The Birth of a Character

Sometimes…. Sometimes I just can’t help myself.  And sometimes it’s all Anna’s fault.

This time, it’s Anna’s fault.  She said, “You REALLY have to include she-who-shall-be-named-Jules in the book.  I want her.”

I groaned “But Anna!  We have enough characters!  There are some who have fallen by the wayside as it is.”

She waved a hand. (You have to understand this conversation took place in my head in the yard my characters like to idle in when they’re not busy.  Yes, I’m weird)  “The minor ones come and go, you know that.  Just because you stick someone in there in the beginning of book one doesn’t mean they have to be in every chapter.”

“Sure, that’s true but you want her standing there with you through this book, which makes her a fairly major minor character.”

“Just do it or there’ll be the Great China Wall of writer’s blocks!”  She started to leave.

“Great Wall of China!” I shouted at her before mumbling, “Fine. Pretty sure ‘Jules’ won’t like it though.”

And she doesn’t, the woman the character is based on.  But she’s been told that she doesn’t have a choice, by that group of friends in Scotland.  They have tried to explain how my writing works.  And they’ve told her that any actual resemblance is purely co-incidental.  Sort of.

Real-Jules is tough.  She’s a bit brash but respectful, most of the time.  She’s had to fight her way through her life, as best we can tell. (She’s somewhat secretive about her past. I believe there’s a Bad Thing in there) But I’ll tell you that she cares deeply when she cares and her loyalty to her new friends and family is fierce.

Jules is the same way.  

Neither of them will take less than they think they deserve.  I think Real-Jules is a little more willing to follow the rules, once she knows them.   *laughs*  Jules took matters into her own hands.  Real-Jules is new to our crowd, just like Jules.  Real-Jules still doesn’t trust us all the way but it’s getting there.

Jules just decided she wasn’t an Omega and she set out to prove it, breaking all the rules in the process.

As for physical appearance, they’re only the same in the most basic sense – they’re both hard-bodies.  That’s where the similarity ends, physically.  Their pasts are different.  Jules comes from a moneyed Pack in Wales, a relatively easy life in some ways.  With power comes corruption sometimes and the Alpha there was not a nice man. She left it when the Very Bad Thing happened.  She decided that she didn’t have to live like that, especially in a Pack that wasn’t Home.  It wasn’t where she felt she belonged.  They had found her when she was a small child living with her human parents and siblings, they’d stolen her, raised her as one of them.  So she’d run, changed her appearance, learned to fight better.  Then  she followed the call of a true Alpha – Liam – and found herself welcomed into the Four Claw Pack.  

Jules loves her new Pack because they do things differently and, in her view, better.  

Jules snarled as she turned on Anna.  “That’s what they always say isn’t it?  What if we women raped the men?  What if we used our guns and shoved them up their asses without so much courtesy as a little spit?”

“Jules…”  Anna spoke softly as Jules’s agitation began to get the better of her.

The quiet authority in Anna’s voice stopped Jules cold and her anger drained from her.  She still wasn’t used to the way this pack ran things.  It wasn’t with random threats, hits or shouting.  They didn’t kill pack members for stupid reasons.  They disciplined with talking, with procedures and rituals.  They had ancient traditions they valued and still followed.  When Jules’s other Alpha was killed she felt the pull of this pack in Glasgow and followed it.  The other pack hadn’t been home.  It had been a prison.

This is our introduction to Jules:

Then there was the cake tasting and caterer.  They returned home a few hours later exhausted and walked into the kitchen to see Terry patching up a young female Wolf’s face while another Wolf, male and much larger, held an ice pack to his eye and glowered at her.  Liam was leaning against the fridge with his arms crossed while Marcus appeared to be in the middle of a coughing fit.

Anna looked at all of them, one brow raised while she, Chelle and Doug dumped their bags on the table.  “Lee?  What happened here?”

Liam pushed off the fridge and moved to greet her.  He snaked one arm around her waist and kissed her.  “It seems that Jules here has decided she wants to move up through the ranks.   However, she’s not doing it the right way. “ He gave Jules a stern look, staring her down until she dropped her eyes.

“Is that so?”  Anna moved to stand in front of Jules.  She watched as Jules stoically suffered the stitches Terry was carefully weaving into the gash that curved around her eye.

Jules, almost as tall as Anna but slimmer with well defined muscles, looked up, rolling her eyes upwards and keeping her face still.  She watched as Anna took a step back to make it easier on her.  Jules revised her opinion of the Alpha Mate.  “Yes Ma’am.  I am not an Omega and I refuse to remain as one.”

“How many have you beaten so far?”

“I am up to the Xi, my Alpha.”

“From Omega?”

“Yes Alpha.”  Jules hissed in pain as Terry tied the last knot then clamped her mouth shut and swallowed the sound.

Anna smiled a bit.  “It’s okay to feel pain, Jules and to express it.”

“If you say so, Ma’am.”

“I do.”  She turned to Liam.  “What is the proper protocol?”

“We set a time and a protected Circle and the one who wishes to rise through the ranks fights the one above them.”  He glowered at Jules.  “One at a time.”

Anna nodded, thinking.  “She’s already beaten at least 9 correct?”

“Aye.”  Liam answered after a brief moment to count.

“It would be a shame to make her fight them all again.”   She looked at Jules.  “Why do you want to move up?”

“Because I’m not an Omega!”  She pushed Terry’s hands away from her face, uncaring that she hadn’t cleaned all the blood off yet.  “I don’t deserve to be there.”

Like I said, she’s tough, she’s bold, she’s brash.  And she knows what she deserves, what she wants, what she is.  Jules is now in Anna’s personal security detail.  ….What, after all that’s happened to her you did’t think Anna would go unprotected did you?  Liam is wary about putting such a new pack member with Anna but she currently has Chelle and the Master-At-Arms Doug with her too. 

Anna is all smug in my head.  “I told you she’d fit.”

Sometimes I hate it when she’s right.  


Just so you know how hard she’s fought so far.


2 thoughts on “The Birth of a Character

    1. So do I lol Real-Jules didn’t want to be a part of it because she was afraid I’d put *her* in the book. Nah, just someone loosely based on her, like Liam and Anna or Marcus and Chelle and Doug.


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