Left-Handed Photography


Good morning everyone!  It’s Saturday and you know what that means!

Photography!  Woot!  


Middle of July.  It’s been a sweltering summer already, people are melting under the heat.  Fortunately for those of around here we have a great big, wonderful lake to play around in.  That makes it somewhat easier to bear and we were there again last night.

It’s been a hell of a week this week, folks.  I had one of my medications upped (by 900mgs a day!) and the adjustment period has been slow going.  It makes me really, really tired and leaves me spacey.  The tired is okay at bedtime but when I take my pills at 7:30 and need a nap by 9 it’s not so good. Last weekend I woke up pain in my right elbow and forearm.  It got worse rapidly.  My doc says, “Lateral epicondylalgia.”  I stared blankly at him and he clarified, “Tennis elbow.”

My shoulders slumped and I sighed.  “Oh.  Shit.  Now what?”

“Get a brace.”

Um… sure, easy for him to say.  If he’d given me a prescription for one I’d have it.  But he didn’t, so I don’t.  And I’m right handed.  So, of course, I use my arm.  Which, obviously, makes it worse.  By Wednesday I was in tears and being nagged  by Val (yeah, you heard me, woman, nagged!) to put it in a sling or something.  So my son and I fought with figuring one out with a scarf.  It helped.

Most of the photos today were shot last night, left handed.  *laughs*  Once Peter fixed the sling so that one, it wasn’t pulling on my neck and two, kept me from actually using my arm anyway I was stuck using my left hand to record our walk. 

First though!  I have a couple of amusing things to show you.

One is doofy cat.  I was cleaning my room last Sunday (that included cleaning out the suitcase I don’t need for the next couple of months) and the cat decided to help:

Apparently I was not allowed to put the suitcase away. And yes, that is some kink paraphernalia. 😉 I never hide what I am.

I opened my cupboard to get the brown sugar the other morning and saw the middle shelf.  For some reason it struck me as funny as hell.

Yeah, it’s tea. Not very amusing at first glance but there are 11 kinds of tea in there (and two cans of baking cocoa). At least 3 different brands, although you can guess what my favourite might be. Peter calls me a tea slut. *laughs*

Now, we’ve made some pretty cool things this week too.  Like the sword.  

It’s not finished yet, we need a belt sander to take some of the “hey look it’s a dowel!” appearance but I like it a lot. It’s the right length for an Archer’s sword. It’s not the right weight but I can at least begin to learn to use it some and work out Anna’s battles better. I’d like mock ups of a few of the guns I need to work into HW3… as soon as I figure out what they’re going to be.

And a couple things I made then the photos I took last night.

We bought me a new beach hat. I needed something that covers my face, ears and neck since I’m so susceptible to burns and I liked the hat, looks good on me. However, we didn’t much like the band that came with it. So I made a new one…

I wrapped three pieces of sea glass in slim steel wire and strung it with tiny purple plastic beads and varying shades of white glass beads with tiny sea shells. It took me three hours (the twine and the holes of the beads didn’t always get along) but I’m very happy with the results.

And the last thing: 

While I had my tools out I decided to make a necklace for my daughter. The string is that plastic line they use for making “invisible necklaces” that have become such the fad. I’ve made her a couple others with it because she likes it better than the leather or suede thongs. This is a piece of glass we found that had ridges in it. I filled the ridges with red coated copper wire then strung it with tiny and medium purple beads and large red glass ones. I think she likes it but hasn’t found anything she wants to wear it with yet. I may end up wearing it first on Tuesday. *laughs*

Time for left-handed photography!   We went out after dinner, just in time for the sunset.  

Taking pictures with my left hand generally came out okay but there were a couple shots that looked like this:

Hurts the brain doesn’t it?

Most of them came out alright though.  

This type of gull is one we’ve almost never seen on our beach. But he’s beautiful and he stood there and posed for me. 😀

And just to not bore you all to death, one last one.  I do have a few more pics I wanted to show you but … well maybe tomorrow.

So many people on the beach, so many toys. But this was my favourite. A throwback to my childhood and my brother’s.

Have a great Saturday!



4 thoughts on “Left-Handed Photography

  1. love Saturdays…. have I said that before? you always take such pretty pictures. I really like the necklace you made, its really pretty and something I would probably buy an outfit to wear with it.


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