn’t it vast? The picture is a massive amount of space. The moon is almost full. THe clouds are billowy and tall. Thick and fluffy. Wide fields of drying winter wheat ad a stand of tall, tall trees. The scope amazes me. As does the fact that I managed to capture it. *laughs*

Oh, I lied.  There are two more pics I wanted to share.  I will save my favourite for last.  

With these two pics I couldn’t decide which to post because I like them both for different reasons.

First, the over-exposed.  We were waiting for a friend to pic her son up from camp (we’d driven her) and parked in the shade beside a small forest.  I leaned out the car window, looking up to snap this pic…

…and the cloud cover moved *just* as I pressed the button. I like it. It has a mystical quality, something almost ethereal.  But, as Peter was so quick to agree with, I’m a little crazy.

I did take a second stab at it: 

The lines are crisp, clear and beautiful. A little sunshine at the top but not such an overwhelming amount. The lines of the branches are what attracted me and made me decide to try and capture what I was seeing and feeling. There was a lot of peace there too (despite the over-tired, bug-eaten, sunburned kids eager to get home!)

Okay, last picture.

Our Improbable Duck! He wasn’t there when we left the car in the parking lot to head down to the water. But he was there when we got back, sitting there between the curb and the driver’s side door. He’s about an inch and a half tall and definitely a bath toy. We brought him home.

Okay, the eclectic collection of photos is over and now it’s time to talk about NaNo.

Normally I wouldn’t talk about my ideas for NaNo but normally I don’t have any ideas until… oh… October 27th.

Oh! Right!  “What is NaNo?”

NaNo is short for NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month.  It’s held every November without fail, hosted by the Office of Letters and Light.  It’s a wonderful challenge for writers, young and old, new and seasoned.  Fifty thousand words in a month.  

I failed the last two years, due to unforseen circumstances (and having one idea I wasn’t totally into didn’t help).  Last year I was challenged to do something outside my usual genre.  D challenged me to a western.  :/  I was doing fairly well (after some studying of the genre and realizing that ‘western’ didn’t mean Old West… Firefly is a western) but things came up, I got sick, I got sick again.  And, as much as my daughter REALLY liked the story – some day I will finish it for her – I just couldn’t do it.  

This year I’m trying a departure too.  It will NOT be paranormal.  It will be a fantasy/mystery instead.  Hostile corporate take overs, sabotage, twists on old mythologies for the characters and plot.  It’ll be fun.  Tomorrow I’ll tell you more about it.

Have a great weekend folks!

******   A note:

Val M says
mr professional photographer says the ring around the sun and the banding in your photos is because of the conversion from raw film to jpeg images that happens when a photo is saved on you memory card

Thank you James!


4 thoughts on “Eclectic Collection and NaNo!

  1. Thanks for the great pictures Catherine (and yes I definitely feel the urge to smack :P)! Glad the ugly duckling finds home, and I am very curious about your fantasy/mystery on Santa.


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